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    Things I Do Like

    I won't say I don't approve of that picture but I wouldn't want to make light of a serious subject. Using vehicles to stop bikes in such a way is a bold decision and a lot of risk assessing would have gone into it for sure. On a private note, it's about time the tide turned rather than letting sewer rats run wild knowing that pursuits will be called off due to H&S guidelines. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Front brake discs

    My preference is Pagid...the discs come painted so there's no packing oil to remove and the painted hubs & edges remain rust free for longer than other discs. Pagid pads also come with a break in compound on them which seems to reduce any risk of warping during bedding in. So far I've not warped a Pagid disc at all, but my sister has managed to warp one after a couple of years.
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    Things I Don't Like

    It wouldnt be the car as that fire was at the back of the house🤣. Did check the car as my grandparents came and parked next to it. I secretly got the keys to their car and opened the doors to check that it wouldn't touch my car when fully opened which hopefully it didn't.
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    The Fiesta ST owners poll

    @TimST2 This isn't the motivation we're looking for, you're supposed to influence the decision to buy an ST, not defer it @zain611 If it helps, there is a lovely Colorado Red one for sale in Northern Ireland, £1700 grooved uprated discs, compomotive alloys I think, lowered slightly and would be a cracking drive home for you. Get it bought :D:D
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    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Hi folks. Been away for quite a while but with good reason. The titanium is gone: Really sad to see it go. But the ST2 is here [emoji16]: Some of you may know how long I've been crying about one of these so this is a really big deal for me lol I actually can't believe I finally have one. Delighted to say the least. It's mostly down to my wife that I was able to afford this car so I'm eternally greatful for what she's done for me. ST2 with style pack. 2 owners, 42k miles and 4x Michelin winter tyres included with sale: £10k This'll be a slow progress thread as usual but there will be small updates soon enough. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
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    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    I've had the ST 6 weeks now so I thought I'd do a quick review, specifically what it's like compared to my previous Fiesta. Before that, here's where the journey started... Back in 2014 I decided that the Lotus Elise I'd been commuting in for the previous 9 years should become a weekend car for track days and club meets. I'd previously owned a 2000 Focus Zetec 1.8, and this time I wanted something quite new but low powered (I still had the Lotus after all) so I bought a 3000 mile 2012 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 in Race Red. When I went to pick it up with my wife we had to wait around in the showroom for a bit and ended up sitting in a brand new Fiesta ST. We both loved it. Fast forward to this year, and after 4 years of Fiesta ownership I thought it was time to finally get an ST. So 6 weeks ago I picked up a 9000 mile 2016 ST-2 in Shadow Black with Navigation and Style Pack. The ST is 4 years newer than my previous Fiesta, which was the pre-facelift model. I like both body styles but the aggressive styling of the Mk7 ST is, in my opinion, the best looking Fiesta Ford has produced so far. Obviously the 1.6 Ecoboost Turbo is light years (and 100 bhp) ahead of the 1.25 Duratec in terms of performance, and the heated Recaro half leather seats are fantastic. The lowered suspension and 17-inch alloys with Bridgestone Potenzas completes the look, especially with the anthracite paint and red calipers; but there's no denying that whilst the handling is much improved, the ride is firm and the road noise has definitely increased as a result. On the subject of noise though, I really like the induction and turbo noise of the ST. On a balanced throttle it's actually quieter than my previous Fiesta, but push the loud pedal (literally), and accelerating is quite an event in the ST. Alongside the seats, the other ST-specific interior features are nice (kick plates, gear knob and steering wheel) along with the Sony DAB radio, navigation and Ford SYNC, even if it does use the same small 4 inch screen size. One minor irritation is how far away the seat belt is when you first reach to put it on. I guess it's down to the ST being 3-door instead of 5-door, but it's quite a stretch! Back outside there's something I never liked about either car - the ridiculously long aerial! Although I left it standard before, I've replaced it with a stubby Sparco aerial on the ST. Road tax is only £20 more for the ST but insurance is about £100 more. I had a Ford Service Plan for my previous Fiesta which I transferred over to the ST and that only costs £1 more per month. It also got me £100 off the purchase price of the ST. I'm expecting tyres to cost about £40 more per corner for the ST. So was it worth paying another £8,000 and trading in a Fiesta Zetec for? Definitely. Is it a worthy stablemate to a Lotus Elise? Yes I think it is. On track the Lotus still wins hands down, but on the road the ST is probably the superior car for everyday use.
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    Things I Do Like

