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  2. A bit of a drive for you then, (especially with "Smart Motorway" work on M27 !!!) as they are in Millbrook, Southampton, but some customers come further than that to use them. I have been using them for about twelve years. Specialist Ford, especially RS cars. they are very good, Google them.
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  4. It sounds like a bad case of an airlock. Before you start stripping anything down try wedging the clutch pedal fully down with an old piece of wood jammed between the pedal and the seat frame and leave it for several hours. That trick worked for me with a Rover 400 whose pedal started getting a bit soft. I had the car for several years after that without the problem coming back, I didn't even bleed it. It may not work in this case, but it is worth a try.
  5. I have put the dummy EGR Valve near the engine's EGR Valve, for a couple of months now. The engine is totally different. The turbo spools a lot faster and you can feel the difference. The engine picks up from below, without any empty spots. I also found myself going way faster that I was used to. If I will also fit a catch can, I will save my engine from a lot of future troubles. About economy, to be honest, I haven't noticed any difference, although it should be. To be honest, I have totally changed my driving style. The engine from the factory is very good, but I found myself going slow, around 100-120kmh on the highway, but now I find myself driving at 140-160kmh. The thing that I found a big difference is when I pass a car. The car picks up from 80-100kmh to 150kmh ridiculous fast and I find myself keeping that speed. The downside.... The engine light comes on. I reset it with forscan, but after the next start, it comes again. To be honest, I don't mind it at all, except resetting it at least once every 2 months, to see if there's any other code. Another thing is the placement of the dummy EGR Valve. I wrapped it in cardboard and some packaging material, leaving only the valve open and I placed it upside down right above the engine's EGR valve and zip-tied it. It looks strong, but you should take care of it, or else, it may cut the air-condition pipe that is close from the vibrations. In general, I don't regret this second "dummy" EGR valve hack and I should have done it when I got the car.
  6. Get the battery load checked is the next thing to to do, if its not cranking fast enough the fuel doesnt get delivered correctly that could be your problem. There will be a date on the battery somewhere
  7. It was a private sale, it's got a full service history with receipts for a full service along with a cambelt and water pump replacement Jan 2019. I have noticed on start up there is white smoke coming from the exhaust.... I've moved from Renault Meganes to a focus and know that with Meganes they have the notorious 'check injection' problem where white smoke billows from the exhaust on start up..... the 1.6 focus doesn't seem to suffer with the same problem though? Unless maybe the spark plugs need replacing but that wont be connected to the rumbly engine. Does anyone here use any bluetooth ODB reader that actually works? Or is it best going to a garage? I ask this because I did take the focus to my local F1 autocentre and apparently there were no error codes on the car..... this was after the steering malfunction message.
  8. Not replaced but if there was an issue it would show up in the diagnostic(right?), which was performed by 3 different diagnostic computers, I do wait for the plug light to go out before starting, still wont start, takes around 6-8 cranks to get going but once going fine until left for a couple of hours.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I had seen various guides for the ST but was wondering specifically about the 1.5 tdci 120 Bhp if anyone has installed one on these? To answer the earlier question during combustion oil vapour that would in older cars be emitted via exhaust are recirculated back into the engine intake for further combustion all in order to reduce emissions. This can crud up over considerable time causing problems. One way to get round this is to stop the oil vapour being recurculated, changing the setup so everything goes to the exhaust like the old days. In the states catch cans are popular. Essentially it is a separator that takes oil out the air before being recirculated back into the intake. Over time it fills up and you unscrew it empty and screw it back on. Anyone done this on 1.5 tdci?
  10. Is this done in ForScan or Focccus? I've ordered the modified ELM unit to do it and have plenty of experience with VCDS, TECH2 and NCSExpert but I've never played with the ford software. Also all the buttons work that's not the issue, the issue is that the arrow and "ok" buttons control the radio and not the Multifunction Display on the instrument cluster.
  11. I see that your car does not have Cruise Control. In this case you might be very lucky. Your MK3 Steering Wheel Control Module might support the MK3.5 steering wheel buttons. Just change Central Car Configuration setting number 187 (Audio Buttons On Steering Wheel) and see if this solves the problem. I suspect that this setting needs to be set to hexadecimal value 03.
