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  2. New badges fitted today

    Looks good. I first thought black on black may look a little odd as the black badges may camouflage into the paint however it suits it.
  3. Turbo oil feed pipe

    On my 1.6 tdci I had a look at the oil feed pipe / bolt. You want to make sure there is no crud in the little filter otherwise a built up of this would restrict oil getting to the turbo then starving it making it go. I undone the cat and moved it to one side to give space to remove that bolt. Luckily mine was spotless. Even though the previous owner of my car was a lier at least the owner before him serviced it regularly. Servicing you would need to be strict and keep up with with this engine so that dirt doesn't form and that you have good new oil flowing through.
  4. Synch 3 uodate

    Ok. That’s mine updated. Right enough it was not a change to the maps, just updated Sync software. My car now has Sync version 3.0, build 18025.
  5. Odometer

    I have a 59 plate 2.2 TDI smax been parked up over winter , went to start and low battery.Charged battery car started no problem everything working except odometer just shows ERROR.Took car for a run and the trip computer does not work but cruise control and speedo work.Has anyone any idea what may be wrong Thank You
  6. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Went in today to sort our paperwork. Car in transit currently, should be with the dealer on Monday. Collecting on Friday! Struggling to believe that after initially thinking it’ll be May/June when I have the car i’ll have it before April.
  7. Dash cam recommendations

    Haha very true Lyd Glasgow is horrible place to be but it used to be ok! I prefer Edinburgh for a day out shopping Glasgow is pound shop city wasteland cheap and tawdry - orrible! A female car mechanic wow they are like hens teeth around here!
  8. New badges fitted today

    Very nice 👍
  9. Car Lights stay on?

    My work man friend is good with car he help me and come with me to take car back and told me two front tyre were baldy ones and slow puncture and battery is not in a goodly way so i worry i will be strand somewhere and have to phone AA. No car mats either were given so i had to buy from Home Bargins! I just wanted reliable car i paid lots of money i didnt expect such bad service from nice man who tell me lots of not true things is like Cigany in Scotland in many places like Presov! Sigh!
  10. So the story is, I had the head gasket go 1.6 ecoboost and some other work done on the short engine. Done by a local mechanic I know, very good at his stuff so I believe his done everything as it should be. The head and other engine work was done at a local and very recommended engineers so again I believe their work to be of top standard. It suffered overheat and cut out a few months back. I had a little search about for a like for like engine, and they seemed to be few and far between and the ones I found were in my opinion over priced for used engines of their age which had no guaranteed history and possible trouble again. So after a few quotes and a chat to the engineers they were more than happy to do the work necessary once I managed to get the cash together for them and then the labour on top to strip and rebuild it. Took a lot longer than I wanted but cash was tight, got there in the end all works to the engine and head done and then a slow-ish rebuild pretty much completed late this afternoon. Then the scary moment of hitting the start button after such a major job. Well the mechanic got in pressed the button and it turned over and didn't fire on the first brief attempt. He left it a minute and then tried again, this time leaving it a bit longer turning over and you could hear it picking up speed/momentum about to start. But he could smell the petrol and not wanting to flood it said he'll give it a minute again. Then he tried again feeling confident after the second try and nothing. The dash lights and everything else come on as normal, but the push start button does nothing at all. When initially pressed you hear something mechanical start, then when you press the clutch to start it nothing happens at all, no sound nothing. It has now displayed a message.....Ford keyfree switch ignition off press power. Any advice would be appreciated, everything was double checked connection wise and the fact everything was functioning and turning over made it all the more strange. Had it done it from the first attempt it would of been a total blank to what it could be. But as said everything seemed to function and it was turning over, he turned it on and off a could of times initially before attempting to start to prime the fuel pump? He's going to try his diagnostics machine tomorrow but unsure if his software it recent enough to read it.
  11. Dash cam recommendations

    Thanks you for reply Nik I am not Scottish I am from Slovakia but living here is very lovely in Scotland but not Glasgow is not nice place! I am try learn car mechanics so am doing college course I am excite to use app for dashcam now and save money that is very good idea i never knew! Thank you for help i appreciate velki
  12. Car Lights stay on?

    No doubt it was pumped up just before you got there to take ownership so that when you drove off and got a flat they could say it's a wear and tear item and bad luck that you got a puncture on it. Thankfully there's legislation in place now that kinda prevents dealers from doing that, but still doesn't stop them from trying to fob people off. I know people before now who have stood outside dealerships before putting customers off buying a car from there until they got given a refund.
  13. Dash cam recommendations

