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  2. Looks like i will need to do that,just though maybe there is someone out there who have some info,where to buy direct fit one
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  4. Having the same problem in Denmark, new car leased with low milage to short trips. After 300 km. the message came on, drown 50 at 3500 rpm, and the message still comes on, going to message dealer this weekend.
  5. Wow fair play to you Peter 👍
  6. Hello everyone. I’ve a 1.0 ecoboost fiesta and was wondering what would be the best options for remapping and the costs of one as well from a dealership as I was considering a CelticTuning Remap bring my car from 98BHP to 158BHP which is amazing but is it safe in terms could the engine handle it ? Thanks Ken
  7. Thanks guys. Interesting. Annoyingly, I had that new module fitted today. I do remember the man who fitted it being confused by a red wire that was near the module. He wasn’t sure what it was for and I think he just left it. Think that could be it? The old module is with the person who fitted the new one today. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start looking myself. Wonder whether I should take it back to him but he wasn’t sure himself. Any suggestions?
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  9. Assuming the car went into program mode ok, then I would get a replacement fob and try that. If you can get one the same as your existing key, then you should be able to swap the new fob onto blade and PATS capsule from your existing key. An alternative is to borrow another key from a Focus of the same basic type (eg Mk2?), and try to program that to the car. It will not alter the key in any way, the signals are all one way. If you have a decent OBD DTC reader (like FORscan), I would check for codes. I think if there are any problems with the remote control receiver in the car, it should give an error code. A duff key fob, however will give no error codes, as it cannot be detected. The car goes into programming mode when it gives the tone after switching the ignition off after the on-off sequence. I am not sure how easy it is to get at the switch with the tailgate locked. You need to remove the internal trim, and that may be hard without opening the boot.
  10. Hello I have a 2005 ice streetka and I keep getting problems with my passenger door if it's not the outside handle being stiff to open and snapping the clip it's now the inside handle that keeps popping out of place anyone else had this problem and would wd40 and a new cable fix the problem
  11. Best way to tell if it has been applied is by pouring water over a section. It should bead up and any excess should run straight down the panel. If you managed to get it for free then fair enough. They cant have done any more damage as the valet man would've probably still used the same 5 year old sponge and his builders bucket to give a pre-delivery wash anyway.
  12. When you turn the key can you hear the engine turning over? Or do you just hear a click?
  13. 2011 Titaniums had the 6 speaker system with USB, Line In and BT Audio fitted as standard. So sounds like the new module thats been installed is inferior to the one (possibly broken) you had installed already. The AUX and Line In in the centre console is just a port extension from the Bluetooth module so nothing so high tech there. Where is the old module? Could you compare part numbers from it?
  14. My 1.8 is over 170k now, and still going very nicely. If anything I might be concerned about the low mileage at 62k on a 10 year old car, but with no DPF and a tough cast iron engine, the 1.8 can tolerate low mileages and short journeys better than most diesels. If it is late 2009, then you should be clear of the 2008 injector crisis, but in fact that seems to be dying down now, I suspect most cars that had the duff batch have either been scrapped or had the injectors done by now. Intercooler hoses are a common problem on most Fords. I had the one from the intercooler up to the metal duct by the expansion tank go last year. I diagnosed it immediately, due to reading about it on this site mostly, the fix was cheap (£15 for the hose), but an absolute pig to replace. However just a minor irritant overall. I do get quite a lot of rust around the rear suspension, brakes and hubs area. Good doses of various rust preventers (phosphoric acid & Waxoyl for me) seem to have it under control though. Later cars may be better. Overall, it is a very good car to drive, I find.
  15. Hi I have a issue with my galaxy it’s 2l tdci 2011 automatic gearbox when I stop the car and I try to switch to start again didn’t start anymore i change the battery and the starter with new ones and still nothing the lights in dashboard looks normal any ideas? Thank you
  16. It could be that the module which was replaced is the wrong type or it could be that when the module was swapped, something didn't get connected back up or some wires were damaged. The only way to tell would be to strip the console down and check all the wiring in the stereo loom and which BT module was installed. I'm sure someone here will be able to assist further and tell you the correct module numbers for the version of sync you have.
