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  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know if this is the same process for the facelift 1.25 MK7 (mines a 63 plate)? I’ve never attempted to do a clutch replacement, however a lot of guides say you need a clutch alignment tool. Does anyone have any recommendations for specific clutches and compatible tools to do the job? Many thanks, Josh
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  4. The slave cylinder is inside the gearbox. So labour time is virtually the same as a full clutch kit. Most people would have the full kit done. Probably looking at around £500 at a garage for the full kit. Add another ~£300 if the DMF also needs replacement.
  5. Actually, that's along the right track! Something unusual, or a piece of history. Sure I've seen things like a pen made from a part of Concorde for example...
  6. I think that's the crank breather pipe. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125502772325?
  7. Here are the pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all, I have a Ford Fiesta 2006 model and have been having issues with it lately. The RPMs are around 2300 at idle! I have replaced the air filter and the oxygen sensor and still nothing. I have noticed today a split in one of the hose's, I am just trying to find out what hose it is or the name of it to order and replace. It looks around 15-20mm hose. I will attach pictures if it helps but they are not the best. Thank you in advanced. I forgot to mention that I have been looking for an engine diagram but unsuccessful for this year of car. The error code is P061B - internal control module torque calculation performance.
  9. hello, I have the same problem with the sound coming from the dashboard also from the passenger side. I haven't been able to work it out yet but the sound seems to be coming from the dash joint between the soft side and the plastic windshield side. the dashboard consists of two pieces (the soft part on the driver's side and the plastic part on the windshield), somewhere there when the two materials join, the sound inside is heard, probably the grip between the two pieces of the dashboard. currently I don't know of a solution to fix this problem. I noticed standing still with the engine running and hitting the board in the frontal area and the same sounds that could be heard while driving. Does anyone have a solution?
  10. Hi @Ecost Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue? I am experiencing what sounds like the same problem with my 2021 transit custom.
  11. Lol, not every "moment of passion" is carefully planned with the birth date of the consequences in mind!😀 Mine coincides with a summer bank holiday so I hate it when my wife suggests "let's do something for your birthday" 'cos it's always busy and expensive then! Milestone gifts - hmmm, taking account of my interest in transport, I was once presented with a railway mile marker but I don't think that's the sort of thing you have in mind!😀
  12. Sorry I have to add a bit extra. There are two power outlets, on at the front and one under the arm rest. On my Focus the one under the arm rest turns on when you open the drivers door and stays on for 20 minutes after you close it. The front one turns on with the ignition (sorry I haven’t checked when it turns off)
  13. Too late. Got the car back a couple of hours ago. So far it seems to run alright, but a few other non-related issues were flagged up that need looking into. Haven't had much chance to check it all over as I had to dash out again for work. But I'll look for that BMS thing tomorrow when I'm back home.
  14. Hello, what’re the Osram H1 bulbs for? Fog lights? My ST ones don’t appear to be yellow? any suggestion on bonnet struts and how to fit them?
  15. I pay £1.20/litre for adblue from the pump at my local garage, about half the cost of buying in 10 litre plastic containers. Tried refilling a conatianer from the pump, but the pump doesn't like it! About n4000 miles per 10 litre tank, unless I'm towing, with my 2020 1.5 ecoblue. And yes, in the interests of reducing emissions, it is worth it!
  16. Having looked it up it does seem to be a tad essential. Ho hum.
  17. HI I have checked this on my 2016 Focus 3.5 DSG (UK) and yes it is set for 20minutes. It turns on when you open the drivers door and stays on for 20 seconds after you lock the door. As you can see from the spreadsheet, there are options which are programmed for each country. Incidentally I have also programmed my SYNC 2 to accept a 3rd party reversing camera and enabled the automatic door lock if door not opened in 45seconds using this spreadsheet.
  18. AdBlue is available everywhere, just use Google and do a search.
  19. You will need FORScan and a USB/OBD adapter. It is in the BCM module there are options for your 12v power sockets. Mine is a focus 3.5 DSG 1.6 2016 and I changed mine to turn off after 20 minutes. (It turns on when the drives door is opened) so, to check it you need to be able to see a LED inside before opening the door. There are so many hidden options that Ford dont tell you about, like it is simple to activate the reversing camera on sync2 or three. I have done it with a 3rd party camera and it works fine.
  20. Most garages sell Add blue, but at a premium. Most supermarkets now sell it at a more reasonable price. Cheapest place I have found is Home Bargains, £4.99 for 5lts. I get about 6,000 miles for 10lts.
  21. Hello, i have a Ford Focus MK1 2001 flexifuel 1.6L 16v and ive got some fault codes i cant figure out. Few days ago i was driving home from my parents and suddently the engine light came on, i plugged my cheap OBD2 reader in and checked with my phone i got 4 codes and only 1 of them i know and its P0172 its running rich. The car runs fine except when i just start it runs a bit rough on idle for like a minute, and on low RPM's it sometimes missfires/hickups, otherwise the car runs great, i run on 95 octane fuel (swedish regular) but a few weeks ago i accidentally put 20 litres of E85 in the tank (was tired and shouldnt have drove at all :P) and it ran like ***** for 3 mins but thats normal i guess since it will adjust to E85, but after that i went back on 95 and it ran good like before, i had some missfires on low RPMs even before that but it got worse after the E85 went trough the system. The codes i have are: P0172 P00D4 C3200 U1401 Edit: oh and yes, ive tried googling but google being google and showing codes for cars that arent even ford so.
  22. Well I have checked mine (2016 ford focus 3.5 DSG), and can put it straight. My 12v power outlets come on when the drivers’ door is opened, and switch off after about 30minutes. I checked FORScan and it was exactly as programmed. Incidentally, I have a SYNC 2 touch and have successfully activated a reversing camera. As far as I know the “modules” are the same, just programmed differently for different countries. I have tried a few enhancements from the spreadsheet and they all seem to work even FORScan reads the information and lets you select what you want. Mine did not lock when the door wasn’t opened - it does now etc.
  23. Guys, Quickie: I have volunteered to change the rear springs on a friend's late Mk2 focus estate. One is snapped and it's failed an MOT. I can find lots online about rear springs for the hatchback version of the car but just about nothing about the estate. Is the estate suspension different to that of the hatchback and is there anything different that I need to know about changing the springs on one? The guides and videos I have found suggest that the hardest part of the job on a hatchback model is getting the bolts undone, but that if push really comes to shove then you can get spring compressors in to compress the spring in situ to remove it and put a new one in without needing to undo anything. Thanks.
  24. Thank you so much I have been looking at an ex demo Mondeo got all the bells and whistles on it Just waiting till new year when I hope the price will drop ?? fingers crossed Will go and have a look at it next week thank you so much do most garages sell add blue Regards Rammer
  25. Did you check both fuses ? There is one for the left and one for the right. You need to access the connections on the screen for the drivers side and see if you have any supply. Remember the front heated screen only works when the battery state of charge is good, the outside temperature is 7oC or less and the engine is running. Has the windscreen been replaced at some point in the past ? It could well be that one of the push-on connectors for that side of the screen has become disconnected.
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