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  2. Looking to speed up my 2013 Ford Fiesta, but as it’s a standard 1.25 petrol without a turbo, I don’t know what to do? I’m new to this. I don’t mind spending a lot on it, I want to to feel a little more unhinged, is putting a turbo in an option? If so what else will I have to change? Any suggestions are welcome, I’m going wild with it as I have another daily run around
  3. Hi, I recently crashed and repaired my fiesta and I thought since I’m already working on the car, I’d spruce it up a little on the inside. But I can’t find anywhere to buy some nice looking aftermarket seats, I want something that isn’t just the seats out of an ST, I’d prefer leather or faux leather but I’m open to anything so long as it looks smarter 🙂 any help is appreciated
  4. Yes I do mostly low mileage trips but no one in the dealership asked if I did LOW or HIGH mileage so I presumed that the Vehicle was suitable for both.
  5. I keep on getting the same error and how trying to download over wifi its showing downloading JR3T-14G391AE but been showing this for ages and no movement on the download bar at the bottom 🙈🙈
  6. Hi, not quite. When I turn the key it fires pretty quickly and the needle jumps up, but bounces around for a while before eventually settling. Just looked at fuel pressure and it bounces around a lot.
  7. How much AdBlue does the tank hold? Is there good and bad options when buying it. I'm wondering whether you always get a filling tube
  9. Good afternoon So for 6 months my traction control light has been on my dash. With the mot coming up i decided to get new sensors. After fitting them the Abs light has come on and won't disappear. I put the old sensors back in and the lights still stay on (abs and traction control light). Any ideas at what it might be, or how to clear the lights... I've used my DTC to clear codes and there isn't any codes remaining. Forgot to mention, Its ford focus MK2 tdci Tia
  10. Apparently 'they' is the correct term 🙄. 😃
  11. Great replies, and I am now on the FORSCAN Site and looking at USB / ODB2 leads. I know that before, we have used a cheap OBD scanner, and found the " Generic" P Fault code before, but fully understand the depth of the alternative option now discussed.
  12. That spring looks horrendous for 4 years old, are you sure it was definitely changed then? If the other side looks the same I would expect that to fail in the near future too. The lack of use won't help tbf, it'll mean the suspension parts stay damp and stationary for large amounts of time compared to a car that gets daily use. Do you also park on mud or grass at all? I note your location as Cambridge so salty sea air shouldn't be an issue like in coastal areas. Creaking sound could be related, I'd also want to check the top mount bearing(s). Cost really depends where you go and what parts you use. I'd expect around £50 a spring and £50 fitting at an independent garage as a rough estimate.
  13. Got the condensation again this morning. Car was completely (but not too thickly) iced over to start with, then cleared slowly as the sun came up. Rear of car was towards the sun, and by the time I was ready to drive off only the windscreen still had ice. The heated screen dealt with that quickly, but there was still a lot of condensation on the inside, on the passenger side, covering about 30% of the screen. That cleared fairly quickly after moving off, with max demist. Funny thing is, I've had much thicker coatings of ice on the outside, but got no condensation on the inside - can only think the car has to be parked a certain way round relative to rising sun for it to occur.
  14. They are awful if you've been used to separates previously! I wouldn't chose a combi if space wasn't limited lol! Mines getting on for 5 years old now though and is still just as bad as the day I bought it tbf. What make is yours out of interest? Also...remember I waited ages for a new oven....yeah, that's utter rubbish as well! How hard can it be to make an oven ffs!? This is the 3rd bad one and they've all been brand new! All the heat comes out of the top of the door on this one, along with steam and condensation it's blowing grease up the cupboard doors either side as well...fantastic! I know the oven in the next flat will be new but don't know what make yet...I really hope it isn't the same as these lol!!
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  16. You're all underestimating my levels of apathy first thing in the morning... I've parked the other way so hopefully the sun will have done all the work for me time I leave!
