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Key Fob Return

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Yesterday I found a key fob on a grass verge near a main road.  

It's a Suzuki proximity fob like this one -

Weirdly there is no key blade in it, so not sure if it's been stolen or something.  Also wondered if it was a replacement that someone just wanted the blade from and discarded the rest, but I've opened it up and there's a battery and PCB in there, looks to have had some use as well, so I doubt that's the case.

I've posted a 'found' thread on Gumtree with no replies so far, but not everyone has access to the internet, or even knows about Gumtree, so obviously that's not great.

I will be driving past the Suzuki dealer tomorrow, can they identify the owner, or at least the reg/VIN from the fob itself if I take it in to them?

What would you do with it?  I'd like to think someone would return mine if I ever dropped it.

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The police don't want it, they don't have the recourses to deal with untraceable low value lost property like this.  They're only after guns, drugs, laptops or phones it seems, saying you should post it on social media instead.

Suzuki can't trace the car or owner from the fob, but they do have a customer that's lost one, albeit a few miles from where I found this, so I may drop it in to them in case another customer comes in looking for one.  

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