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Service message re-set.


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I recently did an oil change at the 100,000Km mark, call it 60K miles for cash on my 2015 1.5TDCI.

I found online that I could reset the service message by pressing down the brake pedal and accelerator pedal together for 20 secs (With the engine off obviously) and bingo, the message disappeared.

The problem is in the weeks that followed I'm getting a very, very light but noticeable high frequency buzz through the wheel on the motorway. The engine just seems a little less smooth than before. I used the recommended Castrol oil and genuine filter. The only thing that crossed my mind is the ECU has some sort of alternate mode that it goes into when a service is overdue to protect the engine and my dirty reset rather than being plugged into a ford computer hasn't taken it out of this mode?

I had the wheels balanced, tracking done and the rears and fronts swapped but no change.

Or is it just the engine getting looser as it get's older? I do almost exclusively motorway miles as it's a commuter mobile so I wasn't expecting it to start feeling old so soon.



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