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    Things I Do Like

    I do like a random act of pure kindness and charity I experienced tonight. At my local Tescos topping up with petrol and a guy at an adjacent pump filling a Honda Jazz asks me if I'm running on ths standard Goldyear F1 tyres. On confirming that I am He then offers me a spare tyre for nothing. The guy had recently chopped from an ST to a 17 plate RS and had the tyre loafing in his garage since. Admittedly I at first invisaged waking up in a bath of ice minus a kidney but he appeared 100% gen so went along with it. He lived literally just around the corner from the store and on following him there find he indeed has a cracking RS on the drive. The tyre has had a professional mid tread puncture repair but has zero visible wear so seeing that new F1 tyres are £114 from the likes of Blackcircles.com it was a no brainer. A sincere thanks goes to a decent honest guy, a rare commodity nowadays. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Alexp's 2018 Fiesta ST

    As some of you may know, I've been waiting for the 2018 Fiesta ST for some time. I placed my order back at the end of April, and it finally arrived at the dealers yesterday. Here's some pics they took of it being unloaded, and then some pics I took after I went to look at it today and take it for a spin. It sounds and drives amazing, can't wait to pick it up Saturday! 😁
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like that my new Fiesta ST arrived at the dealership yesterday, it was PDI'd and I got to take it out for a quick spin this afternoon. Collection Saturday! 😁
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    Update ! Project Mountune theme. Yellow stitch leather trim now fabricated & fitted. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    I did a thing ! Plus another thing ! I had some spare supplies laying around so I thought I'd make use. Cheap mod no.1: Cheap mod no.2: I had the bug eye tint stuff left over from when I did the lights on the titanium and I loved the way it looked. Also the matte black lip I think really makes a difference to the front end. Can't wait to have the rest of this paid off so I can really start modding [emoji16] Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like my new job Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like when Vauxhalls are considerate enough to park one behind the other in a bay to let us normal folk get parked for a McMuffin...
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    Thank You everyone 🙂 And yes i managed to fit the power folding mirrors yesterday, puddle and power fold activated and working. i took lots of pics along the way of doing the entire retro fit, so when i have a chance I will make the guide, will probably be a PDF document just like the automatic lights/rain sensor guide I made last year.
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    Headlight tints

    Had my fog and headlights tinted, also the rear (which I haven't photograped yet) and think it looks nice and stealthy. Paid £80 for the lot done with SPI vision.
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    Mk4 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Limp Mode

    Its software "wot I writ", it does not run on Windows, and only on certain (older!) hardware, so is not very portable! I wrote earlier this year as I wanted to compare the MAF readings with flow calculated from MAP & RPM on my car. And also I find the Forscan graph scrolling feature is very clumsy and clunky on my system. Especially on bigger runs. A CSV file is just a text file. I have tested the Microsoft Notepad utility, and it will chop it up. It is very easy to shorten it, just a bit of deft mouse work. In fact any portion(s) can be cut out, as long as the header line stays in place at the beginning. Each line has a time value as well as the data values, so any section will read ok. To delete big chunks of data, highlight a line by dragging the mouse cursor over it, then use the scroll bar to move through to the end or 2nd cut point, then press the shift key while dragging the mouse over the end line to be removed. All lines from the 1st highlight to the 2nd should turn blue (or whatever is your highlight colour), then press the delete key. That way, though a bit fiddly, should result in a .CSV file small enough for Excell to process. Looking at the sensor, it does not look like a load of gubbins will pop out of the actuator when removed, but access may be a problem as there is quite a lot of the sensor inside the actuator, so space is needed to withdraw it.
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    Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Couple of small upgrades done Fitted plastic inner to the bonnet vents to stop water ingress left a gap at the front so it can run away and gloss black rear wiper and rear badge fitted. Still need a front one which is on order for Ford fair
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    Class action for Ecoboost failures

    Overheating issues with the Ecoboost won't be news to many, but initiation of the beginning stages for class action against Ford on behalf of affected owners might well be. The PR front face for this is the ecoboom.uk website where you can register your details. We've got a Fiesta and haven't had any such issues (aside from rusting turbo pipes which could have led to failure if left unchecked) but by all accounts the Fiesta appears to be significantly less prone to failure than those units in the Focus and so I thought it worth posting in this forum also.
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    Things I Don't Like

