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MK8 ST Line spare wheel


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I've just picked up a new shape ST Line with the 18" alloys and the gunk instead of a spare wheel.

Looking on ebay for a spare wheel kit most Fiesta ones are listed for previous years and have a 175/65/14 tyre.

Would this be ok and will the tools (jack/ brace) be suitable for the MK8 and will the foam holder fit?



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I ended up buying a full kit for £45 off ebay locally so saved on postage

175/65/14 tyre on steel rim, jack, brace, foam holder, screw clamp all brand new/ unused

The space saver although being 1" bigger has a slightly lower tyre profile so would equal the 14" wheel/ tyre. The space saver tyres are only 2-3mm tread as they are supposed to be changed back after 50 miles of temp use where the 14" has the full 7-8mm tread so will last longer.

The only thing that worries me is the wheel nuts don't look as though they're a snug fit as the holes are tapered out slightly where on the alloy they taper inwards?

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on my previous fiesta 2007 mk6.5 the wheel nuts were designed to fit alloy and steel. there was a shoulder and washer on the nut which held an allow wheel on. the bottom of the nut held the steel wheel on. But annoyingly with the steel wheel on I could hear the captive washers rattling on the nuts.  That was a good deal £45 for the whole lot. 

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