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  3. Could fit a light bar; Wire it to a switch inside the car aswell as an "auto on" DRL relay to the Positive feed of "high beam bulb" This way; when its switched on; it automatically lights up along with your high beam lights, Heres ons I fitted to my mates mk1 Toyota yaris πŸ˜… was cheaper than headlight restoration kit or HID upgrade, got this one from Amazon has magnified lenses and larger chip set LED it's a 25" 500w 7D lightbar on a 1.0Litre Toyota yaris fits nicely in the bottom grill. Check link above:
  4. Good to see they "finally landed" at there destination though πŸ˜…
  5. The OEM antifreeze (RED) is Organic compound based ,Blue is Glycol based . Ie not compatible. Although you only put a small amount in ideally you should have the coolant replaced. As already said you should have just put water (distilled)in as the concentration could have been easily corrected later on. I would be more concerned as to why the level was on minimum.
  6. Well the hairdryer is the next one I'm going to use on Monday when I have to do the shopping and go deliver food to my parents . Needs a bit of a run to charge the battery up. Obviously I will have to put the back seats down to get shopping in boot space and my hairdressing kit.
  7. I've booked a full service with halfords for next wednesday. Will get them to sort it out. I've done some more research and it appears that OEM Ford Antifreeze superplus is also glycol based?
  8. I don't like that I got a delivery of aviation books/magazines during the week and it went to my neighbour downstairs. He finally got hold of me on Wednesday and placed the parcel on the ground (keeping the 2m minimal distance away). Anyway, the part I don't like is that it appears they sent a copy of the wrong magazine. I ordered one on cold war bombers but they sent one on cold war jets. As I didn't open the package until yesterday, I can't let the publisher/supplier know until Monday that they sent the wrong one. I have since ordered another load of books/magazines from the same place and once again put the cold war bombers one into the order. I will call them tomorrow to ensure they send the correct one this time as there's no point in me having 2 of the same item.
  9. I read a post recently where @Bobr claimed he "would not touch it with a Bargepole" and because I work the night shift and I'm bored, I got to thinking.......what would you touch with a barge pole? The question is not aimed directlcy at you @Bobr and I hope you don't mind me naming you.
  10. Hi I have a 2008 ford fiesta style a few weeks ago my car hit a pot hole which broke the rear coil spring on the passenger side when I got the car home I looked at it and also found that the rear spring upper chassis mount had been broken off also .I mean the welded mount had completely broken off and I don't know where it went so I've been trying to find another mount to get welded on to my car and for the life of me I can't get on online all I can find is the upper strut mount but not the welded on upper mount for the coil spring I've tried all different options and getting nothing so really what I need to know is does anyone know where I can get one or what the correct name for it is maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or calling it the wrong thing so can anyone help thanks
  11. Hi, im a bit of a noob when it modifying cars so please excuse me if i sound a bit stupid but does anyone know if its possible to install a ST rear and front bumper to a mk3 2017 titanium ?? or would it be more practical to buy styling kit of eBay for 150 (cheaper, easier to install) ?
  12. No nothing I also reckon it’s the starter motor
  13. Yesterday
  14. A 107 is a hairdryer [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G965F
  15. I never had a hairdryer in my 107 🀐
  16. New member from Glasgow. Just passed test at 34 πŸ˜‚ late to the party! Just bought a Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0 Look forward to picking some of your brains πŸ˜‚
  17. First of all those are the "live" cables and before doing any work on them you should disconnect the earth cable on the other battery post. I think that looks worse than it is. If you take it off the battery post and give it and the post a really thorough clean up with a wire brush and/or sandpaper then liberally coat both with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and refit it I would say it will be fine. Actually the Haynes manual says that the deposit can be cleaned off and neutralised by washing with a solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) followed by a good rinse with clean water. The only slight issue is that the plastic sleeve over the connector ferrule on the right-hand one of those cables has split and opened up. It would be possible to detach the connector, remove the split sleeve and replace it with shrink sleeve but assuming you don't have the facilities to do that I would just pull the sleeve away and put some insulation tape around the ferrule.
  18. Middle aged family man's car clint eastwood or james bond worthy car, boy racer, and female hairdresser πŸ˜‚
  19. You should have the coolant replaced and the cooling system flushed as soon as possible. The original red/pink coolant does not mix with blue/green glycol based coolant. When mixed the coolant can form a gelly substance which can clogg the radiator, heater core or small cooling channels inside the engine. It would have been better to top up the cooling system with ordinary water. The original red/pink coolant is concentrated and need to be mixed (50/50) with water.
  20. Started Saturday with a visit to local scrap yard to see if they have anything new in. They, did !!! a facelift ZtecS same colour. Got myself a door and headlights paid 60 for the lot, I think quite good price, bear in mind my haggle skills are superior. Dented one on the left ( not by me) I had taken the trims off already, turns out they are different. It's a 2 door Fiesta ! I need to find how to effectiveley remove the old trim glue and get a new trim glue. Any suggestions ? But this is the end result, I thought it will be a lot easier πŸ˜„ taking the window out was a pain.
  21. Fan issue was just a loose connection. Tried a few different things; steering module is getting a good 12v dropping slightly on cranking. Pins on the multi plug are 12v on one and signal voltage on the rest. Car will start with the heavy +ve and groung cables disconnected. Won't start with the multi plug disconnected and shows the immobiliser red light so obviouslt the steering ecu needs signals from somewhere to work. Still haven't found a proper wiring diagram to see where everything connects. I am tempted just to put a replacement steering column in but the mystery remains as to why the steering ecu solenoid only clicks into operation at the second time of asking.
  22. Tbh i wouldn't even bother with it. Its just an unnecessary wear on the Starter, Cylinder walls and turbo.
  23. Check that the boot switch has the little vents/ drains on it if not its the unrevised style ones you got which are crap.
  24. Just spoke to my son and he told me he is making medical parts for Mercedes's F1, land rover, and Harley Davidson at the engineering works he started as apprentice a few months ago. That must be for the ventilators there making.
  25. The PATS system could be playing up. If you've got it, hook the car up to forscan and see what it says.
  26. could maybe need a service or the core plugs in the head are leaking causing the spark plugs to play up.
  27. hi all, My vehicle was due for a service 2 days ago but due to covid-19 it did not happen. My coolant level was on the minimum level and it was the red colour. I've panicked and drove to shell quickly grabbed the only 1 left which was CarPlan Blue star. I've now poured in about 200ml of that mixed with the original red coolant which was in their already. Some people are saying it's fine, some are saying it will damage the engine (including the owners manual). I want to know some of your opinions/solutions to this if it is really and truly bad. I didn't know beforehand that mixing 2 colours may end up putting me into a bad situation till I poured it in and thought is it right to mix 2 colours..
  28. Could be the throttle body is on its way out. Quite common once they get to an age.
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