Front bumper 2012 removal how?

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Hi all - 2012 s-max...


Had an accident and need to replace the bumper holder. I removed all screws/mounts under the bonnet

Removed lights.

Removed the screws from the wheel well.

But. On both sides there are 2 T8(i think) bolts (access from tyre well by pulling the plastic back) ***** the bumper into the wheel arch panel.

I have tried unscrewing these damned bolts and nothing happens? They don't get loose. I can't see anything happening - my only theory is that the metal female thread is spinning in the plastic holder - there is a black plastic support between the bumper and panel.


Has anybody done this/got and advise?

It is too tight to drill them...

Thanks in advance



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It has a washer like thing underneath that sits in a plastic housing which obvs rotates as you turn the bolt it does have 2 tiny slots in it but far too small to get a screwdriver in special tool maybe????

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