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Nick Theo

mk3 1.6 tdci shuts off while driving

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mk3 1.6 tdci shuts off while driving

Hi everyone,

I have a Mk3 Focus 1.6 tdci, which I bought new in 2012, with currently 162.000 km.

About 3 years ago I stated having the following problem: while driving normally at around 30-40 km/h the engine suddenly shuts off completely in the middle of the road(!) without any previous warning and the "engine malfunction service now" message appears. Then I have to switch off the ignition wait a few seconds and then the engine will start and operate normally. If I try to start it up immediately the engine will not start.
Once it happened on the highway doing 110 km/h, too

Some of the times the checkengine light would appear on the dash, but after a couple of start ups it would disappear.

The car runs fine in general..

This must have happened around 10 times so far..

At first the dealer was buffled.

Then it happened again and again, so they started looking more into it.

They checked the electronics and the wiring for any signs of damage, since some of the faults are on the electronics of the car.

They cleaned the fuel tank, all the fuel lines and the injectors, changed the filters, removed the injectors and tested them for proper operation (all was ok) but no luck.
It happens rarely, but still it happens. The last time was a week ago, the previous was about a month ago (this was after they checked the injectors) and the one before was about a year ago.

These are the codes stored in the ECU after it happened the last time:

P02CD- Clinder 1 fuel injector offset learning at max limit

P02D1- Clinder 3 fuel injector offset learning at max limit

P02D3- Clinder 4 fuel injector offset learning at max limit

P037D- Glow plug sense circuit

P0564- Cruise control multi-function input A cicuit

B1206- crash occured

U0140- lost communication with body control module

U0415- invalid data receide form abs control module

The same errors if i recall correcty were the previous times, too.

They cannot pinpoint the source of the problem and now they are trying to replicate the problem by driving the car themselves, which for me is of no use since there is no particular pattern for the problem to occur.It never happened twice in the same place.

Also, although there is a fault in the computer that "crash occured", none of the times the engine shut off a crash had actually occured.

As you can understand it is not a very nice thing when the engine shuts off unexpectedly in the middle of the road and the car starts to ***** me off.

Has anyone else a similar experience? What are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance for any input.


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Sorry I can't be of direct help but I remember when I was messing around with FoCCCus for the first time, I still had the engine running. When the software reset the car, the engine cut out and wouldn't restart. 

The code I read after that was crash occurred, so I think it refers to any time the engine cut out without the cars.. er.. permission if you get what I mean.

Not sure if this helps though...

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Thanks for your response. Yeah, I guess this explains why the engine cuts out..

The dealer thinks it still could be the injectors not operating as they should sometimes, even though the test showed they are ok.
Could a problematic injector though create such errors in the ECU?

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I reckon injector(s) are faulty...the injectors on these engines are rubbish!  I have the same injector fault codes coming up and my car drives badly but isn't yet at the point of cutting out thankfully!  There are several posts about broken injectors on these on the Mk3 Focus facebook groups, it usually ends with one or more injectors being replaced.

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