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Strange scraping sound


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Afternoon all. 
I've been a ghost of this forum for over a year now. In fact, this forum helped me trace the root cause of water leaking into my boot. however, the time has come to register in the hope someone could help me narrow down another issue I have.
I shall try and keep it short and detailed as possible. 
Basically I am experiencing which I can only discribe as a loud almost like metal on metal scraping sound when I take a corner. Almost like worn out pads on a disc, this used to occasionally make the noise before the pads and disc's was changed, however it's come back louder and more often recently.
The sound will only happen if I am to take a tight corner at around 35 to 40MPH, the sound will only happen when I am making a right turn almost as soon as most of the cars weight quickly shifts to the left. It doesn't make the sound when the car is at a stand still and turning the wheel, and it doesn't make the sound when taking a right corner at slower speeds or normal driving in the city for example. Just at quicker speeds on tight right corners when I'm able to shift the weight to the left. It doesn't make any sounds taking left corners at any speed. 
I'm not a complete noob when it comes to working on cars however bikes are more my thing. I've had a good look under the car to look at the most obvious, externally visually the CV boots look good, not torn, damaged or leaking grease. I have jacked the car up and checked the wheel bearing, no play or nasty noise coming from the wheel when rotated. No stones or objects in between the disc and the pads. And finally susspension springs are OK with no cracks. 
I'm all out of ideas. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
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30 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Sounds like the ESP kicking in. 

Have you got an odd tyre on one side?

Isn't that more of an abs type sound though as it tries to control the wheel speed?

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1 hour ago, Phil21185 said:

Isn't that more of an abs type sound though as it tries to control the wheel speed?

On the mk2 it's a really weird noise for ABS and ESP, not heard it in anything other than mk2 Focus', its very metallic and I'd say it sounded like a spring being pulled under tension along concrete but could be described as scraping.  

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Thank you for the replied and suggestions Phil & Tom. Much appreciated! 

Tom you have raised a very valid point, my ESP makes exactly the same sound as I'm hearing when cornering quick. The same sound the ESP makes when I get to around 10MPH when it does the self test (that's what it does so I'm told). I am running different brand tyres on the front however, they are the same size and not modified in anyway. 

Is there anyway to test the ESP or ABS sensor to tell if it is faulty? 

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