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    Looks OK to me.
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    Nothing wrong with a lift kit on a Ford! But seriously, springs do settle so they may drop a bit over a couple of days. Or the car may have been lowered previously and you've replaced the springs with standard ones... Or you've fitted the wrong ones altogether lol.
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Compared to some folks who have waited 8 months plus, I feel lucky to have got mine in a "mere" 6! Without this forum, and this thread in particular, I may have felt it was just me who had a problem and my dealer was spinning me a yarn. So I've really appreciated everyone sharing what little information we could obtain and just being generally supportive. So many thanks Guys and Gals, and may your cars arrive soon!
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Ok, finally a picture, 8 months in the waiting.
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    Managed a few more miles in mine since the original post, which have largely reinforced my positive first impressions. Been on supermarket duty this morning and got the thumbs up from SWMBO, who thought it was very smooth, quiet and comfortable. Our full weekly shop fitted in no problem, one slight niggle space-wise is that the door bins (on a 5 door at least, not checked out the 3) are pretty useless other than for a pair of sunglasses and a duster, also there is a small cubby on the drivers side which I assume is meant for change etc but I can't even get my (admittedly fat) fingers in. Continue to be impressed with the traffic sign recognition, though noted it can get caught out in some circumstances, eg this morning we were on a single carriageway running parallel to a dual and it showed 70 instead of 60, picking up the limit for the dual carriageway. Then later, we crossed the dual carriageway on a bridge and again it briefly showed 70, not the limit of the road we were on. Still a very useful aid though. So my overall thoughts remain very much in line with my first drive, very much like the Mk 7/7.5 to drive, but with a sophistication that wasn't there before. I would sum up the difference a bit like this, if you jumped into a Mk 7 it said "C'mon! Let's go play!", But this one is more "I'm happy to play if you want to". Hope that makes sense!
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    Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Just got home with this! Due to collect this morning but delayed due to blizzard! Only managed the few miles from the dealers but will post some comments when I get chance for a proper drive. Must say that given the delays were attributed to leather, I'm not impressed - have had seats with leatherette bolsters that looked more like leather! Hope you all get your cars on better days than this!!
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    We've become a nation of lightweight namby pambies with no idea of preparedness or common sense. If people don't like something these days they whine and complain, give it a name ending in "...ist", and a bunch of lentil hugging peace hippies fall over themselves to tell them its alright. Unfortunately, these lightweights haven't figured out that the tactic doesn't work with Mother Nature - its a part of Darwinism, and bleating about unfairness won't help them this time. For my own part, the Nokia Allweather's on the Fusion are munching their way through the snow like its not there. Nevertheless, all my Search and Rescue gear is in the boot so if the worst happens I'm not reliant on outside help. The emergency services have better things to do than rescue ill prepared fools who can't take advice.
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    How low do you go before refuelling?

