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Inner cv boot replacement


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 Hi noticed inner CV boot as split N/S , and is throwing out oil ??? I thought they was packed with grease

any advice and tips before I butcher the bugger

does this mean I have to replace the oil seal in the transmission as well ?


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Yes the inner joint uses a different grease, I’m not sure what type it is, I’ve always called it tripod joint grease lol.

its generally very thin compared to the horrible black moly grease you’d find in an outer joint. 

Mind you’ll need to buy an ‘inner’ boot too as it’s a different shape. There is s bodge if you are really desperate though lol. 

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Is it the the green coloured grease your talking about Stef ? When you get the CV boot it should be supplied with it as well as a retaining belts/clips which I find a right pain so l just use tie wraps the longest you can get..

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