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  2. ummm, it must be a weak design as the wear from what I see isn't enough to cause slip you know the way the legislation works is if the fault is there at the time of manufacture its ford's problem not yours... 1) as there is evidence they have wound back the power in software 2) yours doesn't look abused (nor do the splines look like they would have caused an issue on the input shaft) 3) wear isn't that high yet its slipping ….that sounds like it was made badly … hence ford need to get their money out.... you could go to small claims court, highly likely you'd win as ford wont pay to defend the case. you can at least put those points over to argue for more than the 250, offer to go halves or fight them? Only other thing is it doesn't look unevenly worn to me …. a picture the other side of the pressure plate near the centre would be interesting... to see level of wear on diaphragm fingers
  3. Thank you 🙂 can finally spray my Tow Eye Cover
  4. Hi, Has anyone had issues with once downloaded then adding the unzipped files to the usb? I appear to be getting error 0x80004005 many thanks, Jas
  5. I like Brodit mounts. Not cheap but multiple applications. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  6. An excellent colour. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  7. Does anyone have any ideas or have had similar issues? About a week ago my Ford Focus eco boost starting jumping as if it was running out of fuel. When I turned off the engine and switched it back on again the ESP warning light has come on and has stayed on. Took it to my local garage that put it on diagnostic and the fault said the crank shaft sensor. This was changed but didn’t clear the fault.
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  9. Yes. Rear toe is adjustable. 0.38° toe in , +/-0.14°
  10. It's shadow black.
  11. this could be the problem also............. Europe's GPS alternative has been down for days When people talk about satellite positioning systems, they usually refer to GPS. GPS is of course the US government owned venture that stands for Global Positioning System, but it is not the only game in town – or on earth rather. Many of the positioning application we use gather information from several different satellite systems in the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). One of them is the Russian developed GLONASS and another one is EU's own Galileo. However, the latter mentioned has had some troubles lately, and might have not been much of use for you and me. According to a website that is portraying the status of Galileo system reports that all the satellites in the constellation are "not usable", "not available", or "testing." The satellites themselves are still in orbit and probably working fine, it is the earthly infrastructure that has failed us and been down since Friday. Thus many of our GPS devices, like our smartphones, have had to recently rely on non-EU GNS partners. One might conclude that Galileo isn't exactly the most reliable of the GNSS providers but that is completely understandable since it is still largely in a pilot phase. EU is aiming full operations to begin in 2020.
  12. My paint is honestly horrible, got a few long bush scratches from a holly bush that I scraped whilst reverse parking, plus seem to get lots of little marks where people probably brush the car in car parks and stuff which is irritating. However, it is like I say a 13 year old car now so like most of its age its going to have marks and scratches from spending most of its time in the urban environment.
  13. gbgaz

    GAP Insurance

    Sound advice and facts there guys, thankyou:-) (Going to have a read on those sites later, thanks Eric)
  14. Thank you VERY much for an amazing detailed response, incredibly helpful. Thanks again. 😁
  15. Hi, After a bit of help. I am struggling to find the Paint code on my Fiesta ST3, I thought it would of been XE but I can't find any paint with that code. Cheers Ryan
  16. No, correction: you can get a 100ps ST- Line 3 door for £17,620
  17. Maybe it’s work experience day at Ford HQ and they’ve let the students loose to play around on the website 😋
  18. Fitted the Mk3.5 hoses on Saturday (took about an hour including removing/refitting the undertray) and all seems fine now. Called back in at the stealers on Friday to enquire about the £38 refund but they stated that it is in the hands of their "Ford Champion" and that it can take up to 60 days to sort out warranty refunds !!!!!! Not happy but not a lot I can do about it.
  19. Have to look at that. The stuff has just been sitting in the cupboard for about 2 years now and I haven't used it.
  20. I usually take off the four bolts on the back; but it's a real pain doing it: very restricted space and you can't get much leverage on the bolts. I've never replaced them.
  21. Hammerite smooth is great for calipers, always use it on my cars Did my Leon this weekend -
  22. Thanks for the offer. I don't want any more SRP though...this is the 2nd bottle I've had that's gone off now. Looks like curdled milk! 😮 Thought it'd be alright if I shook it up but that turned out to be a terrible idea... The water that has separated from it has just burnt into the car leaving water marks that won't come off. Could only see it after buffing it off so didn't realise until I'd done he whole car. I've just waxed over the top of it, looks horrendous up close but hopefully it'll bead well if it rains!
  23. Hi Anyone who can help My grandaughters mk6 fiesta has a problem when driving at night the cluster lights flicker on and off 3 times then engine loses power then is ok for short while but if she stops and switch`s off and restarts everything ok for a while. now it doesnt do it during day when lights off , ( I did say drive round with lights off and get a couple of torches lol she said NO haha ) It doesnt do it all time Anyone who had same problem or any ideas would appreciate it Cheers Alan
  24. Par for the course lately it seems. I haven't had a look through the latest price list in detail yet, but the last few have been full of contradictions such as manual and auto aircon being mentioned on the same model.
  25. That was my first thought as well! It seems the whole thing is a bit messed up/in flux, e.g standard electric windows on 5 door trend, but still a paid option on 5 door titanium.
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