    managed to get 53 litres in so i wasnt quite empty, did you seriously expect me to keep driving on empty without a can in the boot!! lol i may be daft but not that daft. ha ha
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    At last. My nice new shiny Turbo. Case now closed. Done under 'Goodwill' from CRC. It seems to be coated with a thin layer of resin. Hope it lasts.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Being on the M5 between Bristol and Taunton, overtaking in lane three and having some total bellpiece flying up behind me in a vauxhall Insignia then getting arsey because I didn't instantly move out of his way. The fact that I was at the national limit and the other two lanes were full therefore having no place to pull in to let this complete tool go past plus his aggressive style of driving really peeved me. I also had my wife in the car and she gets twitchy at any speeds over the limits so I was doubly not impressed. Unfortunately I haven't got around to refitting my dashcam yet so no evidentiary video or details. As soon as I had even the slightest space to pull over, this div decided to undertake me in lane two, fly in front of me and proceed to weave and brake test me. The universal cupped hand signal was applied out of his window and much waving of hands was seen. He then shot into lane one and left at the next junction. If he was intending on going off at this junction in the first place why act like such a moron? If I myself were planning on leaving at this exit then I would have already been in lane one well before he decided to climb in my boot. Big satisfaction of all this was that I just happen to have the contact number for direct access to the Avon & Somerset control room on my phone (I do occasional official visits and support duties with them) and after passing his VRN to them and details of the event / offences I have received a courtesy call from their duty Inspector to inform me that they have found the driver and as he was reported by a fellow Officer (therefore the intelligence is considered as accurate and actionable) he has been issued with a NIP for dangerous driving and road rage, he couldn't be tagged for speeding as I have no calibrated ability to access his speed in comparison to mine (although I know 100% that he was exceeding the national limit by some considerable amount to appear from nowhere behind me so suddenly). I had a celebratory tab and a can of Red Bull at Taunton Deane services and the wife had a strong coffee to calm her nerves (she doesn't do this sort of thing daily unlike me). Karma is a female dog
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    thought it was about time i put my face to my profile instead of hiding behind the grinch or minions.
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    Really happy to announce having recently re applied for my Uzbekistn Visa, I've flown back and am now re united with the car! There's the odd post to quickly add from previous exploration, then I'll look to update you all chronologically on my travels since I returned, so expect a quick influx of posts over the next few days. In one of my initial posts o the thread I mentioned my exploration into the Arctic to the Russian city of Murmansk. ... ----- October 2016 ----- Shortly after arriving to Russia for the first time in August 2016 I decided I wanted to make the 3 day road trip north from Saint Petersburg, to Murmansk, Russia. Due to the limitations on my visa I was only allowed to stay in Russia for 90 consecutive days, and with the weather already turning from Autumn to Winter in early October I decided to set forth north.. a distance of roughly 800 miles (1,300km) For those unaware, Murmansk is situated at a latitude of 68.9°N This is approx. 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle and further north than the entire country of Iceland. The drive up was treacherous mainly due to lack of any proper preparation. My first leg was easy going taking the main road and stopping for 2 days exploring the very lovely city of Petrozavodsk located on the shore of Lake Onega. This was first time seeing fresh water lakes of this scale that they're almost tidal yet don't smell of sea salt and have ducks and not seagulls, very surreal and beautiful. The second leg however was a nightmare, snow had already begun, and heavily... (and its worth noting Im on pretty standard UK summer tyre tread pattern) however with slow and careful driving, with a light foot on the break and accelerator, I made distance.... into what can only be described as an Arctic snow storm... literally. The worse part is that for my