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  2. Yeah, that is what I'm doing as well, but it seems counter-intuitive these days, when we're supposed to be trying to use less fuel, to run around town in a lower gear.
  3. Lol I did feel like going out seeing if I could find where the noise is coming from, get their plates on my dash cam and any other antisocial behaviour and report it to the police. Honestly to me people who rev their engines like yesterday for so long late night are just putting down car guys. My sister even came to me saying she can hear them. Also don't like some young guy pulling out a side road yesterday in his new A3 and coming up right behind me. Sometimes I wish there is a certain age for people to finance a new car not letting young inexperienced drivers drive them
  4. Are you sure it's not your hearing that's being suppressed at that level? If I had mine turned to 24 I wouldn't be able to get in the car. But it has got the B&O amplifier and speakers.
  5. I have got an oil leak on the car and had a look underneath. Although visibility is limited I think the leak is coming from the item circled in red. The pictures attached shown an engine from the front, with the item in question located at the back right. The other picture highlighting the particular item in question. Can someone identify what that item is? Thanks
  6. When I bought my Titanium over a year ago Ford were having a lot of trouble with the leather for the seats, ST-Lines had partial leather and were on very long delivery times compared to the Titanium, which might explain the lack of used ST-Lines.
  7. Only lightly, really is a horrible engine! Have been in a 1.9 SDI Polo as well which was only slightly less horrid! Thank god non-turbocharged diesels are pretty much thing of the past now.
  8. To be honest I don't understand how young people today afford the cars they have. My first car was a 10 year old 1.1L Peugeot 205 when I was 19. These days (how old do I sound?) people are coming on here asking for advice about buying Fiesta ST-Line's as a first car. Then you get all the modified Corsas etc. How much do all those mods and insurance premiums cost? You're at uni - you'll get a good job and be able to afford nice cars too (although your current car is already nicer than my first car)
  9. I think the ratios have been posted somewhere on here, but can't find it at the mo. Comparing a 6 speed with a 5 speed on the old model, of course. I think the Mk 8 has put on up to 100kg compared to the Mk 7.5, and although I have the 140ps with lower overall gearing I find it is much happier in 3rd at 30, and much easier to keep to the limit.
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  11. As Australia (not part of Europe or the EU last time I looked) was in it, apparently not!🤔
  12. Hi. Does anyone know the gear ratios for the 'All New' Fiesta Titanium 1.0 EcoBoost please, and specifically if they are different to those on a 2013 Titanium 1.0 EcoBoost? I have the newer car, registered in December 2018, and although it has the 125ps version of the engine as opposed to the 100ps engine I had on my 2013 Fiesta, the new car seems to lack torque in fourth gear compared to the older car. (So I seem to detect the engine labouring a bit in fourth gear when in a 30mph zone, for example, whereas the 2013 car had no problem. Assuming there isn't a problem with the engine, this would seem to suggest either that the car is heavier, (I don't think it is), or the fourth gear ratio is higher. Anyone have any ideas please?
  13. God I hope so [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  14. Quite a few of the ones who do that sort of thing are under the influence of drink/drugs though. They meet up in car parks then they drive like complete tools down the roads often well in excess of the speed limits doing handbrake turns etc which is a hazard and dangerous driving. A lot of them don't declare mods because they can't afford the insurance premiums, especially when they are under 25, it's their first vehicle and they have only recently passed their tests. I know my local RPU has a big issue with youths modifying their cars and invalidating insurance because they are undeclared and that they have really clamped down on it.
  15. I'm aware this may be a sensitive question yet I'm interested to know; is this or was this the UK's last year of competing in the Eurovision? Do you have to be part of the European union to compete?
