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Focus - Failed first MOT emissions testing


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Hi all,

I'm sure I will be the first of many to come in the future who have failed the new MOT emissions tests. My 15 plate diesel Focus managed to fail its first MOT due to 'Exhaust emissions exceed manufacturer's specified limit'. My reading was 0.7 1/m and the test limit for the car was 0.5 1/m. I did try take it to a dealership but they were unable to see me for 3 weeks, so instead I had the garage conduct a Forte Power Clean so I could pass and get it back on the road. The car is still within warranty (expiring soon) and I would expect (maybe wrongly) that this would be covered as the car was in an un-roadworthy condition.

I had a brief chat with Ford CS and the stated they would do nothing as it was not conducted by a Ford Dealership. Which insinuates that I was to leave the car without an MOT for close to a month until it could be seen by them; which obviously was not an option for me.

Do you think I have a claim in taking this up with Ford under the warranty? Or would I just be wasting my time?

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I think they'll just tell you it's your driving style that's the issue, rather than thier vehicle unfortunately.  They won't pay for your Forte clean done at another garage.

Garages are going to be making a mint out of charging for additives and then thrashing it around the block lol.

People just need to drive diesels harder these days. :smile:



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