entire journey my car was completely frozen - importantly my screen wash didn't work - and on Russian roads you screen is pitch black 4 seconds after you've cleaned it... with day light hours at an all time low at this time of year (sun rising at around 11am and setting around 2pm) visibility at an all time low, squinting through a screen I cant see out of into nighttime... oh and also cars driving with 0 working tail lights. Its safe to say this was a very gruelling exhausting journey. Oh... I did I mention Im one of those weirdos who likes to drive with the window down to get fresh air and the heater on? So naturally my window was frozen down also meaning I was wearing full thermals in the driving seat having snow blown into my face. Buuuut having said all of this.... the region of Karielia is INSANELY beautiful, there's so much to see and do which I didn't get chance to, a lot of Russia's marble is mined here, and you can take boat tours in summer season through natural marble mines, the fresh water lakes are surreal. I even made time for some Arctic exploration, whilst driving I noticed in the distance some old abandoned factory, to this day I havn't been able to find what/where it was, but as I was doing OK for daylight (my primary resource whilst driving) I ventured of piste to explore... I also found a box of burned out electronics. I like to let my imagination run wild that this was some 'TV Lost' type facility testing cool Soviet science, who knows, but there were destroyed train tracks in so it certainly was an Arctic facility of some sort at some point. By late night I made it to the town of Kandalaksha and next day made it to Murmansk. ... Upon reaching my final destination I investigated thoroughly why my car was so frozen as I knew my antifreeze was well stocked up... it was at this moment I looked at the bottle to read words written with such pride "Made in England, suitable up to -10!" i couldn't help but chuckle as I immediately chucked litres of the stuff in the bin obviously the compound just has too much water in it, and I replaced it with the good old Russian stuff "suitable to -60" Interestingly for reference its a different colour (bright orange from memory and not blue like ours) and from what I learned later is the same stuff they squirt on aeroplanes. I didn't go to Murmansk specifically to see the Northern Lights, but I knew logically due to the time of year and latitude there was certainly a high probability and I had never seen them before. Murmansk itself is quite an industrial town and fog settles in the city's valley but a simple 10 minute drive to the top of the nearest hill solves this, and sure enough at about 1am they fell straight onto my head. A memory I hope to never forget. Also for those interested Murmansk has a great deal of Naval history: Permanently docked is the 'Lenin' :- The worlds first nuclear powered surface ship was an Icebreaker, now turned museum, which you can explore inside seeing the reactor housing. Also the UK shares a lot of WW2 history with Murmansk, the Allies and the Soviets were heavily attacked by U-Boats during the Arctic Convoys resulting in heavy loss of life. WW2 and commemorating those who died is something Russia today takes very seriously, at 35 meters tall Aloysha stands to honour those who died defending Murmansk. I was ill prepared for photography with my tripod frozen in the boot, me realising battery life of anything electronical can be measure in seconds not hours, and also I experienced the dangers of a new personal best of -22 by touching the metal of my camera with bare skin to open the battery latch to receive excruciating burns to my fingers and sat in the car with the heating on to recuperate. I was able to get some good pictures but my focus was more to happily watch the world go by. I also managed to find a local garage and purchased some proper studded snow tyres 'Nokian Hakkapelitta 8s' for any one interested and with the tyres size of the Fiesta managed to fit all 4 summer tyres back in the car! Stocked up on Russian anti freeze and equipped with snow tyres the drive back through worse weather was a cake walk. Through out the entire journey the car didn't let me down once, started first time every time with no battery issues! MVP!
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    After a 4 month wait, It's finally here! :) Just drove it around for a bit and it's so much nice to drive that my last ST-Line. Loads of tech - Especially like the panoramic roof and the B&O Sound System sounds amazing. I'd say it was worth the wait.
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    Dirty Rear End