    Nah yer not getting me dude those parameters like coolant etc are all setup by the user you can choose what you wan ton the screen yourself from 100 choices. I will post a video so you can see just how magic it is - the only problem with using smartphone is that you need a sturdy camera mount my current one is a bit wobbly whereas the gopro is rock solid so need to look at modifiying my old tubecam mount which is glued to the dashboard somehow! Its a pleaszure Lyd glad I can help save you some money - i see you are Scottish lol we are all a bit tight up here haha You can get Torque free from the android app store but i recommend buying the pro version for £2.49 its got a lot more in it and its more than worth it. You need an Android phone it wont work with posh Apple phones or Blackberry or Windows phones! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torque You should also get one of these it plugs in the little pocket to the right under your steering wheel called the OBD diagnostics port. It will also allow you to check your car and see if you have anyh faults - i notice you are a bit concerned you bought a dudd car so you can check with this ok! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELM327-V2-1-OBD2-CAN-BUS-Bluetooth-WIFI-Car-Auto-Diagnostic-Interface-Scanner-HB/352105537739?hash=item51fb2020cb:m:mMg9rdEzsabqSnSGucK205w Any questions just ask there are loads of good guys on here who will always help a ladee in distress lol
  14. Car Lights stay on?

    If the tyre keeps losing pressure then it could be the valves are damaged, there is a puncture or some other damage to the alloy that is letting air out. Might be worth checking with a local tyre garage if you don't trust Evans Halshaw.
  15. Car Lights stay on?

    Thanks you Luke you are very helpful man and quick! I take car back 3 time because tire go flat and they not give me parcel shelf. Man say they change tyre but it go flat again and again 3 times - I think they think just silly woman and do nothing but i took man friend with me and he kick bottom and get man to do job properly! Now is fix but now i worry maybe car is not in a goodly way?
  16. Today
  17. Buying a “titanium x” badge from eBay...

    Sombrero? Looks more like a barge on a trailer lol.
  18. The clear55 code is worse than the sale55 code that EuroCarParts list on the website right now. Example: Brembo Brake Pad (Front) Product Code : 10159166A - £54.99 clear55 code: £36.84 (saving £18.15) sale55 code: £30.24 (saving £24.75)
  19. Syncmyride - USA Only?

    I am just interested to be good lady mechanic so i am learn things I have started mechanics course at college and have change my first wheel yay Ďakujem veľmi peknei for reply!
  20. Car Lights stay on?

    I've done that a fair few times lol. Write a reply out and post it seconds after someone else has basically put the same thing haha.
  21. Syncmyride - USA Only?

    Can you link the video? I'm guessing the health report will be a load of crap and nothing but a gimmick, not sure about the "web upload thing" though.
  22. Need a new door mirror.

    Hello all. So my Mrs orchestrated a fight between the gate post and the car. Car lost and the B-Max passenger side door mirror was the casualty. I’ve looked online and have found replacements. But I was wondering if the door mirror is the same as the new shape fiesta? The door mirrors look very much the same. The price is not. With the B-max mirror being about twice the price (of course!). Does anyone know if I can fit the fiesta one. As I say they do look the same. But surely someone will know for certain. Many Thanks.
  23. Car Lights stay on?

    The lights that remain on until you lock the car are the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) which you will see on most modern cars during the day. They shouldn't affect the battery of the car. As standard, the Fiesta's don't come with a spare/space saver wheel and instead come with the tyre repair foam kits which should seal and inflate the tyre if you get a puncture. They are no good if the tyre is severely damaged (side wall damage etc.) and will only be good enough to get you to a nearby garage where you should get the tyre replaced. **Edit** What Luke said
  24. Turbo oil feed pipe

    Also measure the amount of oil flowing through the turbo at idle. Disconnect the return oil line from the turbo and collect the oil. This should be at least 300 ml per minute. If the measured amount of oil is less than the specified minimum amount the engine must be considered scrap.
  25. Car Lights stay on?

    Yes, these are the Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) and will stay on untill the car is locked (or will go off by themselves after a few mins). No, they use so little power and go off after a few minutes anyway. Not without reprogramming stuff I don't believe. Most people can't change a wheel anyway, so manufactures gave up giving spare wheels and use this tyre weld stuff instead to get you home. Downside is that a nail that can be removed and patched up costing £5 turns into £80 for a new tyre. Evans Halshaw, Arnold Clark, Perrys etc. are all the same style of dealership. All of them get their cars from either part ex's or auctions, give them a quick inspection and a valet and sell them on. Getting a bad used car is just luck of the draw which is why you always take it for a test drive and give a thorough inspection before buying. In all fairness I wouldn't go slagging the dealership off for not telling you how to bluetooth your phone (which is the same in any car really) and not giving you tyre weld instead (again pretty common nowadays). Maybe if the car starts giving you problems and failing on you, but you can always buy a spare wheel from ebay and stick that in there.
  26. https://www.latestdeals.co.uk/vouchers/glitch-europarts-discount-code-euro-car-parts
  27. Hi everyone! Hope you can help my partners ford ka is suffering from a stop start issue and the battery is toast. When I've gone to change the battery I've found a battery earth connected to it, I was just wondering does the car need it as I'm struggling to find a battery with the earthing connector? Any help or advice would be great as she needs it Monday Thanks Chris
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