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  2. oil consumption

    Cold or hot engine?
  3. sunroof open/closing

    Dave, you'll find that after a service you have to reset again as disconnecting the battery loses the settings! You may have noticed also that the one-shot open/close from the internal switches doesn't work until the windows have been setup either.
  4. My ongoing Focus saga...

    One offending part replaced, engine light gone! Now to go for a drive and make sure it's good but already sounds better on idle. Wish me luck!
  5. Hello!

    Hello all, I'm picking up a 2013 Zetec S next Thursday. It's got just over 12,000 miles on the clock! I currently own a Honda Civic Type R & i've never owned a Ford before. I've bought the 115bhp 1.6 Diesel because I do over 300 miles a week and believe me, in a Type R that is completely unbearable and extremely expensive. I also like the look of the Mk3's with the Zetec S body kit, my cup of tea. Plus I've heard the modern Focus's are very much at home on dual carriageways & motorways. I've already found the forum very useful and I'm grateful for those who have helped with the few queries I have had. Any further advice/tips is genuinely greatly appreciated. Sam :-)
  6. If anything like my focus, though mine is newer, I think there's fuses in the boot too.
  7. Advice needed

    Taking it to Halfords is where you might be going wrong. They couldn't hit a cows ***** with a banjo and their so called "vehicle technicians" seem to be glorified salesmen to me.
  8. Breakdown Cover

    I have learnt that lesson too, in a slightly different way though. Moral of my own story is ‘don’t let your cheating wife (now ex) have a 2nd Card on your account and then don’t check the bills because she assures you she is paying them off’. @dezwez why were you charged a callout fee? I have the 3* cover at £28.79 and I don’t expect to be charged if I call them out.
  9. Today
  10. Driving in France

    Off to France in a couple of weeks so need to get some kind of deflector for the headlights. Any recommendations and where to fix them onto the lights. The lights are the standard variety Thanks
  11. sunroof open/closing

    Thanks Simon - that's done the trick- much appreciated
  12. sunroof open/closing

    I'm presuming your just pressing and holding the unlock button on your key fob? It also need that you set the up/down limits for all windows before it works ... 1. Lift and hold the switch until the window is fully closed, then release the switch. 2. Lift the switch again for one more second. 3. Press and hold the switch until the window is fully open, then release the switch. 4. Lift and hold the switch until the window is fully closed. 5. Open the window and try to close it automatically. 6. Reset and repeat procedure if the window does not close automatically. Do for each window.
  13. Focus 1.6 tdci issues

    Hi Welcome
  14. Breakdown Cover

    i am with start rescue had one callout last year and they did charge me for it £25. 80 full year https://www.startrescue.co.uk/breakdown-cover
  15. oil consumption

    Just checked my dipstick and oil level is down to halfway after 2000 miles - is this normal?
  16. sunroof open/closing

    I can't seem to get my car to do a global open - should this be a feature on my edge?
  17. Looks like i'll have to take it into the garage If no suggestions or ideas :(
  18. Breakdown Cover

    I'm hoping it won't come to that! I'm sure they'd take me somewhere, just not the other side of the country. I don't know. And it's not a credit card I have, it's my general joint current account with the wife. Learnt the hard way as a student that a CC is a baaaaaaaad idea
  19. Hi all, Our car is under an AA warranty and was brought from a local ford garage in mar 2016. From Summer 2017 we have repeatedly had engine malfunction message or engine management light come up. Our lower engine has now failed and i just need to know where we stand so I'll give you all the events. June 2017 - engine light on and halfords say need a new solenoid, aa covered this Nov 2017 - Turbo failed aa cover we just pay for parts that aren't covered for turbo change leave garage get home light back on halfords say to drive for a few days so can do a reading it stays on and start to get a strong burning smell so it goes back and told faulty turbo so new one ordered and put in Dec 17 - engine light on told turbo again and need to lambda sensor aa will cover sensor and i guess turbo on part warranty? Jan 18 - engine light again take it in turbo again and told need new egr valve again aa cover valve turbo on part warranty? Apr 18 - engine light take to halfords they now do a full check incl electrical and have car for 4 days, tell me it's a pressure valve/fan? and aa will cover - next day car is rattling and phone halfords and aa (to complain) we are told to take it back on way engine light comes on, with a few hrs halfords tell us lower engine catostrophic failure due possibly due to carbon deposits that caused engine to be starved of oil. Now waiting on AA to do investigations they have requested all paperwork from halfords incl pics so now waiting on a decision. Any advice incase i need to fight my corner? Thank you x
  20. Sync 3 version 3

    No, everything is fine other than the software. It is just on the newest models across the ranges they have said. I am presuming the X models and Vignale from Fiestas to Kugas? It is something to do with Sat nav and Sync3 . Text messaging didn't work either through voice dictation and receiving texts wouldn't happen until they last had the car in. That is one issue that is now fixed. Still awaiting Ford to contact us within the 2 to 3 days they state. The Sat nav issues rarely effect us unless we do airport runs or go a fair distance but they sold us the car with these features on, we bought it in good faith and these features will work sooner rather than later or they will appease us or have the car back if it takes too long to sort.😁
  21. Fiesta Ecoboost Revo Stage 1

    Dyno result from a friends ecoboost 125ps @ 6 speed PowerShift DCT, fully stock except for the Revo remap
  22. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Noticed the same thing, it think that if we only had a better eq, it would be easy to tune it to be perfect, because when played loud or listening some "bass boom" type of music there is potential in low down, but with that 3 band eq it is impossible least for me to get the sound right. Thinking of some sort of external eq.
  23. Breakdown Cover

    So what happens if you get an unfixable breakdown now then? Do they come out and go 'Yeah that's broken mate, bye...'? I don't have a credit card but will check the price of Green Flag on it's own now.
  24. Breakdown Cover

    That's a good idea, I wonder if they'll all do that eventually. Unfortunately my phone doesn't have the space for any more apps though, I didn't realise how small 8GB was when I bought it...or that half of that would be taken up by the OS lol. Your cover is for a single car, but they do also do personal cover, would be £58 for national recovery etc which is still decent. I guess you haven't had to use them so far though? I've just checked both AA and RAC as a new customer. Both cost roughly the same for the same cover - and both cheaper than my renewal, even with the loyalty discount...not sure what that says for loyalty lol! When using TopCashBack that then becomes £40 cheaper to use either as a new customer. Not sure whether to cancel and start new with one of them for ~£75 (after TCB) or to try one of the lesser known places which are a lot cheaper but may not be as quick/helpful in the event of a breakdown...
  25. Breakdown Cover

    I have Green Flag cover via my NatWest Reward Platinum account, equates to their Recovery Plus cover (£60/year) https://www.greenflag.com/breakdown-cover/recovery-plus I'm limited to 5 call outs a year, and apparently 2 recoveries (so I'm out of mine!) Can't really fault them, they've helped when required and the call staff are helpful. Obviously, this is just my experience, and the NatWest account fee is £19/month BUT we use the other features of the account as well (mobile phone insurance, travel insurance, etc.). I was historically with the AA, but this was only cause my Mum has been a life member and I got free membership on her account with roadside relay and home start but they stopped that, hence me using my account cover.
  26. Breakdown Cover

    Also, you can report via an app if you breakdown, no phone call or real people to deal with.
  27. Breakdown Cover

    I have the 3* cover. It's national recovery and home start with replacement car too. Plus it has a free legal policy which I then don't need through my insurance company so save money there. Policy is only £29 so works out at about £15 if you tho k about how much legal costs on your car insurance. https://www.startrescue.co.uk/breakdown-cover
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