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Fiesta MK7 - No warning sounds (indicators, headlights-on, fuel low, etc)


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I have recently developed a problem in my 2010 Fiesta Zetec which I have owned since new. 

Out of the blue the vehicle has stopped all warning sounds. I have looked at the fuse box, connections etc and all seems well there. Chimes are enabled in the on board computer and I've attempted a 'hard reset' by disconnecting the battery for >10 mins. Unfortunately none of it has made any difference.

Has anyone had this issue before? 

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Not sure I've seen this issue on here so far, but I would guess cluster fault as well.  Try a 'tap' on the dashboard above the cluster with the lights on and door open, if it's a loose connection you might get a quick beep as it makes contact.

If it is a cluster fault, sending it away for repair would be the best option.

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Did you get a solution to this problem? My Ford Fiesta Zetec is having the same problem, as a result, I have left my lights on several times now! 

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