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MK8 full led headlights


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Hi guys, i was one from the first owners of the new MK8 fiesta. I own a Fiesta St Line since last november. I have to confess that i feel a little betrayed and angry regarding the Led headlights, since i never got the info and actually have the option to wait to get them. Now i see that they are offered at a very reasonable cost. From my research i was told that the cost to fit them in car with projectors installed would be very high, over 3k euros. Has anyone a better info regarding this? Is it really so expensive? Thanks in advance

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Have to remember the price list price is an upgrade cost, in place of hardware not longer needed.

The LED clusters are probably in the region of £600+ each. They also require auto levelling systems, so that sensors on the suspension to judge the load/angle of the car.

Then it all needs the correct looms for the sensor and lights to be wired up. Potentially the early BCMs don't support it, so may need replacing.

There have always been upgrades to the specification of a car over it's life. Usually things like infotainment being upgraded, but can apply to anything.

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I'd like to know if anyone has tested the Headlight With DRL H1BB13W029DD (with DRL Led) on Ford Fiestas with halogen headlights.

Well I have intentions to buy headlights with DRL on LED, but I would like to know if they are plug n play!
Fiesta MK8 (2018 -» 2019)
Thanks From Portugal

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