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Any ford mechanics in the forums???


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Alryt lads.

I need to remove my blower motor from the passanger side behind the glove box and replace it with a working motor, any Ideas on how to do this? A step by step guide would be greatly appreciated :D thanks

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hello jonny,

well i hope you dont mind sitting on your head as this is a tricky job!

first of all you will need to remove the glovebox and the lower footwell trim.

there should be a screw securing the vent hose to the motor, you will need to remove this.

unplug the motor and remove the 3 bolts securing it.

the motor should now be free to pull out. albeit very awkward!

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Thanks very much stef123 ur reply is much appreciated, I'm glad that's all thats to it! Thot it was goin to be a complicated job. Well as standing on my head goes that will be a pain in the backside!! :P

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