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    Things I Do Like

    First of all you win ' Dad of the year' and now you're in running for 'Son of the year' Think you're going to have to give the rest of us a chance! 😁
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    Things I Do Like

    Built a little fairy cottage for my 68yr old mother drove up 297km to deliver it yesterday complete with a Red door from Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M01NZE2/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdb_t1_x_2s8GBbBEZY1QC and a little 1/12th scale bicycle from ebayUK https://ebay.us/TpszNL Got the chimney smoking with an inscence cone placed on the stones inside. She's delighted with it and she says its something to look out at while drinking a coffee, she lives alone looks after the stray cats
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    Things I Do Like

    I do like installing a Samsung 860 Pro solid state hard drive in to my PlayStation 4, The original 1TB standard hard drive broke down late last year, I only use the PlayStation 4 to play Grand Theft Auto the odd time as well as Fallout4 but nothing else so a 256Gb solid state will be sufficient As to replace the original with a 1TB solid state would be around the same Cost as a new PlayStation 4 I do like the reduction in noise from the system as there's only the fans rotating now no disk noise and the transfer of data is increased to 6GB per second which reduces the start up and loading times quite significantly.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Even that. [emoji6] Mine can drown out my missus and she's a right noisy beggar. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Things I Don't Like

    Surely they'll be special dispensation for classics over a certain age? Even the Mrs? 🤔 😁
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    Things I Do Like

    @zain611 is there anything special about that tree root? I spend half my life tripping over stuff like that in the woods down here!!
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    Civil enforcement PCN

    At no previous point in this thread was a breakdown mentioned. In fact at the beginning you stated that you left the carpark after only a short period of time. If you have told the parking company that you had broken down just to argue the charge then it is a fraudulent statement and therefore I am opting out of this thread. If you're lying to them then tbh I say man up, pay up as required and learn your lesson. I can't abide liars. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Things I Do Like

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    PAINTMODZ Shark Fin for Mk3

    I will just refresh the topic 🙂 The Shark Fin off the new Focus MK4 with GPS has the finish no. : 2281582 I will might try tis one beg. of next year.
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    Bleeding car

    Yep, you can tow start them, the high pressure pump on the CR system is still fully mechanical and belt driven so as long as you're in gear it'll drag the fuel through eventually. However it's not the safest way to do it, and is causing wear on the empty unlubricated pump. It's best left as a last resort if the hand pump fails.
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    Things I Do Like

    No, not many cars stolen here! Occasionally someone takes one that the owner has left the keys in, usually on a Saturday night post pub chucking out time. In fact there was a court case in the paper a couple of weeks ago where someone joyrode a cherry picker after the pub! 😁
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    Things I Do Like

    like getting mortgage rate changed in record time at the bank. 12 mins in total and saving few quid each month. took longer to arrange the appointment.
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    Things I Do Like

    Took the car for MOT and thankfully passed with just one advisory being the offside driver side tire is close to legal limit. Need to service it along with changing the CV joint gator and auxiliary belt.
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    Water pump reliability?

    The waterpump isn't run by the cambelt on the 1.6 petrol so it can be changed separately from the cambelt kit when it does fail. There's very little inside a waterpump, just the pulley on the outside and then an impellor (similar to a fan) inside the waterway. Some impellors are plastic and can break but I believe the originals were metal so won't break. So the usual issue with these is coolant leaking past the shaft seal. You should notice a puddle on the floor and the coolant dropping before any major issues. If you leave it long enough eventually it'll overheat which can at best blow the headgasket or at worst warp the head or crack the block. That said, a 2005 Focus is now worth about 50p, so not really worth replacing it unless it breaks on that car imo.
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    Any good