  17. Focus or Fiesta? Have you got the work description on an invoice at all or did they give no paperwork?
  18. I've read in this forum (after a search) about false alarms from the 'Pre Collision Alert' system. I have had three (false alerts) in the last month, two 'may' have been due to close cars down double parked roads, but having a red screen appear flashing at me with beeps makes me jump every time!! Whilst I appreciate the system maybe very good if there is an immediate sign of danger, false alarms are very annoying. I have set the sensitivity to 'Low' today (Kept Active Braking 'On'). Has anyone else done the same? If so, does it stop the false alerts? (Or is there any other solution, other than switching the alerts off?) Many Thanks
  19. Honestly my washer dryer is nearly new and is awful lol. I think setting it on fire is my preferred option right now haha 😂
  20. My heated windscreen on the new car is very quick, but the old Focus did take a while as it was obviously older. The rear demist also took a very long time on that.
  21. Just under four years ago, I got a MOT advisory for badly corroded front coil springs on my 2009 Focus TDCi 1.8. I got them both replaced by a Ford garage, using presumably official Ford parts. Yesterday I was driving on a straight smooth road at steady speed, loud bang, found the o/s front coil spring has broken near the bottom, see photo. I have only done around 25k miles since they were replaced, use my car about once per week, mainly shopping or a 70 miles (x2) journey to my parents. I haven't knowingly hit a major pothole. I am not expecting the garage (or anyone else) to deem this worthy of a free replacement of spring etc. However I would like to understand: (a) why it has failed relatively soon (25k miles) (b) should I expect the other side to break quite soon? (c) is the state of the bottom of the spring normal (right of photo) i.e. very corroded. (d) could a 'creaking' sound when turning (very slowly) on full lock that I've had for some time be related? (e) Is there anything else in the suspension/steering system that could cause this spring failure (f) What is reasonable cost (inc VAT) for replacing either 1 or 2 springs (the 2 cost me £250 inc) Any advice appreciated.
  22. Hello Long story... about a year ago the car started up a bit ruff and there was a bit of a smell after 2 minutes everything was fine but black smoke when I kicked 1st and 2nd gear. On the way home one day the car stopped and the engine management light came up so I pulled over and restarted problem and its never done that again and management light never come on again. Drove my mates car (same as mine) and his was more responsive but thought his might of had work done to it. Had the ECU remapped on Friday and he did a diagnostics test and 6 faults 5 was battery related (Need a new bat) and one which is P2263. I blocked the EGR yesterday but its not fixed the problem. Anyway remapped it to 185bhp but when I'm in 4th from 18000-22000 there's a judder. I'm thinking it was the injectors but the error code made me think it could be something else. Was reading some of the other threds that it could be a split in the intercooler pipe or the control arm on the turbo. Had a quick look at the intercooler pipe (think it's the 3" one at the bottom at the front) looks ok but could be looking at the wrong pipe. Spent about 15 minutes looking for the turbo until I gave up and looked on the net and realised its at the back of the engine so I've not checked that but always thought the turbo was fine. Never thought I had a problem with the power but maybe the problem was there before I bought it and thats why I've never noticed it. Might buy a leak of test kit off the bay for the injectors but I dont think its going to sort out the error code. Any ideas anyone where I should start? How do I make sure there no rips in the intercool pipe?
  23. These.
  24. I had a lollipop key which i do not like ,a local lock smith supplied me with a genuine 3 button ford flip key ,programmed and blade cut for £100.
  25. I own a Ford Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost (100 HK)with manuel gearbox from 2013 and have a problem, with the illumination in the instrument cluster. The illumination change in brightness, it goes down for between 10-20 seconds and than change to full strenght again. I have an error code on the instrument cluster Er0705. Is there anyone there have any ideer what can cause this and what that error code means.
  26. Thanks again. I just tried pliers but it is not budging.. would you say i should take it back to the dealer that sold it to me to investigate? I paid probably top end of what the car is worth as it has full history etc so i fully expected everything to be right with the car.
  27. Ford c max 2013 keyless tried starting it 4 hrs ago & says Engine Start Pending. Any advice..
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