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direction indicators don't flash when locking car


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I have a Ford Focus CC3 2008. When i open the car with the remote, the indicator lights flash. When i close the car, the don't flash. Does someone knows what could be the reason?

So when ik close the car i get no notification so i always have to listen to hear the it locking.

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Not sure on 2008 but on my 2017 if it doesn't flash I think that means a door etc isn't shut. Maybe a faulty door sensor though hopefully only as above post.

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Yes, go round straight away and check each door.

Mine did exactly the same thing on using the second  plip press. Turned out that the fuse had failed which controlled the door electrics.


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even when i press the "lock button" twice, the indicators don't flash.

If it's a sensor-problem, i supose the interior lights wouldn't turn on when i open the door, or am i wrong?

Where can i find the door-sensors and the trunk-sensors so i can check them?



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