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   I have a 2016 Grand Cmax  Titanium x.

I now notice every time reverse gear is engaged I see part of the yellow number plate. Having driven many miles using reverse gear I have never seen the number plate previously.

I have taken up the matter with main dealer Bristol Street Ford at Stoke who say this is normal and its the case fo rall grand cmaxes.

Please email me paulhartnell@yahoo.co.uk if they are telling me the truth, because I never had the back plate appearing before .

Thanks very much

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Post this in the Cmax forum to get a better response. I have seen people mention this on several different models across the ford range, and it has been that the camera has moved slightly and others it has been like that since new but has not been noticed. There is a degree of accepted ‘tolerance’ of variations in what is displayed, it is true that some do and some don’t have the number plate in partial view but as long as the camera does its job then it is accepted. Surely seeing the plate means you can see closer to the rear of the car and the obstacle anyway which is a good thing. 


Have you checked with anyone else who may drive the vehicle, or been a regular passenger to see if they have noticed it before? Have a little ‘fiddle’ with the camera itself and see if there is any movement in it, is it possible it could have moved? If it is normal then ask the dealer to provide evidence, do they have a demo in the showroom? If not then ask them to take a picture of the screen of a customers car in for work/service or ask them to speak to a colleague in a different branch to check their stock. 

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I used the personal email of Andy Barratt CEO and his office contacted me and Bristol Street Motors, to advise that it was normal at times for a bit of number plate or back of car to be seen and it occurs on most if not all Ford cars with cameras. the cameras cant be adjusted, I guess it was just a fluke that I drove several thousands of miles without seeing the number plate when reverse gear engaged, thanks for advice.



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