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2005 Ford Focus Estate Mark 2 Water Leak Through Rear Air Vent


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Hi Guys

I have a 2005 Ford Focus Estate Mark 2 which has recently developed a water leak through one of the air vents in the rear pillar of the car.  I have done some searching and it looks likely the roof is leaking somewhere.  So far I have tried applying silicone sealant to the weld seams I can see when the boot is open, but that has made no difference.  I think the leak could be coming from underneath the roof rails (or would you call them roof runners?).  My car has the T-section roof rails, with a plastic cap at the end (shown in the picture).  I don't want to attempt to take the roof rails off unless I really have to, as I don't want to make the problem even worse.  I have tried prising the end plastic cap off with a screwdriver, but could not get it off, maybe it is stuck on.  What I am now thinking of doing is squirting clear silicone sealant underneath the black plastic cap to see if that solves the problem.  Do you think this might work, or do you have any better ideas about how I should tackle this?  





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I had (may still have) the same problem in my estate, I also found the rear light clusters wiring was pinched in the seal, possibly letting water track in. Might be another easy place to check before tackling the rails.

i don’t have rails, but I used a lollipop stick to smear sealant under my plastic cover. Things have improved but I must admit I haven’t checked for a while.

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How do the T-section roof rails come off?  Are they easy to get off?  I believe they are bolted on, but are they stuck on with adhesive as well?  Thanks.

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