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    Sync 1 / 1.1 to Sync 2 Retrofit Guide Disclamer:- This guide is intended as an advice document only. You attempt the actions in this guide at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if you brick any modules or break your car. This conversion involves rewiring your existing cars wiring and should only be attempted by a competent and experienced person. Right! Now that’s my ***** covered lets get started! I couldn’t have done this conversion if it weren’t for the information available out there, sadly not much of this is in English or applicable specifically to the focus however it gave me the understanding of what needed to be done to carry this out and I will be linking to some of this information throughout the guide. Parts – Sync 2 APIM Sync 2 ACM Sync 2 FCDIM Sync 2 Fascia Sync 2 Media Hub + loom GPSM module - DE8T-19H463-DC Media hub bezel - finis number - 5326708 Mini USB to Mini USB cable Nav maps Pins - mouser - 1924955-4 HSD Code E plug or Fakra Z ( if you have OEM reverse camera ) Forscan ( with extended license ) and FoCCCus software I started by completely stripping out the car, partly because I wanted to wet vac the seats and partly because of ease of access. You don’t have to remove the seats but I strongly recommend the center console, and all the fascia panels. The sync 2 fascia doesn’t fit straight away, some trimming is required around the bottom, start by cutting off the locating lugs and then trim little by little until it fits nicely against the a/c panel the panel is held down by the 2 center holes in the same way the original is. Once your happy the fascia fits nicely then remove the fascia and a/c panel to reveal the sync unit, this is held in place by 3 screws and can be disconnected and removed. The sync connector needs to be rerouted to the top of the dash, there is plenty of length there it just needs to pulled back to the main loom and then directed up to the top of the dash. At this point it’s a good idea to tape back and secure and cables that you will no longer need, in my case it was the blue, pink and black fakra connectors from the fcdim module. Now peel back the insulation on the sync connector and give yourself plenty of exposed cabling to do the swaps required, unlatch the 2 clips and slide off the connector cover. *top tip* label any wires that are going to be moved or removed in case you ever revert to sync 1 or get lost with where the wire came from. Once you have swapped the 2 MM-can wires the unit can then be plugged in and will power up for basic testing, note that once plugged in the unit takes a few minutes to power up, it also does this everytime it reboots, don't panic! The pin swaps are highlighted in the pdf After you’ve completed the pin swaps its time to add in the additional wiring for the media hub, reverse camera adaptor (if fitted) ms-can and fcdim connector. I ordered the pins for the sync connector from mouser and although they work they are a little tight and did need to be manipulated in. if I were to do the job again I would buy a sync connector cut from a loom and remove the pigtails to solder onto *top tip* For the ms-can input you can tap into anything that runs on the ms-can network, I found the wires in the blue connector for the a/c panel. They will be the only external connections that you need to make. The gpsm is to be installed under the rear view mirror cover, for me the plug was already there so make sure to check this beforehand. To install the media hub I used 2 good quality usb to usb mini leads connected with a usb coupler. The media hub is mounted in a bezel from a mk5 mondeo, the finis part number I have attached above. For the fascia panel the radio controls are connected by mm-can as opposed to lin like the original. You need to add one pin and cut and solder onto the existing pin in the plug for them to work. For the acm connector you need to move 2 wires across from the main loom and into the accessory loom this is to transmit the tmc data to the screen for the naviagation traffic. If you’ve got this far, well done! The hard work is over. Time to tidy up your cabling, and bolt everything into place. *top tip* install the apim and screen first before sliding the acm into place. Pop in your nav card ( f6 is the most recent ) and also worth updating the software to the latest version (3.10) Put the rest of the car back together and grab yourself a brew, next up is coding! Using forscan plug yourself into the car, *top tip* if you’ve previously used forscan on the car delete any previous profile and scan it as a new car. If you don’t it wont pick up the newly installed gpsm module. You will likely have a bunch of dtc codes, clear them and see what comes back. There will be 1 dtc that definitely wont clear and that is for the central locking led in the bcm. There will also be errors on the acm which currently cannot have its as built data modified, however this doesn’t seem to cause any problems. Programmming the APIM Here comes the fun part. The apim will need to be coded to the spec of your car. The easiest way to do this is using the ford as built data. The way to do this is find a facelift focus with the same options as yours. For example mine is a titanium x, and the facelift titanium x has the same features as mine. To do this hop onto ebay or autotrader and find a facelift focus with the same features as yours, make a note of the registration and go to the ford etis website ( www.etis.ford.com )enter the reg and make a note of the vin number. Then you need to go to the motorcraft service website ( www.motorcraftservice.com ) click free resources and then quick guides. Towards the bottom of the list is an option for Module Build Data ( as – built ) hit this and enter the vin number you got from etis. This gives you the module as built data that you will need to programme the apim. Download the file and save it to your computer. Open up forscan and click on the icon that looks like a computer chip. You will see an option that says apim ( as-built format ) run this and load the file from your download ( don’t forget to change the file type to .ab in the search bar ) click write all and follow the instructions on screen. Once done you will see sync reboot and if you have done everything correctly it should now be programmed to your cars features. At this point you still aren’t done, you will notice that the voice control still doesn’t work correctly. Now we need to change a few things in the bcm and ipc. Open up foCCCus and load up the central config for your car, save a backup before you change anything!!! The lines you need to change are – 123 – Audio Aux Input change the value to 01 (without) 125 – DAB Radio System change the value to 01 (without) 154 – Module USB change the value to 01 (without) 157 – Bluetooth Handsfree change the value to 01 (without) 172 – Front Display change the value to 09 (DM8 with nav) 214 – ICP change the value to 09 Write these changes to both the bcm and the ipc. This got everything working 95% percent for me. I had to make some further changes to enable optical display for the parking sensors and the active park assist. I did this by modifying the as built data of the apim further by using this guide. ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uDSQ1Z5a2Wt8-kjrSiVSlDFGFHnfeuhb3RTMVz95730/edit#gid=1479139836 ) Im expecting some questions and I will help the best I can as im sure there are bits I have missed! Focus Sync Conversion table.pdf
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    I'm just gonna leave this here................
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    After yesterday’s long day of installation today I have been sorting out The programming side of things and I’m pleased to report I have all features and up and running. A completely successful upgrade.
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    Mk2 focus rs estate ?

