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  2. I think he may mean a rectangular grille, in which case we all know what it is but let's just see what he comes up with...
  3. You know that you have a buckled wheel. Imagine the path it would take along the road.
  4. Go to the dealer, take a look at another one and if yours is significantly worse, you have something to show them.
  5. On European models, I guess it will be to secure the Red Warning Triangle. OR .... it is to hook up on to something above to keep the storage cover up while you get things out !!
  6. Perhaps a little more information? A photo, perhaps?
  7. I couldn't find it in the owners manual, anyone know what they are there for or do, thanks.
  8. Nicely snapped; nothing that can't be seen. I would definitely change the air filter and with a drop of injector cleaner You should see a bit more economy. Real world figures for your 1.25 Zetec average 38 in mixed driving. If you are not getting it warmed through, living in town and giving the car a majority of runs under 10 miles, I think you are probably quite close to as good as you can get. Any improvements are going to be incremental. Keep the car free from unnecessary stuff so you don't burn fuel carrying it. If you regularly cruise above 60, keep it clean and polished. Make sure the tyres are properly inflated and wearing evenly. If they aren't, have it tracked as it costs fuel to drag a wheel sideways. Aircon is essential at this time of year but it probably costs you 2-3 MPG.
  9. Just checking that it is now January ? No effort November is long since past.
  10. Aahhh, just noticed it's showing you a special discounted first order price, I ordered a phone case 2 years ago, darn their good memory LOL
  11. Thanks for the info it's really appreciated! To be fair I am actively trying to buy a MK7 1.6 Fiesta Zetec S but just getting frustrated by people not getting back to me so exploring alternatives
  12. anon


    Vat. Added on at checkout?
  13. Hi, I have a similar problem, except that the brake light comes on as well as the tail light, when it shouldn't. It only does this on the driver's side! Anyone seen this problem before? Martin
  14. unofix


    Not sure why I get a special price, maybe you just have to the NI tax 🤣
  15. Totally normal. The ribbed conduit has a split running the full length of it. If there was no tape wrapped around it the wires would come out. ....and that point our views differ. That air filter is scruffy !!! 🤣 The rest of the photos look normal for a 2014 model as far as I can see.
  16. Can anyone enlighten me as to the purpose of the elastic black and yellow device that is attached to the underside of the lid that covers the underfloor storage at the very rear of my 17 plate Galaxy. It looks like it is to secure something but can’t for the life of me work out what, and nothing is mentioned in my hand book.
  17. Air filter needs replacement in my opinion.
  18. That's very annoying, you must have some special discount cookie built in, as I can only get a £23.17 price showing (sad face...)
  19. Night and day views on mine, if it's any help:
  20. Hi my car wobbles side to side from about 30 mph, so i took the wheels offand noticed one of them was slighty distorted an just wondering if this would be the most likely cause
  21. Today
  22. Or then again, perhaps not. The 1.5 4 cylinder also has the odd problem:
  23. I'm unsure what state your car is going to be in now since you have swapped the GEM and if I understand correctly you have now swapped ............. So your car is now a hybrid, it is no longer original, and it is not fully the donor car either. The "AsBuilt" files can in most cases be automatically download by FORScan direct from Ford. You need to be connected to the car and your laptop must be connected to the internet. At the very bottom of the page of FORScan when you are viewing the GEM will be a small button/tab which is marked "AB"
  24. unofix


    That link is taking me to the FD+ adapter for £24.92 On the same page is the FD adapter for £19.85 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001913218679.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.1.66db741bOlRwZx&algo_pvid=1e737554-2282-4d40-a49c-ea84aad34233&aem_p4p_detail=202301290537197331563795861980041691275&algo_exp_id=1e737554-2282-4d40-a49c-ea84aad34233-0&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000031143137676"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!GBP!41.52!28.24!!!!!%40211bea7b16749994393677309d06ed!12000031143137676!sea&curPageLogUid=ZkCizeWLfccr&ad_pvid=202301290537197331563795861980041691275_1&ad_pvid=202301290537197331563795861980041691275_1
  25. Does anyone know if this is the start of the ti-vct mech going, or could it be the tensioner on the cam belt?
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