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Ecoboost boost drop


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My daughter's got a 2012 Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125 with a power problem. It did also have a blocked oil intake, but I've sorted that out and its got new oil and oil filter. Runs fine if you keep the boost down. If it goes high, then it will hold the boost below 1 psi. Seems to stay on that limit even after slowing down. Turn the engine off and immediately on and it goes back to normal - see graph, after the fault it flat lines. Seems like the ECU doesn't like something and is limiting the boost. There are no fault codes. I've tried cleaning the MAP and boost pressure sensors but no change. I checked the pipes but can't spot any leaks. Any idea what the fault is. Thanks.



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23 minutes ago, DocTim said:

There are no fault codes.

A lot of generic code readers can not read all the codes. On my car, P0299 (turbo underboost) is not seen by an OBD2 reader, but is read by Forscan, a Ford specific system.

I am a bit worried that if the turbo was starved of oil, even for a short time, then it may be worn, and not running at full efficiency. The ECU may be detecting this and shutting it down. 10 to 15psi of boost sounds rather low to me. (I am assuming that graph was taken while driving, as the Turbo will not ramp up much with the engine unloaded.)

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13 minutes ago, Tdci-Peter said:

I am assuming that graph was taken while driving

Yes, logged the pressures while driving on a dual carriageway up to 70 mph. I was taking it steady initially to avoid max boost - I think previously it'd been going over 20 psi before being limited. It runs fine the rest of the time, and there's no nasty noises coming from the turbo. The power problem had been intermittent before the oil problem. Ford dealer has previously replaced one of the injectors following a dead engine and also a turbo pump (not sure if they meant the vacuum pump) after a previous power loss.

Does anyone know what the max boost is on the 125 PS versions?

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Mick last visited this forum 25th October 2019, he posted a question asking for answers and never came back.

Start a new thread and explain your problem in full and I'm sure someone will be along to offer advice.

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