Smax Engine Malfunction warning and codes

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Hi, I have 2010 S-Max TDCI and Engine Malfunction warning is coming on. Used to happen very occasionally but now more frequent. There seems to be no loss of power and it’s fine to drive. From self test the codes I’ve got are:

DTC1 160782

DTC2 C15100

DTC3 C42268

DTC4 C40168

DTC5 C41668

Has anyone any idea what these mean? Am looking to trade car in soon so don’t want to spend lots on it so any quick fixes would be great.

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Sorry I cant offer a solution, but came across your post as having the same issues, however am struggling to get any meaningful codes out.

My older code reader wont link and my modern carista one shows no errors.

Can you let me know what reader you are using (mine is 2015 S-Max 2.0TDci) and I'll also post back if I get any luck with the diagnosis.

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