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Cooling fans


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Hi guys I need some help. I’m at a lost with my 2004 Ford Focus, the cooling fan will not come at all. I have changed the thermostat and temp sensor along with any damaged fuses. The garage today has done this for me and I was told that the fan came on as soon as the plug on the switch was taken out. It has since yet I come in and the engine is running hot still. Any advise out there that can help me please 

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In the past, may years ago, I have had two cars where the fan did not come on when I thought it should.  So I wired the fan to a switch on the dashboard and switched it on when I felt it needed it. Of course you would then need to keep an eye on temp guage.  Not ideal but an easy workaround to make an old car usable if you are handy with some wire . make sure you use a fused supply, use wire that is thick enough to carry the current and a switch rated high enough for the current, do the connectors properly, don't just twist wires together. don't bodge it. 

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On 7/20/2018 at 9:37 PM, Alande21 said:

I was told that the fan came on as soon as the plug on the switch was taken out

To what switch are they referring? Also, when you say the engine is still running hot is this when running at normal roads speeds or when stationary?

What reading are you getting on the temperature gauge? It should not normally be necessary for the fan to come on when the car is moving, even in the current hot weather, but the engine temperature will rise as soon as you come to a standstill and the fan should then come on.

It's worth mentioning that the temperature gauge is not driven directly from the temperature sensor, it's driven by the ECU and does not necessarily relate to the actual engine temperature. I think there's a way to display the actual temperature using the trick outlined in this thread.

FWIW I don't favour bypassing the car's control systems and switching the fan manually. There must be an identifiable cause of your problem that can be fixed.

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