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  2. Glad you've got them sorted, makes sence for anyone with such a noise to get the car checked out. My son has a mega fast ST, he has the tracking checked every 3 months due to having Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted, and swaps his tyres from corner to corner every month, he wants them to wear out evenly
  3. There are many criteria that will determine what amount of premium you will pay for your insurance and what affects that premium is your age, the engine size, your post code, where you keep the vehicle, on the road, locked garage, private compound etc., private and/or business use, other drivers, modifications and other stuff. You can value your vehicle for a Kings ransom but in the event of it being a total loss you will only be paid out the book value plus or minus not what you yourself value it at. As I said in a previous post, agreed value is only applied to vehicles that have attained a certain criteria and to be able to insure with an agreed value that has to be done through an owners club or specialist auction houses and presented to the insurers in black and white.
  4. Thanks a lot mate, haven’t stopped staring at it, looks good from every angle!😁 Headlights are on my to-do list, completely agree with you about the halogens. Re fitting the SYNC 2 system, is it a big job? Is it possible to do it myself? The bigger screen would mean the whole centre console looks different right? Thanks very much for your input, much appreciated!
  5. I'd love to deactivate the drivers alarm but keep the passenger one active, shame they are both connected...
  6. My 2018 mk4 has a similar problem. I've got an isofix child's seat in the back and even if there's no child in there, it often thinks that someone's sitting in the seat triggers the no seatbelt alarm.
  7. Love the colour mate! Congrats! As for upgrades, I bought some replacement aftermarket projector headlights. Hate halogens with a passion, never enough light. Think they were £230 roughly brand new for the pair. Put some led halos in the fog lights and installed the heko wind deflectors. Also, stuck a strip off carbon fibre boot tape just after the lip of the boot so when getting the oral in and out I don’t ruin the back bumper :) Oh and retrofitted SYNC 2 to replace the original won’t system with the small screen. That way I now have a fully working touch screen satnav! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Noooo! Toilet seats are made of hard plastic, impossible for bacteria to penetrate or live on the surface for long and they generally have an extra antibacterial treatment nowadays as well... Toilet paper is very absorbent and an ideal breeding ground!
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  10. You would agree a value and the premium would increase to reflect this. you could probably insure it for £1 million if you were prepared to pay an equally stupid premium.
  11. Get it out of Arnold Clarke, flush the coolant system (so it's clean) and chop the car in for a new one
  12. Hi I would suggest gently lifting the button up and giving the contacts a light spray with contact cleaner through the gap.
  13. Who said the spouts were £7.00?? Our dealer has got a drawer full which they say no one ever asks for or wants. Try another garage is my advice, but if I had no choice then I would willingly pay £7.00 for the correct part. I wouldn't want to to poke any old tube down just in case something went wrong, in which case the £7.00 would seem the best investment ever!!
  14. The chip will be in the cap where the blade attaches. Just attach the new button section to the original cap and you will be able to sync the remote locking (the car needs to detect a paired transponder chip to release the immobiliser and allow programming). Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  15. That's going to be a PIA when I drive down to the South if France in the summer - I'm going to want the speed in KM/H to make sure I stay within the limit but the sat nav distances in miles. But on the theme of the original post - I quite like my lane assist, I've found it quite good at helping to keep the kerb-side of my car from scraping against bushes on tight, twisty country lanes.
  16. after a million attempts and struggling with other advices, this one worked for me 100% thank you so much
  17. More or less as said, if the mirror is power fold and heated it will have the greater number of connections in the plug. The definitive way to find out which you have is to remove the damaged mirror, which you're going to have to anyway to replace it, and count the pins in the plug. Again, as said, the cover can be removed and re-painted with a rattle can of the matching colour.
  18. Hi all, Just picked up a 2008 Fusion with 56k miles on it. Seems to run sweet and is in good condition but has an intermittent issue going into limp mode. No service history (sorting that soon) Must have come on 5 times in about 25 miles. Resets restarting ignition. Came on when i hit a hard rut in the road Has come on when I've pulled away hard I filled up with diesel, dash said 78 miles - went through a very large puddle now says 0 miles remaining and gauge on red. Following day was working correctly. Dash fog light comes on when reversing/indicating, again stopped now it's dry. I'm confident there is an intermittent connection/earth issue and likely under the car given the large puddle. Anyone know where all the electrical plugs are / suggestions? Below are some of the error codes reported after clearing and then them re-appearing after 20 mins or so of driving Looking for suggestions/Wiring locations/Sensor locations etc Cheers!
  19. With respect, how can any insurance Company agree to the value of any car under the age where it qualifies as classic, historic, vintage and vehicle of special interest or veteran as a vehicle over time depreciates and can only be valued at market value at the time of total loss and deemed as uneconomical to repair. Whereas vehicles that have attained a certain age or status often hold a market value or increase. Any vehicle is only worth what anyone is prepared to pay for it at the end of the day and value is subjective. I wager that even if you could get an agreed value, in the event of a total loss the insurance Company would still squirm.
  20. This makes perfect sense. Can't really figure out where the chip would be on this one (focus three button flip) But I'll scour Google to see if it has any suggestions, nice one.
  21. The circuit board is purely for central locking. The transponder is either a small glass tube or a flat grey/black chip near the top of the key. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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  23. I sense sarcasm [emoji848] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  24. Hi milkman, Yeah the new case came with a battery (tried a new battery in the old case but it wouldn't unlock remotely) but it won't start the car at all now. I'm wondering if there is another chip somewhere in the key.. Will check owners manual tomorrow, cheers for that.
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