    What you have to take away from this run of incidents is that there are many idiots in the world and your day just happened to sync up with theirs. Ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Since writing I have said a final farewell to Kazakhstan and camera in hand said my final good bye to the beautiful steppes of the land. [pictured] From experience I tend to stay a night at a border town or city. extensive land border crossings has taught me to expect the unexpected, abnormal delays can turn what was an intended 6 hour drive into a 10 hour day quite easily. From Astana I travelled to Pavoldar (KZ) and rested up, making a border run to Novosibirsk (RUS) the following morning. The border crossing was abnormally long back into Russia, in addition to a 1 hour traffic queue, I was held [without being questioned] for about 2 hours on the Russian entry border. With electronic database entries tracking my travels around the Russian Federation, including the knowledge I had entered Crimea it seems my presence had raised suspicion. With my passport eventually stamped my suspicions were confirmed as a vehicle inspection was abnormally thorough with border guards tapping car panels - a tale sign that Im under suspicion of trafficking. However with smiles all round and a friendly welcome to Russia, I was waved on in. The immediate landscape is breathtaking, in stark contrast to the vast steppes, Siberia is filled to the horizon with rolling hills and trees. Trees everywhere.... accompanied by some of the largest eagles I have ever seen. With wingspans measured in meters they hunt a mere 20m off the ground above the grassland to the roadside. A spectacular sight and I must have seen no less than 50 in their natural habitat. The P255 is the only road connecting Vladivostok to Moscow and remains, for the most part, surprisingly good quality from what I was expecting. The drive here all-in-all took around 2 weeks, mainly due to endurance driving and fatigue I found myself resting in cities for longer than initially anticipated. Novosibirsk Russia's third largest city was as expected, however Krasnoyarsk is lovely. Almost comparable to a European city, smaller and older its streets are smaller and with trendy wine bars and beautiful Parks it almost reminds me of Ghent, Belgium. In summary, Krasnoyarsk: A very lovely city. My drive however has not been without incident sadly. Arriving in Irkutsk I've had my first experience of car theft in my entire trip spanning 2 years. My light bars both top and front were stolen... this is highly annoying more than anything else, as this happened on my final day about 10 hours before my natural departure from the city which doubled the 'annoying' factor. From a practical level it doesn't effect me at all, in fact the light bars were the primary reason traffic police stopped me as they were illegal in most of the Central Asian countries I visited. Further more I barely used them, combined with the fact White Nights [a phenomenon where the sun doesn't set in summer months due to the Earths rotation] is in full swing out here, allowing for about 20 hours of daylight and perpetual dusk/dawn.. it means I likely wont even had turned them on outside of photo opportunities. ..It's just REALLY annoying/aesthetically annoying as its so close to my final destination that this has happened. I literally would have paid them not to do it given the choice. Anyways, Krasnoyarsk as a city and it's people are nice, I wont let the act of an idiot diminish my mood. Especially as I now write this from Listvyanka... Welcome to the shores of Lake Baikal! Truly proud to have driven this far in the Fietsa, a great achievement! Fun Baikal facts: This is the largest fresh water Lake in the world.. and in every definition. Baikal is the largest in terms of surface area, in terms of water volume, and at a depth of 1.1 miles is the deepest lake in the world. For a sense of scale Baikal is larger than the 3 North America Lake combined! (Combined again surface area, AND water volume!) Ive never been scuba diving before, with water crystal clear, I figured Id give it a go! [me pictured] I had an amazing time, I struggled initially to learn the technique for removing water from inside the goggles (A constant issue I had) however I got learned it eventually. It felt like a pretty solid 30/40 minute dive, certainly enough for me to go back on Tuesday for more thus extending my stay at Baikal. Pretty cool seeing the ocean floor drop away, can understand why people get vertigo for the floor just drops from under you, similar to Cayton Bay if anyone is familiar with the landscape. Attached are photos from above events. I end with 2 nice little stories I have yet to mention 1) I met this really nice guy [pictured] in Astana who met his idol... his idol was me.. the owner of the little Fiesta which had driven all the way to his city from England. We talked for hours, he showed me pictures he took to show his family because no one believed him. 2) Bored and mildly intrigued... I Googled my registration number, and found a .RU website with candids [pictured] of my car and people talking about spotting me along my travels! I am now UTC +8 meaning I am literally 1/3 of the way around he Earth. Next time I update you all I will be back on the road... my final leg after 2 years of travel... to Vladivostok!
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    Well just a huge update for everyone interested in this mod. I actually managed to install all the parts on Monday and unbelievable IT WORKED!!!! Everything was successful. I now have full 4 way one/touch/up/down windows and global/opening and closing. just waiting for my mirrors to arrive then they will be installed and activated 🙂 i will be making guide/updating thread for everyone or anyone who may be interested in this mod Thanks very much again for everyones help and input. And a huge Thanks to @mastachaz and @JW1982 They are absolute legends!
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    Hi, newbie. Ford Focus ST Tdci

