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General Maintenance - Health status - Ford Focus MK2


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I am trying to figure out the state of my engine, so I might be doing better maintenance, and not repairs.
The car just ran a standard DPF regeneration cycle on the freeway, but I am wondering:
- What are the normal/standard values and tolerances for the engine?
I am especially interested in fuel system and DPF.


I understand, that with wear and tear of the engine, values will change, but there is a set range for a healthy state, and I am interested in those.

What I have learned so far:
Fuel rail pressure at idle should be 26000 kPa and at 140 kmh should be 160000 kPa.
Differential Pressure on the DPF at idle should be 0-1 kPa and at 140 kmh should not exeed 6.5 kPa

Any help you can provide in the form of knowledge, key words to search, other posts or manuals will be help full.
So far I have had no luck searching google using different combinations of keywords: Ford Focus kPa Standard Values Fuel system DLD-416

Car specs: Ford Focus 2008 Trend 90 BHp DLD-416 - 192.000 km - New Fuel Rail Presure sensor (2018)

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