  16. Hi all, I'm wondering as i got a lowest spec Focus that comes with Gear knob shifter, I have done the wiring for the cable and the Paddle shifter (I swap it out for a Kuga Wheel with cc and paddle shifter.). But it seems it only works in S mode. If I'm on D mode I'm unable to up or downshift in D. While the high spec's one could be control freely even on D mode. Is there any setting in Forscan I need to change? Having a MK3.5 1.5 Ecoboost here. Thanks in advanced! 😀
  17. LOL, that's @zain611's mental image of me sorted! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  18. I think Oi may not quite pass the censors somehow (btw love that song). Eurovision has always been more of a political thing rather than a music contest anyway, if other countries don't like you (no matter how good the song) then you have no chance. So that's us stuffed for a very long time. [emoji37] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  19. To be fair, since there was a clamp down they still go there but there seem to be less tyre marks on the road. I'd always advocate keeping that sort of thing for a track day or airfield day, but at the same time I'm all for encouraging an interest in cars, even if it is just hanging around kicking tyres. It beats the local youth hanging around outside Tesco. I just hope for their sake they're declaring all their mods so they don't have a problem if they have an accident. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  20. This is not a question. But I am putting this here in case it helps anyone else. So you have a car (2008 Focus in my brother's case) and only have one key. obviously never good to have one key in case you lose it. So you want to have a new spare key, but you can't (easily) program the immobiliser chip in a new key unless you already have two working keys. So most people get an auto-electrician/locksmith or someone like Timpsons to make a new key. But we are talking about prices like a hundred quid. This is how I did it: OBD code reader from here: I got the USB modified version (I actually bought it a couple of years ago - not just for doing this key- everyone should have one). This seller has been recommended many times on this forum which I why I bought from them. A windows laptop which i have owned for years. Instal free software on it called Forscan. (there are also versions of Forscan for phones/tablets but only the windows version can do the key programming I believe). You also need to apply for the extended licence, which is also free, to do the key programming. Then I bought from ebay a key blade which they cut from a photo of the one key I have. Then I bought from ebay the electronics part of the key. The part with the buttons on and the circuit board inside and immobiliser chip. BEWARE - a lot of the key parts on ebay are just the plastic shells with nothing inside for people to reshell their keys. Make sure you get one with the gubbins in. BEWARE - there are different types of immobiser chip - you need the right one for your model/year. eg. 4d60, 4d63 and the bit number. eg 4d63 80bit. Unfortunately I can't give you link to the sellers I used as I bought the bits a few months ago and they have dropped off my ebay history. The cost of the two ebay purchases was about £20 in total. And then yesterday I got round to programming the key. Check the immobiliser chip is correct type. before programming try starting car with new key. From forscan webiste it says if you get fault code B1601 you have the right sort of chip in the key. If you get fault code B1600 it is wrong. I got fault code B1601 so looking good. So using 'Ignition Key programming' within the PATS part of Service Procedures in Forscan I succesfully programmed the immmobiliser chip in the key. DO NOT accidentally use Ignition Key erase. I then programmed the buttons on the key which does not need anything like forscan as per: So I hope this gives someone else the confidence to do it . Obviously not so economic if you don't have the OBD code reader or the windows laptop already. I am not sure exactly what models this works for. I am pretty sure I read on this forum that you can't do it for Mk3 Focus onwards.
  21. The Ford website does make clear that some cars may be ex-fleet or multiple user. It has been suggested to me that ex-Ford employee cars tend to be high specification, both the ones I've had certainly had all the option boxes ticked.There was no travel involved - I simply sat down with a salesman, went through the list of available cars on the computer and they got it delivered to the dealership. What I have found, though, is that pricing seems to be up to the individual dealership. If you spot something you like on the Ford site, it can be interesting to do the search several times using the postcode of various dealers, and you can see different pricing of the same car. In that case it may be worth travelling to the best priced dealer, or just use the info as a negotiating point. Fortunately my local has always seemed very competitive on price so I've never had to bother.
  22. It's funny. Cheddar Gorge is quite a magnet for that sort of thing in the evenings. If I drive home late across the Mendips the wide boys think I'm one of them in the ST. If I'm on my way back from a track day in the Lotus they just stare as I go past Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  23. I'd like to see Scooter doing the Eurovision; And I'm now thinking why did they never do it? They have over one hundred mad Eurovision style tunes like "oi" and "jumping all over the world"
  24. There’s a couple of rivets there too, or screws/nuts if someone has already replaced it.
  25. The same fan draws air through the aircon condenser and the radiator to cool the engine.
  26. We had that issue for a couple of weekends locally, There was a new section of road joined up in the country side to allow another road access a school without having to go in through the town to get there, Creating a new roundabout; and I'm not sure of it's the same everywhere but over here; different companies sponsor the flowers for roundabouts allowing them to advertise on the space too. Anyways now all that's said; this new roundabout has been sponsored by a local tyre fitting company; which attracted alot of youths in drift cars to paint the road with tyres at night, In my opinion there are far worse crimes out there, drugs for example are a bigger issue; providing the cars aren't stolen or there not under the influence of drugs or alcohol there only a risk to themselves and there own vehicles,
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