    Hi, got my first moderately fast ford 3 weeks ago, a Ford Focus ST Tdci. Went to get a tuning box fitted today from TDUK. Wow!!!! Now looking to see if I can get sat Mav added to my sync 2. Any advice?
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    Ford Focus mk4

    Having seen Mat Watson's review of the new Focus I have to say ... I like it! Despite my previous rather disparaging comments.
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    Things I Do Like

    Back in the day we could just stick the disc in and play games...none of this installing, followed by hours of downloads...then more hours of downloads every fortnight, progress eh! My broadband is fairly slow at like 2MB download, so it literally takes the whole day to download Call Of Duty updates lol. Often the Xbox shuts of halfway as well...I guess it's to save power but you'd think downloading would override that! Not sure Dishonoured would be my sort of game, I prefer more 'realistic' games like CoD and Assassins creed, not a fan of Sci-Fi stuff tbh. £20 is a good price though, was that from ebay or something like CD Keys? Be careful with sugar free sweets btw...most have warnings on the back, the artificial sweetener used is a laxative so don't eat too many!!
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    If I get their early enough I can help set up
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    Dead electrics Help needed

    Er ...... turned out to be a loose positive battery terminal, felt sure I had checked it before Derrrrrrr " The Shame" ;o)
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    **JUNE UPDATE** BB has had quite a bit of attention recently! The timing belt was giving up the ghost so had that changed along with the others. I also had an issue where my coolant was heating to the point where it bubbled and overflowed from the expansion tank before the fan kicked in (for just a few seconds) to cool it down and bring it back down in between min and max levels. Turns out there was an issue with the relay which meant that my fan kicked in too late and cut out too quickly to keep my coolant at the right levels. This is FINALLY sorted and I now have no issues with coolant leaking all over the place [emoji1417] My car was back in tip top condition in time for Bromley Pageant. Here she is on the Ford Club GB [emoji636] stand: Today, she went in for her MOT! Always a dreaded time of year for me. Apart from a quick headlight alignment, she passed with only 2 minor advisories (both of which I was aware of anyway [emoji57]) Another happy year of motoring with BB and I can now get on with a few more plans that I have for her [emoji16] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    1.6 Ecoboost Petrol Turbo Failure

    are you serious. vw, dont even get me started on vw/audi rubbish and burning oil, coil packs, springs, suspension arms,wheel bearings, cv boots by the million.electrical faults, clusters, i could go on and on.
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    it does! leave the pin in place until your ready. start at the top on the cam sprocket, then route it down as tight as you can to the crank sprocket, (via the idler) then sort out the fuel pump and tensioner, if you dont get that right side tight you will never get the left side in.
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    Interested in DIY timing belt change

    Sadly not many these days though... I'm still struggling to find a trustworthy and reasonably priced MOT garage locally, best I can find so far is part of a major chain and 20 mins drive away, but there's no way I'd trust them to fit major engine components. If you were closer you'd obviously get all of my business lol! Cambelt change is definitely something that can be done at home, but I really wouldn't suggest it's the first job you try... I got in a panic just trying to undo a sump plug the first time I picked up a ratchet... Then promptly gained an arm full of oil and a floor cleaning job... Do you have a mate that could help/guide you? I guided a mate with no prior mechanical experience through a headgasket and cambelt change a couple of years ago, he learnt a lot from it and didn't have any disasters.
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    Stop being such a wussy and learn how to do hill starts with the handbrake like proper drivers do.