    That is photo shopped , but yeh that’s what sort of thing I’m going for
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    Update ! Rear Discs conversion has been done succesfully with no hiccups. Plus front Discs upgraded to 300mm from 278mm. Currently on bed down so not very sharp. Fitted Black Diamond combi Discs & Black Diamond predator pads. Yunii Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    No rush... Take your time. Today would be good though! Or sooner.
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    Removing this broken bolt

    Without doubt get some heat on the area and a pair of mole grips that’ll come out easily.
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    It has been such a long day but...............
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    Removing this broken bolt

    pair of mole grips
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    MK2 Boot Lid Won't Open

    A TX40 and TX50 are available to purchase single from Halfords and fit a socket wrench. With both sizes you can strip the entire interior Anyway; The wife got my jacket stuck in the latch before which prevented the boot opening, I got in through the back seat and popped off the two little square caps on the bottom plastic panel; to reveal two TX40 torx bolts.These bolts hold the bottom latch; When the bolts are removed; pull out the two plastic plugs holding the plastic boot panel in place undo both and the boot will lift up but latch and plastic panel will still be in the door. You can then remove the rear panel from the boot door to remove the boot handle if required. I can guide you through the process across the week if I get time between work and family I have over 6,000 images of the focus taken apart and rebuilt by myself. I replaced the boot handle with one which has a built in camera
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    Mk2 focus rs estate ?

    Cutting the rear bumper up to make fit was the most painful bit for me , paying £500 for it then literally cutting it to pieces to weld it all back together . The car is currently ready to paint , it was all jammed yesterday and it’s goin to be frozen white . I’ve got a new set of coilovers goin on it , new brakes , focus rs twin exhaust to go on . I’m hoping to get it together in the next few weeks as I’d love to show it of at a ford car show
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Just had my car back from being SiRamik coated. Got to say it now looks far better than when it left the showroom a month ago!
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    Door handle replacement

    Thanks Dan Ill give it a go tomorrow just need to change over the lock barrel as well as changing handles for a set of gloss black ones. Just hope it will look ok once completed
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    Stereo shopping!

