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  2. You could run some new cables from the headunit and fit some speakers in the locations
  3. Update, Apparently there are no flashing lights, no code to see. The guy has put it on some computer, but still cant find the fault. He says now that he will ask some electrical expert to see what he thins. All sounds so crazy really, sure its a simple fix, I don't know why Ford themselves cant or don't want to help.
  4. Hi Rob I've created a guide on fitting a second reverse light to a mk2.5 focus, in the process I've spliced in to the original reverse light loom inside the boot panel, the process is exactly the same on the mk2 and there's fellow mk2 owners whom have post on the guide stating the colour of there reverse cable positive, On the mk2.5 it's green&yellow, I've also created a reverse camera fitting guide among the list see link below:
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  6. Micro

    Cam belt

    I'm intrigued, I know you can go up via elmconfig (+maybe forscan?). Is it just validation in that software that stops it going down?
  7. If you follow the wire colour i believe it heads up on the N/S in the boot behind the trim too, this is where mine is connected. Multimeter recommended to check!
  8. Have you tried another key if you ahve one? My Focus has a red flashing light that goes out if you provide a good key. The Fiesta may have similar - if I insert and turn my key (but shield the chip) it flashes rapidly (moreso than when no key is present). Any more functions in the car not working as they should when you turn the key? Think of things that would normally work when in "Run (pos 2)" - electric windows, radio, blower, lights, etc. My car has two Ignition fuses that supply power when the ignition is turned to 2 - you may need to check all the fuses for any blown.
  9. KnightOwl1964

    Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Hi there, unfortunately its the same for me also. Would you be able to share via a dropbox, or other cloud storage link? Thanks.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Just tap straight onto the wiring at the reverse light. Reach behind the light unit and remove the bulb holder with a quarter twist. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  12. Stoney871

    2006 ford focus key programming

    The key needs to be set up in the car. The key with a correct PATS transponder (the part that deactivates the immobiliser) must be in the ignition during the programming phase. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  13. Midlandred

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi @Bannko Yep it's the 8" screen and has the compass on the top right quadrant, 👍😁 cheers cormac
  14. So i got a new head unit today and all works well.
  15. So i noticed today after fitting a new head unit that on the side plastics next to the parcel shelf that theres 2 grills, I would assume these are for speakers. however there arent any wires leading to it. Any ideas? Thanks. its a Mk4 fiesta (2001) 3door
  16. Bannko

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @Midlandred just in case i have to ask also you. Is your screen the 8"touchscreen? Thank you 🙂
  17. Lenny

    Brake Caliper Paint

    Go straight for the upgrade appearance paint them mountune yellow
  18. Lenny

    Brake Caliper Paint

    F1 Chicane style
  19. Do you get a click when you try to start, if not check the realy if you do its the starter could be due to DMF failure.
  20. Midlandred

    Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi @Bannko i just recently purchase a 161 galaxy and have exhausted all avenues in trying to add the navigation. I discovered this post and you seem like the man I have been searching for. I would be very greatful if you could pm so I could rack your brain to try and solve the prob and add the sat nav. cheers cormac
  21. TimST2

    Brake Caliper Paint

    My ST has the Style Pack which includes red calipers. Do Ford sell that paint?
  22. Aaron Harris

    Brake Caliper Paint

    [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Turvey

    Brake Caliper Paint

    Remember to get plenty paint on the discs to help dissipate the heat 😉 😎
  24. Luke4efc

    Ford Fiesta Metal (2012) Stereo Upgrade (Bluetooth)

    The spec levels go from Studio/style > zetec > titanium > titanium x ~ zetec s (ST-Line) > ST. Personally wouldn't get less than a zetec. Those come with alloys, aircon, nicer seats and Sync (bluetooth) as standard. At least on the facelift models that is. You could get a 2014 1.0L ecoboost titanium for less than £8k with less than 30k on the clock. Is it a facelift you're after? A pre facelift 1.4 with less than 60k ranges from £4.5k to £5.5k depending on milage and optional extras. Same story with the zetec s. Pre facelift (1.6 Petrol) £5250 to £6k. Whilst a 1.0L ecoboosts facelift red edition can be found for £8k. These are the sportiest and most desirable one of the lot with the bodykit and 140ps variant of the 1.0L.
  25. rick lloyd

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    New shape 68 plate courier sport 1.0 petrol 100 bhp model,think it will get better as the miles go on
  26. chrislee88

    Fiesta parcel shelf pivot broken off

    Definitely a good idea, I'll phone around to see what I can find. Thanks.
  27. rick lloyd

    Wheel spacers

    Yes not many courier owners but as its fiesta base i thought there might of been a bit of info to be had ,as to pictures how do i post them
  28. JW1982

    Mk3 PFL Titanium Small Dash Screen

    The one from your link is definetely not a navigator. It is just a "normal" Titanium. Etis shows the following info for this car: Less Navigation System
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