    I always use Pampers for a dirty rear end.
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    New alloys fitted.

    Got my alloys (Rial Arktis) delivered from https://www.mytyres.co.uk/ on Friday and had them fitted today. Went straight on without a problem. Stuck a couple of coats of Poorboy’s World wheel sealant on and they look brilliant. Added some blue Focus vinyl decals to the alloys too. Cost £630 for the alloys, fitted tyres,tyre pressure sensors and nuts (centering rigs weren’t needed as the wheels fit perfect) I’m over the moon with them.
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    D13 HPD 95

    D13HPD ST-2

    Well guys deal has been done, number plate removed, deposit paid, waiting for new V5 for my car, get the car insured and then take the ST and bring the RS home here she is the new replacement. Sad to see this go but onwards and upwards :) i hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I do and have done :) Mk3 RS Magnetic Grey fully loaded slight mods bit totally stock performance for now ;)
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    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Ok as promised, here is essentially what I call a 'basic' tool kit to suit most 'basic' jobs. There are several bits missing from my photos simply because I don't have everything out the car at the moment (I will list whats missing). I hope this gives an insight into what tools are used frequently. The toolbox is in for a clean out tonight and to make sure there is nothing missing. Some of the tools you will see here are beyond the needs of a basic diyer and as you might pick up there are a good few Mac/Snap on tools in there but there are also a good few Halfords professional too which are great value for money. I'm a big Milwaukee fan, their power tools haven't let me down yet. So missing from my pics are: Axle stands 36" Angled pry bar 3/8" 450mm breaker bar 1/2" 450mm breaker bar 3/8" impact sockets Brake bleeding bottle Test light Multimeter Spiral extractors Drill bit set Rethread tap and die set Fluted bolt extractors Brake cleaner pump sprayer Various sundries such as cable ties, general purpose grease, silicone grease, odd nuts and bolts So to pick out a few of the important tools in my box: Various screwdrivers and picks Various punches/chisels 1/4" torx bit sockets 1/4" Allen bit sockets 3/8" torx bit sockets 3/8" Allen bit sockets 3/8" Spline bit sockets 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Female torx sockets 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" ratchet 1/4", 3/8" sockets - shallow and deep 1/4", 3/8" extension bars, universal joints and reducers/adaptors Combination spanner set 6-24mm Various pliers including extra long type and pump pliers Oil filter and fuel filter pliers Oil filter tool Stanley knife Magnetic pick up tool Brake caliper hooks Brake hose clamp Dead blow hammer Wire brush Anti freeze tester Copper grease/brush Flat file Thread file Feeler gauges Sump plug keys Allen key set Spark plugs tubes/sockets Mole grips Syringe Stretch belt tool Alloy wheel sockets Tread depth gauge The other kit you can see includes: Arcan trolley jack (From Costco) Milwaukee impact tools and battery ratchet 1/2" drive impact sockets - shallow and deep 1/2" 600mm breaker bar, 400mm ratchet and 600mm flex head ratchet MAP gas blowtorch Various pliers, long reach pliers, snips etc Plusgas spray Nitrile gloves So here is my 'basic' tool kit after a little clean out and all parts accounted for. This next set is an absolute life saver on rounded bolts/nuts. Anyone who has had to use this set will probably know all too well. Irwin make a set of these and there are cheaper alternatives on the market but I would seriously recommend these to anyone starting up a tool kit. Again, there are cheaper alternatives to this next set but I would also recommend a good set of pliers of various types.
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    Just an update: I've applied for my Uzbekistan visa, so should be re-united with the car sometime around early/mid March, I will be able to continue on my travels. In the meantime I have one or two stories for past travels to update you. In the meantime... ----- January 2018 ----- Taken just after the new year, here's a small collection of photos from my time in the Greater Caucasus. The white monument 'Grozniy' is the capital city of Chechnya, the car selfie with the monument of Makhachkala is the Capital city of Dagestan: both these regions the FCO advise against all travel, but my personal experience from travelling through these regions were very warm and welcoming, tourists are respected here. Some may wonder why I chose to detour around these parts of the world, sadly deteriorating on a dry dock to the Caspian Sea is what is known as the Caspian Sea Monster, a remarkable feat in Soviet engineering... However google advertises this as a tourist attraction, so I blindly went there to take photos, in truth: its located INSIDE the Kaspiysk Naval base home to the Kaspiysk flotilla... Arriving here to a naval base with a camera landed me nearly 5 hours of being questioned by Russian intelligence police on topics ranging from terrorism, being a spy and espionage. Treated nicely I cant complain at security doing their job, especially considering the region. Had coffee and biscuits, and we even went out on a trip to a local Dagestan art exhibition with paintings made by children while we waited for the translator. I of course wasnt allowed entry, genuinely saddened. (Following image from Google - in my defence it was obviously once accesable) So sad not to see it in a museum. For future reference, if anyone wants to visit this, dont, the area is restricted now. On further reading it seems: In March 2017 the Kremlin approved a major overhaul of the Kaspiysk naval base. With several expansions and upgrades, what was once a minor naval base became a major base used with Russian operations in Syria. Sadly I was a little too late, but happy to have explored new regions.
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    Would this rule bother you as a parent?

    Childhood nightmares come flooding back of me carrying wet undies home in a bag after I wet myself in class following repeated refusal of permission to leave class to go to the loo. To add insult to injury, being told off by the teacher after it happened😠. Re-think your rule please😉
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    Didn't anyone tell them it's rude to point? [emoji8] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Possible to watch videos in car?

    This must be a wind up question surely ? Why the hell would you want to watch a video while DRIVING you might as well call in the pub as well and have a skinfull.
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    front brake discs and pads