    ^^ is one of those legends I was talking about. Below is a trace I ran a few weeks back, symptoms were limp mode and hesitation along with DTCs for turbo actuator, ABS and Steering angle sensor and Cruise control The purple line stands out like a sore thumb, after some lengthy chats with Peter above it was determined that those rapid spikes were not what they seem. they were actually more like this. There was also some funny business with the MAP sensor reading below ambient pressure, which cant happen in a diesel. anyhow, long long story short, it appears the cruise control switches were interfering with the steering angle module which was messing with ABS and the PCM and for some reason it was introducing errors in to the system, fixed the CC, everything else went away! Happy days! Moral of the story, even if forscan doesn't directly help with the problem, the conversation you have with people on here about it, can lead you to it. it was a throw away remark by peter that something looked like it was causing interference in these traces that led me to fix the things I could fix easily, the CC buttons, job done 🙂
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    Things I Do Like

    I also like searching for car insurance for the Focus through TopCashBack website, me and Mrs Turvey as named drivers, fully comp etc £94.08!!! But with cash back taken off it's only £68.58 😎
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    ?The fault

    If it says front egr only I would suggest the two are shaped different and the plate only fits one not both. Egr valves are not that big of an issue, just take it out and clean it out with petrol and a small plastic bristled brush like a tooth brush. I also regularly use brake and clutch cleaner spray to clean egr's. People replace them all the time and 90% of the time they just need a good clean out. Even the worst ones can usually be sorted by soaking them overnight. Just don't get any fuel/cleaners into the electrical parts. Use a screw driver to push the valve open from the inside, push it back shut from the outside. Keep cleaning and forcing open and closed till it starts moving again, eventually it'll start to "ping" shut by itself. Once it does you cracked it, pop it back in and go make a cuppa with a grin on your face. Rossco
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    My MK7 Fiesta

    Been refunded on the diffuser again!! So I’m going to leave that for a while, anyways going to NKE in the next couple of days to get my engine mount fitted, change front splitter and other little bits.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Update on the hard drive replacement; which i discussed here I don't have a personal computer in the house; I've been using my phone for almost ten years now, As result I can't download the PlayStation firmware update on to a memory key and install it to the new harddrive on the PlayStation, I tried the computers in work but the PlayStation website is blocked on there server. Today I went to the toilet ok predictive text is telling the truth there i did, i then went to the local library and used a computer to download the software in the way instructed on the website however when I got home and tried it out; the PlayStation said no 🤔 So I asked the wife to bring it to the computer repair store when on her way to collect the kids from school as I had to go to work, They took her phone number and said they would phone when it was available for collection; 20 minutes later she received the phone call to say it was ready for collection and when she got there he charged 🤮€25.00/£22.50 For the service 🤠 I asked her if he looked like this lad Mr.Robin B the third 😂 €25.00/£22.50 just to flash the hard drive with an update from a memory key.
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    MK2.5 1,6 Zetec TIMING BELT

    Just an update. well its been a very long time getting around to this but eventually I could the Job completed at 125,112 miles on the clock lol! New water pump new timing belt new aux belts New bolts took me 2 evenings to get all finished (being i was outside and the weather was a complete dose lol) but I got there in the end and all is well at 150 miles of driving later. Thanks to all for your input and stefan especially mate. You were a big help. Thanks
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    Dave Kelly

    Poor MPG?

    Well nearly a month has passed and my fuel economy is excellent. Normally I would be looking at £70-£80 a month, now it is less than half that!!
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    Car Alarm started to go off

    Best stop opening your wallet then. H
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    Which K&N airfilter?

    7mm socket.
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    Focus Titanium

    I’ll be honest, apart from car play it doesn’t make a massive difference to me. Sync 2 works better than it often gets credit for.
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    The next job was to transfer the Isofix bracket from Eve to Fanta. This requires the seat back to be removed - firstly fold it down and where it pivots by the door move the catch forward and lift it out. It'll then pull out of the other seat section. There are a couple of bungs in the body where the bolts (Torx T50) go. Replacing the seat is just the reverse of removal but the catch will slide back over when you push the seat back in.