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  2. I would have thought your local Ford dealer could supply the pipe, as far as I'm aware they're not hard to come by. As for the low pressure clip release you need a special tool to release the clips from the inside. They look like 2 half moons that you put either side of the pipe and then force it in
  3. Hi, From personal experience the most expensive "usual" problem from the 8v 1.6 tdci is definetly fuel injectors which tend to fail shortly in my opinion. Other than that I really like mk3 focus, it will for sure be more family oriented than the fiesta but keep in mind it's not the car with most leg room for back seats within the segment.
  4. Thanks i have done a bit more since the last photo
  5. Thanks! I was considering a 1.6 diesel, for no real reason other than I have 2011 1.6 fiesta at the moment and had no issues for the last 3 years with it But I'm not really clued homeith cars at all.
  6. What engine are you looking at? Personally I'd avoid the early 1.0L ecoboosts. For starters the 2012 ones are due a cam-belt change next year, which is ridiculously expensive and time consuming compared to most other engines. There's also the degas hose issue to contend with. The other engines seem just as reliable as any other out there (diesel will be mileage/driving style dependent obviously.)
  7. Yes, identical problem on our '60 plate Titanium. I have replaced front passenger doorlock complete, as it will stop the car locking, and it is a pain to do. Driver's side rear I am currently ignoring, as it is just an indication, - the interior light stays on until I switch it off ! New price from Ford is almost prohibitive. When taking off the inner door panel, it may give you more wiggle room if you remove the loudspeaker.
  8. Hi all, hope you're well Looking to upsize from my current ford fiesta as we are expecting our first baby and looking for a more family size car from now on. Busget wise likely can afford a 2012-2014 plate realistically. I read on a US site that 2012s been unreliable but not sure if that's a global or US issue and I'm in the UK Wondered what anyone thoughts are and keen to hear from anyone that has a focus in those years and if you'd recommend or not Thanks !
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  10. Is it at the back of engine and definitely coming from the box? It could be the condensate pipe from the AC.
  11. Hi, looking for some guidance please On way down dual carriageway today and loss of power, felt like mis fire, managed to drag along a few miles to next exit and strong petrol smell, pulled up, opened bonnet and fuel all over the engine bay, smoking away nicely so shut bonnet and kept safe distance till it had cooled down Luckily no ignition of the petrol, called out recovery and waited While waiting, and once cool, i popped the bonnet again, turning to ignition only to run fuel pump and there was petrol spraying out from the hose between high pressure fuel pump and injector rail, right on the joint Had no tools so waited for recovery, when they arrived checked pipe and all was tight, removed and found hairline crack in pipe, been recovered home now The part number on pipe is CM5G9J323GC cannot see anywhere online to find one new, any ideas please? On closer check of the high pressure pump the base fixing looks cracked and raised, so my guess, pump fixing broke, pipe flexed and cracked? So, lots of pumps available but how does the low pressure side pipe unclip from pump tp change? Seems a 'simple' fix, apart from the two issues - where can i get a new high pressure pipe, and how does the low pressure pipe come off the old pump? Hoping someone can help me out Thanks in advance
  12. Cheers will be going Halfords in morning
  13. It is a "J Case" type. There are 2 diffrent lengths, I think yours will be the short one. Halfords sell them.
  14. Thanks for the help it’s much appreciated will have a look in morning about sourcing a fuse
  15. Hi all, owned my edge from new, ford have just quoted £750 for the 36k service, this seems crazy expensive. Is it justified? Should I just get it serviced by another reputable garage? Any advice greatly received. Thanks. Vicki
  16. I assume with this you still need to run an RCA cable from the dash through to the boot and also pull a power feed from somewhere like the reverse light? I am very tempted but not keen on ripping the interior apart to do it
  17. I see from the photo of your fusebox that fuse 25 is missing
  18. So it looks like it should be fuse 25 (its an odd - ball fuse type).
  19. I know baffled me too in my hand book there are these fuse 39 is in the engine compartment fuse box
  20. Well thats a turn up for the books !! My Focus estate doesn't have a rear fusebox (now I'm going to have to check). Looks like there are not too many fuses so I guess the best thing to do is test them all. Start with the 20 Amp and work your way down
  21. Yes I do it’s in the left hand side rear quarter panel
  22. Hi Dave, you have a fusebox in the back of your Focus Estate ? The rear power socket should be fuse number 39 (20 Amp) in the front passenger footwell
  23. Hi guys, So I've got a 13 plate Mondeo Powershift with the common Transmission fault light. I'm pretty sure it's shagged and I need to scrap it, but there's a pipe that's not connected to anything that comes out the back of the box. It's a thin black pipe comes out of the top of the box at the back, and comes up to the front of the engine bay. It's got almost like a ring about 15mm from the end of it, like it's supposed to push into something. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi Robert, the door lock is a sealed unit, and the microswitch inside of that is also a sealed item so I doubt if WD40, or switch contact cleaner would be able to get in.
  25. Yes have tested the socket with a multimeter and was nothing so took socket out checked at connections and nothing. I have seen somewhere it is a fuse in fuse box in boot but have not been able to test as have no fuse box cover and anything found online is no help
  26. Yes everyone should be Microchipped, and new born babies should not be allowed out of hospital to go home until they have been 'chipped'. Then never again would we need to be bothered with driving licences, passports, national insurance numbers, national health numbers. The goverment would be able to track everyone 24/7 without the need to introduce national identity cards and dare I say it 'Covid Passports'. Welcome to 1984 -- late but we got there in the end !!
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