    stef, have you got post notifications set to a certain key word?? you and your toffee hammers
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    The minion totally threw me there @iantt I'm so used to the Grinch... Edit: quit changing your pic!!! And i thought I told you no selfies!!!
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Today I received my Titanium X 100bhp ecoboost. Deep impact blue, ordered Jan 10th. As I don't think many people have got Titanium Xs yet I thought I would share some initial thoughts: The steering is really sharp, handles great as you would expect for a fiesta. The keyless entry is great. I know of all the problems regarding people stealing the cars but it is great to be able to walk up to the car and open the door without looking for my keys in my bag. The B&O sound system seems very similar at normal volumes to the normal sound system. When turned up it does sound great, no distortion, great bass. But this benefit seems only noticeable at much louder volumes than I would normally listen to music at (Though it may be noticeable comparing the two side by side). Heated steering wheel is lovely in cold weather. Adaptive cruise control works but its a strange sensation the accelerating / decelerating by itself, if you aren't used to it. Radio & nav system works well. I like that it shows route guidance on the instrument cluster. The door bins are really small and have a sharp piece of plastic sticking into them, possibly to help hold a bottle in them? I put a coffee in the drinks holder and it seemed to catch the handbrake when I used it. The gear shift indicatior seems super eager for me to change up (which im guessing is for maximum economy). Most of the times I tried to do as it said the car felt like it was too slow for that gear and like the car was about to stall. My favourite feature so far is actually the auto high beam. Worked really well on the country roads home in the dark, turning on and off exactly when appropriate. Overall really happy with my choice of car. Now I just need to use it a bit more.
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    Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    Both the ST Line and ST have their upsides and downsides, my opinion will be that during my daily use of the car, I wouldn't really benefit more from having the ST. The ST will be quicker and a better drive if you are extremely keen on driving which is great but the ST Line X with it's specification is cheaper to buy and run and unless I can be explained differently, aside from the power, as a daily drive, it won't be significantly different. On a track yes but when I'm on the A61 stuck in traffic, I'm really not bothered if I have the ST or an ST Line. I actually like the Recaro's in the ST's but have heard mixed opinions about their comfort. James May once did make a point (which I also stand by) that you have the most fun when pushing a car to it's limit, I think everyday, I'm more likely to get anywhere near that limit when in an ST Line rather than the ST as like I've said - it's a cracking car which I would have bought if available but... it's true potential will be used when on a track or on a quiet B road which I'm on about once or twice a year.
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    spiked wheel nuts

    I have not come across spiked wheel nuts yet. I assume you don't mean something like this! ScaniaPBman.
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    the days of diy have long gone for the majority of car owners, im supprised haynes is still in existance .
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    D13 HPD 95

    D13HPD ST-2

    Well she’s home :) some photos of the two together
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    MK5 Rear Brakes Maintenance Mode

    Set the ignition to ON. Press and hold the brake pedal. Press the EPB switch to release the parking brake. Release the brake pedal and the EPBswitch. Press and hold the accelerator pedal and place the EPB switch to the RELEASE (downward) position. Continue to hold the accelerator pedal and EPB. Set the ignition to OFF then set the ignition to ON within 5 seconds. Continue to hold the accelerator pedal and the EPB switch.
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    You’ll need to tell us s bit more info. What springs have you fitted is a good start lol
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    My Focus

    quick update again have now changed the whole dash centre with the carbon bits from a focus st/rs what a difference it has made to the look. just in the middle of changing my headliner and trims for the black ones from a st so will upload before and after pics later once that all completed .
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    Things I Do Like

    It's fine...I'm taking the missus The dog is far too soft to be of any use (She's also eating ice in the picture...)
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    Jinjohs Race Red Mk3.5 ST3

    So I took it on its first road trip on Sunday, Ended up.going to Snowdonia with my pal and his RS! What a fantastic set of roads they have there!! Very smooth and curvy roads! Any way here's a few pics from the trip Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    The country comes to farkin standstill...why! Other countries just laugh at us and no ***** wonder, as soon as there's about an 1" or more it's panic honest to Christ I dont know if the weather folk and/or media causing it or that and because we're not used to it, Christ when you watch the likes ice rd truckers and people in Russia ect ect in youtube vids they get on with it....not here
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    Windscreen washers

    i can better that, my washers were trying to freeze so i got the concentrated screenwash 5 litre container and topped up until full, only to realise after a conversation that screen wash container had been emptied and refilled with water to top her cars washer bottle. needless to say next time i used washers they were froze solid.
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    Battery booster, first aid kit, amber & blue magnetic strobe lights, blanket, water, jetboil camping cooker, military boil in bag food, goretex waterproofs & gaiters. Always have a duvet jacket, hat and gloves all year round anyway. That's in a grab bag that moves from personal car to work car as necessary. Dogs have spare food, water and thick fleece blankets if necessary. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I have a high vis vest, torch, waterproofs, hat/gloves, bottle of water, packet of biscuits, mars bar, an extra set of my morning/evening medication, pen & paper, wellies, pair of rubber mats & a shovel. Oh, and a car battery starter sounds like a lot but itall fits in a backpack behind the passenger seat under the seat base of the Child seat
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    Well you lot don't seem like wussies we hear of the news....and as jethro said at the start, we to much of ***** nanny state....fact!
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    i learnt to drive in the snow in my late teens in an austin metro, learn skid control , car control, handbrake turns etc on an old airfield where there were small roadways with various degrees of corners and depths of snow. what i learnt through experimenting then , was then used on the roads . there wasnt many places i couldnt go in my cars from then on. im confident with my ability and the cars limitations but as cars got abs, traction control and wider tyres it makes driving in snow worse in my opinion.
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    Reversing camera