  12. Never heard of them. Any good? I'm more East Hampshire but would love to check out an alternative specialist to Hendy
  13. They've replied saying if my boot handle is 40mm x 90mm then it will fit. I might take a punt and try it but am a bit dubious as lots of people are selling them but they are all advertised for the mk2.5 only. They are losing out on a lot of business if they do actually fit the mk2.
  14. 2004 Fiesta 1.4tdci. My sister 'broke down' about 12 miles away a few days ago and left the car there. She says the clucth pedal has gone all floppy. Me and my brother drove to where the car was today with a tow rope. I was hoping it was just the usual clutch master cylinder rod coming off the clutch pedal peg. Alas there was no problem there. But no pressure on the pedal , like no fluid in it. I pushed the pedal up and down a few times and suddenly (not gradually) the pressure was back as normal with the right amount of free play. My brother drove it home and the clutch was fine until about half mile from home where the pressure went and he had to stall it at a roundabout. He started off again by having the car in gear whilst using starter motor. but then the pedal was OK again a minute later. So there is an intermittent problem. The fluid level has not gone down, I know this because fairly recently I changed the front discs/pads and knew the level.It is easily higher than it needs to be. I can't see any fluid leaks anywhere. So- could it be slave cylinder? if the slave cylinder was the problem I think it would lose fluid? does that sound right? (I know the salve cylinder is inside the bellhousing) So- could it be something like dirt in the master cylinder preventing the seal from sealing properly on the cylinder walls when pushing pedal down? does any reckon there is chance that bleeding it through with fresh fluid might help? Or has anyone had a similar problem and found it was a faulty master cylinder and replacement fixed it? It looks quite easy to replace the master cylinder and they seem quite cheap (although I have heard people say they are hard to bleed on this car) Thoughts please
  15. I've noticed today looking at the wheel there is this section where it looks to be dark and not following the line of the rim. Is it possible fixing this so that it doesn't give this appearance? I believe the dirt sticks in the kurb cracks giving it that dark look so smoothing it down might help.
  16. Depends on what modifications you have. Aviva have quite a long list of "modifications" which don't need to be declared. They have been the most non performance mod friendly I have come across. And are competitive
  17. I do have the Firestick so might get it on there I'll have a look.
  18. Would certainly recommend getting tickets for this event, they put on a hell of a good show 😉
  19. It would have been but it just sprayed it in blobs. I really don't know how it actually did it either as the ink heads face down and not outward.
  20. Has anyone got any recommendations for insurers that support modifications aside from the usual comparison sites? It becomes tedious trying to explain modifications to the call centre guys who aren't sure what I'm talking about.. A few people on here have mentioned Adrian Flux but they quoted me around £350 more than the cheapest price comparison site. Any recommendations welcome!
  21. Thanks mate, Would have been cool if the ink sprayed on the inside of the cartridge door said something like RIP or bye 😅
  22. Can anyone help please?
  23. It is good a few unexpected funny moments, like when he goes mental because some lad wrote on the toilet door 😂 I saw it on "Now TV" movies they do a 30 day free trial which can cancel anytime,
  24. Like helping out my neighbour today. Brought my mum home from the train station as she came a day later from Paris. Was sitting in the car and my neighbour parked up. I heard his girlfriend complain to him about a mark on her car. Went to them and asked about what happened. Showed me the mark and said wait a minute whilst I fetched my clay bar and water. Managed to take some of it off but then used a polish. After a few minutes managed to take it off. He was really happy and persisted getting me something but I rejected 😊
  25. That's hilarious Lenny, I'll have to watch the whole thing some day.
  26. Did he claim that you hit the front of his car with the side of yours? 😁 Seriously, I would imagine he has a list of items to check. A 'one-size fits all' assessment.
  27. I will ask my brother in law as he's played around with auto cad quite a bit. I'll ask which one he uses. AVG has 2 or 3 versions. The basic one is free but there are paid versions too which covers email, banking etc. McAfee also seems to interfere with some programs so I always uninstall it if it comes with a new PC/laptop. MS has paint 3D but not sure how good it is or how to use it. Most of the HP printers now only use 2 cartridges but even then, they're about £15-25 each but you can sometimes buy the XL versions for a few quid/euros more. My last HP all in one printer lasted 10 years before it finally broke and sprayed ink inside the cartridge door.
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