Help with a headlight issue

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Hi, I have recently purchased a 2014 S-Max, and discovered that the headlights are on as soon as the engine is started. The switch is in the off position, then the headlights go off when switched to sidelights (but sidelights don't come on), then headlights come on again when switched to headlights.

If anyone has any suggestions as to whether this is normal, or how to fix it, I would really appreciate it!


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Do the daytime running lights (DRL) work? If not then the headlights could have been bodged so they come on instead. A dodgy MOT tester might accept that and pass the vehicle.

Take it back to the vendor (if a dealer/trader) and ask them about it/to fix it. If they bodged a fault, or in fixing one introduced a writing issue, possibly from accident repair perhaps. They should be liable to fix it if it was sold with a fault/bin standard repair. Hope it's not an accident repair for your sake.

It could be the headlight control switch or in the wiring going into the headlights themselves. If so, a good scrappy should have a replacement switch. Easy fix if so.

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