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Help Engine malfunction


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New to the forums and first Focus ive ever owned.


Just picked it up yesterday Its a 2008 2.0 TDCi Estate Titanium.  Drove to work and everything was fine till i accelerated hard (not too hard) The Engine Malfunction came up on the dash along with the Traction control light.  Car seemed to loose power and could not rev above around 3000 RPM.  Pulled over and turned car off.  Swore a few times then started the car again and  the Enging Malfunction light was still on along with the TC light.  Turned off and left it a bit longer.  Turned on again and there were no lights.  Continued to work had no other problems.  Driving home it did it again when accelerating from around 60 to 70.  Again pulled over waited around 10 mins this time light stayed on abut went off when driving.  Car seemed to not have as much power.  Took it for a quick drive last night and again it happened when I put my foot down.  Checked this morning and the light was still on  started car and it went off after a while.  Ive used OBD Scanner and Tourque pro but cant see any codes.  Next door has a ford scanner so plugged that in but no codes stored.  


If I do the Dash test it comes up with D900 as an error.


Could this be :

1.  Injectors?

2. EGR Valve

3. DPF

4.  Anything else?


Thanks in advance.

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Car has been in for a diagnostic and the only error they could find was a fuel sensor problem.  Lets hope this is the cause.

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If you just picked it up yesterday I would take it back. Was it a dealer or a private seller?

Even if it was a private deal, there may be some comeback under the car being fit for purpose. 

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