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Which Wheel Nuts Do I Need?


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I need to replace my normal non locking wheel nuts as some of the caps are now misshapen presumably due to the use of impact guns at the dealer, I just had to hammer a socket on to remove one, all very well at home but no good if I get a puncture when I'm out somewhere.

I'm very confused about which nuts I need and Ford Parts UK just directed me to the standard hollow nuts which is definitely wrong.

I have a 2010 Focus 1.6i Titanium with the standard 16 inch 20 spoke titanium wheels as seen in this picture.

The nuts are not covered by a hub cap so they have a captive stainless steel cap on for aesthetic reasons and a rather wide looking collar underneath. They appear to fit a 19mm socket.

Can anyone provide a part number or even better a link to buy replacements online?

Your help is much appreciated and thanks for reading!



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