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clutch problem

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Hi , not sure if i'm even posting this in the right place but I was hoping someone more in the know could help me out . 

I was driving earlier and as I went round a corner and dropped down from 3rd to 2nd i heard a twang , sounded like wire cable snapping , no real difference with it driving , no jerkyness or insane revs when it happened . Only thing I noticed is it takes longer to pull off from 1st and the revs can go a little higher until i get to 3rd,taking slightly longer to get speed up on first couple of gears. So i'm guessing somethings up with the clutch but have no knowledge of car mechanics at all , has anyone had a similar experience or just know what the problem could be? I suppose i'm looking for a ball park figure of how much I could be looking at if it sounds like an obvious problem to someone else .

 Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

Oh by the way I have a mk 1  petrol 1.6 focus 

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