    This is wrong (I have a similar custom head unit, android based). You can still change the dash clock in the instrument cluster by using the knobs/buttons on the left hand stalk. Only (minor) issue is that the time on the dash and on your headunit won't sync (and may be out by a few minutes compared to each other as time gradually passes).
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    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

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    It’s happening this coming weekend, I’ve even made a spreadsheet for the wiring 😂
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    MK6 1.25 water pump without cam belt?

    technically it isnt run by the cam belt , but the timing belt tensioner is bolted to the waterpump assy. so either with special tools its possible to wedge the timingbelt up and remove the tensioner. or remove the timing belt and replace belt and pump together.
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    My Focus Zetec Mk2.5 Project

    wow have not done anything for a while any way have bought a pair of triple r composites head light brows and just trial fitted them to see what they would look like and must say they give the front of the car a more mean look but not to sure if they will pass a m.o.t as they do cover a good bit of the lights body but have got a spare set of lights that I could always put back on. anyway here are 2 pics with them trail fitted and think I will leave them gloss black as it fits in well with the bonnet lip. cant wait to get them on now lol. just got to try the spare light to make sure they fit and does anybody know if the spare lights would need to be realined . as always feel free to leave a comment good or bad. will get some night pics up hopefully later once its dark
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    Shell V-Power, is it any good?

    oh this debate again. Jamie
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    Things I Do Like

    Good news for Clare - she rang up North Wales Police, not having heard anything for a while... Lady on the phone apologised profusely - apparently a letter was sent out on the 9th April. The car that was snapped was nothing like a black CMAX...no idea what it was, don't really care - Clare's in the clear! NWP are now "liaising" with the DVLA - they reckon it's a mistake on their end with issuing a plate they shouldn't have...but we can keep Clare's private plate!! We also had a general discussion about where we can take our business - at the moment, we're doing customised printing (mugs, vinyl t-shirts/stickers etc) and we're looking at doing a few shows - she'd like to revive her old photography business, under the LaloëCraft umbrella...she reckons we could make a killing - she was before, but unfortunately her health took a turn after the birth of her daughter, so she gave it up. This lead to me jokingly saying we should trade both cars in against a van...which she ummed & ahhed over until I said she was allowed to sticker bomb it I'll give it a few months before I suggest it again...get the house bought first lol
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    Opinion Please

    They do look good in my opinion and so would removing the wiper that's all I'm saying 🤷‍♂️
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    Mk2 focus rs estate ?

    Best pull your finger out [emoji4], you've got until August. Expecting to see you there. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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    Stereo shopping!

    I took the plunge and purchased one! Found on amazon by xtrons as the seller. Got me a better deal. It was £135 on their website then an additional £30 for the gps maps card and would have to pay extra for a reverse cam (not that I really need one!). On amazon it was £115 with the gps card and reverse camera! Plus I feel a lot more confident buying through amazon rather than their site! I will update if it actually works as it should! Everything looks good quality though, although it comes with NO installation instructions. Looks easy enough though, all wires are labled.
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    Things I Don't Like

    Musically speaking, I was totally born in the wrong decade... Yeah I can, but not while driving I guess I even set up custom scale harmonies on my Boss GT-8 in the correct sequential keys to play both guitar parts simultaneously! ...but then I'm a nerd....
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    If the low coolant warning message does not work the vehicle software is most likely not updated as prescribed in the recall manual. The vehicle software update consists of an update for the following modules: * PCM (Powertrain Control Module). There are several versions of the PCM software. Which version is used depends on the exact type/version of the 1.6 ECOboost. * BCM (Body Control Module). The BCM software needs to be at least version BV6N-14C094-XA. A software update is offered only for vehicles with an older software version. * IPC (Integrated Panel Cluster). The Instrument cluster needs to be updated to the latest version which is BM5T-14C026-BBG. The coolant level sensor is connected to a module that converts the sensor data to a digital CANbus message which is transmitted over the HS (High Speed) CANbus network. The BCM is connected to the HS CANbus network, receives the message from the sensor module and converts/transmits the message over the MS (Mid Speed) CANbus network. The IPC is connected to the MS CANbus network and receives the message from the BCM. Based on the message data the instrument cluster activates the low coolant warning message on the display. When this happens the PCM also receives a message to reduce engine power (Limp Mode). To make the warning message work only the BCM and IPC need to be updated to the latest/prescribed software version. The PCM update is only needed to reduce power in case of a low coolant level. If the PCM software is not updated the warning message will still work but the engine power will not be reduced. Ford prescribes to update the software using the FRDS (Etis online) diagnostic system. This system keeps record of the software that is actually installed on the vehicle and the date the system synchronised with the vehicle. In this case the date must match the date that the recall was performed. If you want I can check (based on licence plate or VIN number) which versions are installed and if these are the correct/latest versions.