    Roasted chestnuts don't make for good swimmers 😉
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    Degas hose stock... 3 week wait

    It's also worth noting that all of the Mk3.5s come with the electronic coolant pump which reduces the heat concentration in the pipes right by the turbo after engine shut off. Depending on your drives, engine shut-off can be happening several times a day with start-stop, this excess heat is then stationary and concentrated right in the plastic T piece/top of the thin plastic hose of the Mk3 system for several seconds or even minutes, speeding up the plastic degradation process.
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    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Sent from my EML-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like seeing this picture on Facebook. 😆
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    Things I Do Like

    You sick, depraved man! 😂
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    Air con always on

    What position is your air direction set? If it’s set to screen then AC comes on automatically. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Things I Do Like

    Getting £28 off of Christmas gifts purchased at Halfords using my FOC discount card 😊 (They were already price matched too)
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    Things I Do Like

    You know how there's the Featured Cars for Sale down the right hand side when you view the Latest Posts tab? Well this is at the top today: https://www.fordownersclub.com/cars-for-sale/motors_search/motors-details.php?id=46484420 It's a 1968 V8 Ford Mustang Bullitt Fastback WANT! 🤤 Now where did I put that spare £40k?
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    Things I Do Like

    Must. Resist. Must. Resist. 😄
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta ST - 6 weeks in

    Wow! That is low!😀 I'm sure you missed the odd nought there!
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    Any ideas what this is?

    That's a retaining clip that holds the trim under the passenger fuse box
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    Evening All, Apologies to Mavroz for not replying sooner to this thread. We too had a MK8 18 plate Fiesta Titanium which had this issue with the No GPS fault. This vehicle was being used constantly and ultimately on most outings the car would be displaying the fault. The car had covered many thousands of miles, at its worst the GPS was displaying a location 30+ miles from the true location. The car had been in for repair on numerous occasions and all times this was unsuccessful. Ford CRC when I last spoke to them stated it was a software fault and that no fix was available, with no timescale to a resolution. For an 18 plate car this was unacceptable, to have a major system not functioning, no timescale to resolution and no guarantee from Ford that they could provide another fully working Fiesta, the car was returned. I wish you all luck with your cars but don't expect a quick solution to this. If you have any specific questions please PM.
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    How bad is it?

    Got the car back two weeks ago but forgot to give an update. The dealer replaced the control arm, did an alignment and now the car drives great.
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    Focus Zetec S Kit Fitted

    I've edit this guide thismorning to transfer all images from the image host Photobucket over to the forum, This means the images will now display forever without me having to pay a monthly fee to Photobucket. The forum didn't host images back when I created the guides. I plan to transfer all images in each of my guide's as I get the time across the coming weeks. 👍
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    Things I Do Like

    However, there doesn't seem to be much consideration about the rest of it... My first car was W624 KNA It was my mother who noticed that if you moved the W and read it backwards it spel...I'm sure you can work it out lol
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    Things I Do Like

    Oh a poor line but I'm going to say it... if you get the woman with it, send her my way 😉
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    Fiesta MK6 Diesel Remap

    "65 torque" now that's someone who knows about cars and tuning... The 20% better fuel economy thing is a load of crap. If red line your car from every set of lights, you're still not going to get good economy.
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    Mk2.5 rear anti roll bar link

    Stabilizer bar link to rear lower arm retaining nut – Vehicles with solid stabilizer bar link 25nm
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    She's still going.

    And it passed! 😀😀😀