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  2. Hi James, I think you may have misunderstood but sadly I haven’t been involved in any upgrades from a non sync system to sync 3 I am just aware that it has been done. What this will boil down to will be time, money and how far you are prepared to go. The easiest course to take will be installing a complete dash loom from a sync equipped car. And then making the changes outlined in the guide. As you have reverse camera and sat nav already there will be some modifications likely required to keep everything else working as it should. It’s a big task and one i would be happy to assist you with 👍🏻
  3. Hi, I'm going to install a new fuel vaporizer on my mk3 focus. Has anyone done this job, did you prime the pump which feeds fuel to the vaporizer? Thanks
  4. A fully charged battery should be over 12v, closer to 13v is better but at least 12.5v. When you tried jump starting, did the other car have its engine running and at a speed over tick-over (2k rpm should be enough), and have it in that state for at least 30 seconds, to get a bit of power into your battery, before event trying to start yours? Also, when the final jump lead was connected, was there any spark ? You should get a spark, and it's a good indication that the other three connectors have already got a good electrical connection.
  5. That's normal, you will only be able to move them manually with the ign off. Try moving them with ign on and they will won't move. They are not linked directly like normal wipers.
  6. I couldn't find it - gave up and by magic...
  7. Cheers for the speedy reply Jonro2009, funny enough I have just requested to join that page, I will definitely be asking on there.
  8. This forum is not too active for the MK5 specifically, it's a great forum in general though. I admin a MK5 Facebook page with 1.5k members and is the most active, you will get lots of help there on this subject and a whole lot more. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  9. Hi, I'm going to install a new fuel vaporizer on my mk3 focus. Has anyone done this job, did you prime the pump which feeds fuel to the vaporizer? Thanks
  10. I'll look Into it Is there any adjustment mechamism to these protectors?
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  12. Hello I am having some issues with my Ford Eco sport starting. It is a 65 reg titanium model. Since the cold weather has kicked in my car will not start. My battery was only replaced 2 months ago so I am not sure it is that. When I turn the car on all the lights and radio turn on but the car makes a single click noise when I try and turn the engine on by pressing the stsrt/stop button. No warning lights come on either. My dad has tested the battery and it is reading 12v. I tried starting it with jump leads but it will not start.
  13. @Luke_Anderson @JW1982 @Phil21185 and not to mention everyone else, first of all a huge thanks to you all for posting details of how to upgrade SYNC 1 to SYNC 2/3 systems. There is already a huge amount of information at my fingertips, however I have some specific questions around my project and need a little help. Luke, I read in another thread that you did a non-SYNC to SYNC 3 and that's exactly what I am looking for. Here is my current set up: 2012 Focus Titanium Navigator 5" Screen with Sony Head Unit (9 speaker) and Sat Nav DAB, Bluetooth and Voice Control (non-SYNC) Reverse camera USB and Line-In sockets in the centre armrest / stowaway All OEM stuff. Looks like my car build just missed out on SYNC 1. Pictures attached. I am aware that I will need to replace everything from my current setup, and am aware of the cost of the SYNC 3 components etc, so I just need some pointers... Can anyone help me with the parts I need to upgrade from non-SYNC to SYNC 3? The main questions I have are: Looking online at the other threads it appears there is a 54-pin SYNC connector but my car doesn't seem to have anything with that many wires in, just the one you see in IMG_20191119_173614.jpg which is around 24 wires. What is this other connector required for the SYNC 3 unit? Will my DAB, sat nav, reverse camera and steering controls still work? Do I need specific part numbers when purchasing? My current screen has the blue (gps), pink (camera?), grey(?) and yellow(?) fakra connectors - do I still use these for SYNC 3? Any idea what the taped up grey connector (in IMG_20191119_173606.jpg) is? The black/red connector in IMG_20191119_173623.jpg connects to the Sony front audio control panel (incl hazard and lock buttons) - is that still the same Most of the existing SYNC 1 to 2/3 threads have wiring diagrams and other bits but since I don't have SYNC 1 to start with, it's tricky to get a starting point on what I need to do. I am familiar with FORScan and software programming too so I'm comfortable messing with that as required. I'll be forever in debt for your help in assisting with this project! Thanks, James
  14. Check out my post on the same issue. Page 6 onwards.👍 Good luck!
  15. I’m wondering if anyone could have a quick check of their front wipers on a kuga. I’ve recently bought a repaired 2016 kuga but the wipers seem weird. They seem to work fine but I can manually move them up and down the windscreen. Activating them seems to put the back into position but I’ve never come across wipers that can just be moved by hand and still function fine. can anyone please just try moving theirs and see if it does the same? thanks.
  16. Is the boot/spare wheel wet? If so could be water getting in behind the air vents behind the rear bumper. I would imagine if left for long enough in the rain etc then enough would get in to get into the cabin
  17. Been told my edge has a non genuine ford tow bar on its a witter fitted by ford garage they say that they can not program it to show on dashboard is there any way it can be done as it does not turn off sensors when in reverse they say does not alter towing or stability
  18. There are only 1.6 2.0 or 2.3 ecoboosts. And to fit a different one would mean different loom and ecu at the least
  19. I do like this guy Gives proper hugs when I kneel down he puts his paws around my neck and presses his head on my cheek trys to lick my ear 😂 He spends the day watching for the car to come home
  20. Sounds more like a wiring fault to me than a battery. It is possible to get intermittent faults inside a battery, but it is not common. I would check the main earth wires from battery to engine, and to the body, first. Wiring can fail at the joints, but also can fail inside the insulation. It will feel a bit weak and bendy if there is a break in the wire. Then measure the voltage at the battery, and at the cigar lighter power point while trying to crank.
  21. The eyes say it all 😂
  22. What mpg are the 1.5 ecoblue diesel owners getting ?
  23. Did they find anything in the service? Did they say anything after you picked it up? For returning the car to stock how do I do that? Is the software saved to your pc or their servers.
  24. Can I use my ford fiesta 2012 without turning the Ac on. I am asking this question because the radiator fan seems to be connected to the AC as well
  25. Hello, Does anyone know if the Eco-Sport has a stored radio code please? I have to disconnect the battery to install the vehicle specific wiring kit for the towbar. Many thanks in anticipation of any advice, Smithee
  26. Hi. Yes you would need to notify your insurer of any swap to a non standard engine. If you did have any issues with insurance then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
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