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Fitting rear electric windows to mk3.5 focus


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Hi everyone, i'm new to this so i apologise if theres an existing thread. Haven't had much luck finding one.   

I've recently bought a 2017 Focus St-Line 1.5 TDCI. I'm absolutely in love with it but theres a few things that i want to do to make me like it more. There's a few more things like this i want to do but i dont want to ask too many questions on this paticular thread.

The one thing i really want to do is to fit electric windows in the rear due to many reasons, i'm aware that this feature is an optional extra which makes me feel it could be done (i believe this option includes one touch open/close). I just want to know if it's possible, what parts i will need to buy, what procedures i will need to go through to make it work (wiring and computer programming) and will it be a mega hard job.

Hope to hear back from somebody soon, thanks.

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Anything is possible but the 2 and 4 ELC windows are completely different. The 2ekc window is a conventional wired up set up , but the 4 window uses individual door modules that control windows, locks and mirrors. Not an easy option to sort out. If anyone knows I imagine it would be @jw1982

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