    It most certainly can be retrofit to any fiesta, your already half way there having the right screen Things to check to get an idea of what you need: Firstly remove your sat nav SD card then pull the trim up and off from the screen it's held in by 4 clips, second undo 2 screws (torx) holding in your screen. With the screen out check the back, there's a green fakra type plug in the middle which has 4 pins, do you have a cable going into this at all? This is your video feed, if it's not there it needs adding Second take out your parcel shelf, from the boot on the left hand side remove the trim, first the light color piece next to the headliner, there is 1 screw close to the passenger door behind a little cover you have the pry off, once the screw is out the trim will pull off Then remove the grey piece on the left, 1 screw close to the boot side and 1 closer to the rear seat that you can only see when the other trim piece is off, on these are out it then pulls off Them pull the carpet away Now at this stage you should see a big grey connector block near the seat belt mechanism This block pulls away from the car for easier access Now couple of options here, if there is no missing wires at all in the plug at either side that means wiring for power and bcm already runs to the boot but if the top part of this connector which runs to the boot has 3 wires missing check the bottom part of the connector which runs into the car and hopefully it has the 3 wires in place, does it? If the 3 wires are in place that's your 12v and ground for power and the BCM wire Answer those above questions and I can better guide you
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    Things I Do Like

    boss at work treating us to pizza and extras for lunch on friday. our local dominos are not going to be happy. 20 large pizzas, 6 garlic pizza bread, chicken strips , wedges etc. lol they wont get that on there electric scooter. @hywelkidd
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    D13HPD ST-2

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed that we won’t see those tail pipes going on. All good things must come to an end but exciting times getting your own house with SWMBO! She’s put up with your love affair with the car so she’s defo a Keeper! Good luck with the house hunting, and with getting your hands on an RS in the future. As a final bit of love for the car, and if you can spare £3, why not finish it off with one of these.....
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    front brake discs and pads

    i know we are going off topic, but one last post. bet you got one of these in your garden.
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    MOT Advisory already ?

    If there were 2 similar vehicles for sale for the same price, let's say both 5 years old, one had 20000 on the clock and the other had 80000 on the clock, I would buy the one with 20k on instead of the one with 80k any day of the week. If I was to buy a second hand car I would always steer toward the low mileage.
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    We don’t like you seriously, I don’t know. @Steve or @Trevor
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    Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    50 yards.
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    Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    Success!! Started again, brand new fuses in the right holes on the tap and earthed on the pole behind the dash, comes on with the ignition and goes off when the car does... Plugged into fuse 85 if anyone is interested! Glad I have finally got there! Thanks for all the help everyone!
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    Oil light, loud engine noise

    Bit of late update. Decided to tackle the leak on the engine. Took the injectors out,they were all good. So took the cambox apart and the chain tensioner the piece of plastic that holds the chain tight had broken apart!!!! So that would explain why the car was running like s**t and sounding like a tractor! I'm shocked at how it has kept running. This would explain the oil around the engine, it had caused an oil leak. Got a replaced and put it together. Sounded a lot better! Now to tackle the oil pressure. I replaced the pressure switch twice but did nothing. So dropped the sump and found bits a metal in the sump,the oil strainer(I think that's what its called) had fragments of metal on the filter so must have been restricting oil flow. There's obviously some kind of bearing wearing. It seems when the plastic tensioner broke off pieces of it went to the sump and caused this. Took it apart, cleaned the strainer, and the sump. Put it back together. Got two bottles of oil treatment ,put them in, put new oil in. Car runs a lot better now,and no oil light 2,000miles later!!!
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    Did someone mention a hammer?
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    Weird badging on focus?!

    yep, prises off easy enough, took mine off years ago but still have it in the garage oddly enough , now have an econettic central heating boiler. lol