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Turbo whooshing


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Hi all 

I have seen this been mentioned many times but would like to gain any info you all have

My mk2 2008 2tdci focus has been making a whoosh noise for about 6months. A garage told me it was all OK couldn't find anything after changing another part. 

The car has power ad runs well although I have sometimes noticed some smoke not a lot if I put my foot down in high revs. 

Does this sound like I need to remove pipes? Such as intercooler pipe or is the  turbo on its way out? I have been to France with the noise like it is and haven't had power or running  issues but I'm just wanting it sorted now. 

Thanks guys 

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does the woosh happen when you lift the accelerator, if so it could just be the intake and factory blow off valve, have you changed the filter for an uprated cone filter or the likes of an K&N 

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