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Sqeaky Breaks

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Hi all got a 51 plate fiesta notice tonight when i put her in reverse and move of it sqeaked now iam not touching the brake also when i move forward and brake it sqeaked loud what can this be cheers alan.

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Sorry done it again ive posted the topic in ford focus silly me laugh.gifsad.gif

you need to take the drums off and clean the inside of the drum and grease up easy job if its pads then they are binding slightly

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How easy is the job and what tools do i need cheers.

not sure about the fiesta but on the focus it isnt really recommended to disturb the bearing by removing the hub nut to get the drum off, instead the stub axle is removed. the stub axle is held in place by 4 x 8mm (13mm hex) bolts. it will no doubt be a similar setup on the fiesta.

so a 13mm 6 point/ hex socket not a 12 point bi hex! extension bar and maybe a universal joint and a ratchet. if you do remove the hub nut then you will need a 30mm socket, breaker bar and preferably a torque wrench for tightening the nut to the correct torque.

once the drum is off, a good blast with brake cleaner, allow it to dry and that will probably eliminate the squeak. if it still squeaks then the points where the shoes touch the back plate need to be lubricated and also the edges of the shoes can be chamfered.

to answer your other post, no brake squeal is not an mot failure. ever since they stopped making pads/shoes with asbestos brake squeal has become a big thing.

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