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Mk3 Wheel Bearing


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Anyone any sort of idea how much i should be looking at to have a rear wheel bearing replaced, dont know if it makes a difference but its got discs all round

i would reckon the best part of £80 - £100 at an independant garage.

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The bearing costs about £100 but it is easy and quick to fit

parts or parts and labour? looking on eBay it looks like the bearing comes as a hub assembly and can be had for about £50 delivered (see link). plus fitting at a garage, still reckon £80-£100.




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well i know a mechanic up my street and he's told me if i get a bearing for around £17.00 he will fit it for 30 and it will take around an hour

mine is the same has discs all round too

I can assure you you will not get a rear wheel bearing for a mk 3 mondeo for aroung £17. I paid for my daughters 02 registered car last week £68 but they are available on eBay for £50 but I wanted to do it that day. Pretty straight forward job as long as you can get the tork 50 bolts undo ok. I had one awkward one that I had to take the head off with an angle grinder and replace with a new bolt. Brian

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i agree. if u check this link which shows u how to replace the wheel bearing u will see that it comprises of the entire hub complete with wheel studs. i cannot see anyone purchasing this for that kind of money unless it fell off the back of a lorry!


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Got a new hub from AtoZcarpart for £50. Prices range though from high 40's to 160. Maake sure you get one with bolts included (inc threadlock). 1 Hour labour £30 for a mobile guy. Plus tip - that's all in for under a ton for me. £65 min labour if main dealer. Ford hub c£200. VAT too. Looking at c £300 min I recon in that case. You pay and take your choice. Job is straight forward other than getting the Torx off - bold heads often rusted in, as someone already noted. No need to disconnect handbrake cable - just hang the calliper.

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