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Can someone help me out, I'm trying to connect to Forscan on my laptop but it won't do it, I've got everything dowloaded and the Forscan has its licence number thing loaded into it.

When I plug it in and press connect it wont connect.

Can someone help



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53 minutes ago, Jonro2009 said:

Are you using a modified ELM cable? Have you installed the drivers that came with the cable, they all need drivers to work.


Using one of these and can't find any drivers for it

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7 minutes ago, Jonro2009 said:

will try tomorrow after work and get back to you if I can make it work.

Unfortunately, as I have a MacBook, I have to use an old laptop which is rather slow and frustrating to use Forscan

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23 hours ago, Jonro2009 said:

All works well, got the windows working and can see some things I might do for my car, nothing drastic just small changes like the doors looking at a speed and stuff like that

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On 5/2/2018 at 6:29 PM, Mikeythebatman92 said:

What sort of things can you do with this? 

Forscan can be used to reprogram the cars ECU config (say you added the hardware needed for cruise control, you can tell the car this and cruise control will become available) aswell as displaying other info like a normal ODB reader would.

A modified OBD cable is required.

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