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Focus MK2.5 Seat Options


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New to the forum and would like some help please.

I've recently come back to Focus ownership and have a 2010 1.8 Zetec Petrol. I have just completed a four hour drive and found the seat to lack support. I had a MK2 2007 Focus 2.0 Ghia a few years ago and had no problems with the seat. 

So my question is: Will a MK2 Focus drivers seat fit a MK2.5 ? Eg 2007 Focus fit a 2010? Is it a straight swap? Electrical connectors the same?

I am reasonably certain they would be interchangeable as the cars are essentialy the same, eg floor plan etc as the 2.5 was a facelift, but is it a straight swap?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Being 6ft4in, I have exactly the same issues in most cars. Drove mine from the South East to the Lake District and back and was absolutely crucified! I think the Zetec has extra sporty seats which don’t help.

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