Engine failure service now!

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thought I'd ask the experts!

2014 TDCI 1.6 64,000 miles

Recently been driving on the motorway on cruise control, engine 'coughed' feeling like a fuel blockage then was instantly ok. Then 500 yards later got the dreaded Engine failure notice the car went into a limp mode for another 500 yards before conking out completely leaving me to luckily freewheel up the nearest slip road!

No life on the key apart from lights on dash etc not even a click on the starter 

Have been told by my trusted garage that they had to put a new starter motor on to get it running to diagnose further having seen a code for the egr valve on their plug in tool.

surely a starter motor that's working properly cannot cause a breakdown at 65mph on a running car?!

could the valve cause this then ruining the start stop system?

I'm at a loss to see where this all connects together and am feeling that I'm being fleeced!!

Have you guys got any answers?

Thanks in advance as the kids say!


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What kind of driving do you do? Do you do lots of short journeys or does the car get a good run a couple of times a week? <-- Important question this being a diesel!

Starter motor seems a bit extreme for a car of 2014. It's only meant to start the car. If the EGR valve has been mentioned, that is probably why it can't start as I had exactly the same issues with my old MK2.5 with the old 16v version of the 1.6 TDCi.

So I would say its the EGR valve being blocked and needs a good clean or replacement.

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I reckon DPF and/or EGR are probably good places to start looking for the culprit.

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