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  2. I remember someone telling me that the early MK 3 still have the infotainment system from Mk 2.5 how can you tell if the car has the new version or not ? Thanks
  3. Can this be moved to the guides section?
  4. LOL - the censor puts stars instead of the word "p o o p". Cute.
  5. I got in the car yesterday afternoon and just as I was about to put the key fob down noticed it was covered in bird *****. So I'm thinking how is that possible, then I notice my hand is covered in it too, and on getting out of the car I discover that there's a fresh one all over the drivers door handle I guess it was soft and body temperature so I never even felt it. Fortunately I didn't touch anything inside the car but I can tell you there were a few choice expletives on the TimST2 driveway so apologies to all my neighbours
  6. i have oil leak on my car its 2.5t the leak is coming from under cam cover and leaking on to the engine mount at top of engine the car had new cambelt last august any ideas how much it will cost and will i need to renew cambelt because of oil contamination thanks
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  8. Sounds like plug leads need replacing , as they get older the insulation starts to break down and it's usually worse when it's damp.
  9. The torque restrictor (rear engine/gearbox mount) of the Focus Electric is indeed a well known upgrade of the original torque restrictor. This is the exact same torque restrictor that is also used on the MK3.5 Focus ST 2.0 ECOboost engine (The MK3 Focus ST did have a different/softer torque restrictor). Be aware that on a Focus MK3 of this age the other engine mounts will also have seen better days. The Focus MK3 engine mounts are not particularly durable and failure/escessive wear is very common. Especially the oil filled engine mount is known to become quite soft during time. Replaci
  10. Quick update on the 1 second boot time. I've left the car for longer than 3 full days now and the unit does in fact start up within a second even after such a long rest. I last used the car on Tuesday afternoon and tested the reboot period on Saturday lunchtime which was almost 4 full days. 1 second from turning the key to seeing the home page and being able to hear radio 4 FM was all it took.. therefore the claim does appear to be accurate in the case of this particular example. Maybe yours has a fault 🤔 Al
  11. Leave the thing off it’s more trouble that’s it’s worth starter motor will not last long at all
  12. Just on this step - wouldn't it be better to have the ignition off when you disconnect the positive terminal - then turn the key to on position (not start engine position)... to avoid sparks while removing the lead with the circuit on? Also not sure how this would work with a push button start engine. But yeah, easier to use Forscan if you know what you're doing.
  13. Do you think its possible to repurpose an "esc" button as a momentary button for the central locking? My car only has the credit card holder in that spot. Figuring I could rebadge it with a lock icon if its possible.
  14. Hi mk3 focus 2015 estate after hopefully finding where water is getting in if I remove the 2 bolts in the picture will this then allow me to move the bracket out from that position or will the strut expand more I want to clean it behind reseal then retighten etc with silicone behind it I am also going to put ptfe tape on the bolts as that must be where the water is getting in also do these have a rubber seal behind?
  15. You may also perform a "Master Reset". 1. press the "AUX" button to sync 2. press the "MENU" button 3. scroll to "SYSTEM SETTINGS" and press "ok" 4. use the "SEEK" button to find "ADVANCED" and press "ok" 5. use the "SEEK" button to find "MASTER RESET" and press "ok 6. sync will display "CONFIRM RESET" and press "ok" SYNC WILL THEN TALK TO YOU WHEN YOU TRY TO CONNECT AND PROVIDE YOU WITH THE 6 DIGIT NUMBER TO PAIR YOUR PHONE, ENTER THIS INTO YOUR PHONE AND YOU WILL BE READY TO TALK ON THE ROAD!
  16. What if drill a small hole on the side of rear lift light bar... otherwise there is no change in condensation already for a month.... ????? Did that... now have to wait for a warm weather and have the rear in sun for some time...?
  17. Do you get the job done can you Help me? Um on these situation top. Please
  18. Yesterday
  19. Think I have an H7 in the bulb kit I bought for the car. I'll check the beam too. Thanks.
  20. I have a ford mondeo04 plate 2005 the stereo is saying security locked can it be fixed and is it costly
  21. That expansion tank is filthy, I'd consider replacing that. I'd also most definitely drain the coolant whilst you're there and give the whole system a good flush out.
  22. Sounds like typical symptoms of a failing alternator. One day it will just die on you and not restart. I'd perhaps check the battery voltage before starting (should be around 12.5v), then again once you've started the engine and let it idle for a minute with as many electronics powered on as you can. (around 14-14.4v). You may find you're right on the lower limit so won't affect the running of the car unless you use the stuff that requires a lot of juice (the heated screens, radio, AC, etc.).
  23. I'm always a bit iffy about fitting second hand red panels as the colour is really bad for fading in sunlight. If one car has been well looked after and the paintwork sealed, where as the other has never seen a soap sud in it's life, then you're going to have to do a lot of polishing to get the colour match right. The damage doesn't look too bad. If it was me repairing it I'd be plastic welding and skimming over the crack with some filler before respraying it. Obviously you'll have to get a new chrome piece, there's nothing you can do to save that. Sure you could buy a patten bumper,
  24. https://pumaspeed.co.uk/product-SALE21-Low-Vibration-Focus-Uprated-Lower-Engine-Stabilizer-by-Pumaspeed_19052.jsp or CM5Z-6068-A Shop around.. They're cheap when you look 'worldwide'. 👍🏼
  25. Does belt look like it’s turning the alternator properly. Are all wiring connectors on alternator on properly and in good order and not corroded etc. Checking with voltmeter at tickover and revving using heavy loads eg lights quickclear windscreen etc might reveal low output from alternator. Most likely needs new alternator but not certain.
  26. I think that a court may feel different about what would be covered if for example the wheel fell off while going round a corner !! Sounds to be like you need to go to a different dealer, one that can actually give a damm and not just try and avoid doing some work
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