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Spark plug torque is usually on the plug box, it's not much though, like 15-20Nm roughly.  If not, nip them up finger tight then put a quarter turn on.

After having sump plugs fall out, round or strip threads I do try to torque them where possible just for peace of mind, especially if I'll be doing  the next oil change...I know Stef just gives them 2 ugga duggas on the gun... :tongue:

I take it you don't have a Haynes?  Torque setting are about the only thing they're good for lol.  I think the sump plug on those is about 45Nm but don't just take my word for that.

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having stripped the thread on my sump plug on my previous mk6.5 Fiesta 1.6tdci from having changed the oil eight times (It was done once by a garage before I started doing the oil myself) I wish I had torqued it properly and not just done it up to what I thought felt about right for the copper washer to seal properly.  being that I needed to have the car for work so had to fix it, I used araldite. I sold the car to my brother, telling him what I had done to the sump plug. sometimes has a slight oil drip on it but virtually none. 

Best thing would be to replace the sump. Haynes manual says front exhaust section needs removing to remove sump. The exhaust does run under the higher end of sump. I realise the oil strainer will stop the sump from sliding out but looks to me like you could rotate the sump to clear the exhaust. But does anyone know for sure?   can the sump on mk6.5 fiesta 1.6tdci be removed by just undoing the sump bolts and nothing else needs undoing/removing. So many times I have told him he needs to sort this out, but he never gets round to it. He does have the experience and knowledge.

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