  17. I’m guessing it’s the process of washing, and the products used that would cause a problem rather than just getting it wet. If you haven’t been charged for it then I wouldn’t even bother finding out if there is a way of proving it, just look after your car as you see fit. I would leave it a fortnight though, just in case there’s is some truth in it and you have got something for nothing. To be quite honest nothing surprises me with Arnold Clark, well the fact you seem to have come out on top is surprising but in my experience they would rob their own granny given the chance. They rarely get things right first time, or second come to think of it lol. Their reputation nationally leaves a lot to be desired! i bought my last car from them because they had what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. I told them from the beginning that after I picked the car up they would never see me again unless there was a non warranty issue for them to sort - that caught them off guard 😝
  18. Mounted seal below , but i had a broken fuel pipe, the small section between the top of the filter and the straight piece across the front of the engine, i had some rubber fuel line and made a temporary piece up , i have a new one coming from ford, my guess is the tube is collapsing when its drawing fuel from the tank? and creating an air lock Or at least hope thats what it is, i should have my new on Monday
  19. I would suspect the steering column clock spring unit. A little crack in one track, or a bad connection in a connector, could well do that. There is no logical reason why a Vehicle dynamics error should affect a static regen, but it could affect ECU operation while driving. There is a logical link from vehicle dynamics to ECU to control torque. Whether it will affect highway regens is anybody's guess. The software on these PSA engine cars seems to defy all normal logic in many ways!
  20. Image here of the options. It won’t let me select iPod or USB.
  21. Hi Nick, Thanks for getting back to me. Wondered if this might be the case, but I do have a Bluetooth option and a USB option in the stereo menu. It just won’t let me select them. At the moment the USB will charge my phone but I can’t play music through it. Before I had the new module put in, the display in my car would even show what song was playing on my phone when connected through USB, but the sound was coming out of my phone and not the car.
  22. Hi I ordered a new ford focus titanium x one week ago how long before car arrives b at dealership
  23. When the new Fiesta was originally ordered I got sucked into the protect package but then thinking over it decided against it. having checked out on the forum it would be ample to wash and wax regularly to keep the new red car looking good. On picking up the car I was told that protect had been done and i was not to wash the car for 10 days as otherwise the protect would come off Does this make sense to anyone? What would happen if we got heavy rain, would that cause a problem????? Is there any way of proving that the protect process has been carried out - not sure if it was just external or if the interior has been done - must get in touch with them to ask. I find it odd that it was done as the cost was taken off the order. Again same as the number plates(provided my own but also received a set from the garage) could it just be that the salesman did not update the paperwork for the preparation of the vehicle? Has anyone had this protect and can comment on the difference it has made to their car?
  24. Update on the plate and sticker obsession of mine!! Went to pick up the car and aaaggghhh the dreaded sticker was on the back window which the salesman then took a good 5-10 mins to remove. It was then announced to me 'your number plates are definitely going to fall off so there is a set of plates in the boot for you'. I was told that it is because the new Fiesta has foam at the back and the stickers won't stick to foam and once they get wet they will fall off. I am now a bit paranoid about the plates that are currently on the car so can anyone comment on this and if possible recommend the best double sided tape to use on them as I am definitely not wanting the plates with drilled holes and Arnold Clark being fitted at any time and would prefer to take the plates off and start again. I have on more than one occasion got out of the car and checked the plates before heading into the house - ridiculous!!! On the plus side they did take off the number plate charge as I provided my own but strangely received the set from them also. I think perhaps the salesman didn't note down that I was taking in my own plates and they had been made up in error.
  25. Hi there I’m constantly topping up my coolant now my driver side foot well is full of water/coolant any ideas
  26. Hi there I have a 62 plate focus loosing coolant I have to keep topping up now my footwell is full of water /coolant would this be the same problem
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