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Focus Ecoboost 1,0 2013 surging and low power


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Hi all!

I am the recent new owner of an ecoboost and she is giving me problems!

When I am in first gear especially, I get a loss of power and sometimes a surge at 4500-5000 revs??

It is also really down on power, i can barely keep speed going up any form of hill and it has absolutely no acceleration in any gear which makes motorway driving absolutely terrifying!!

Has anyone got experience with this? There are no codes being thrown either.


Thanks in Advance!

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How long ago did you buy it and from where?

If it’s less than 30 days and it’s from a dealer then you can ‘reject’ the car for a full refund. 

If it’s more than 30 days but still still within six years you have rights but they get harder to exercise due to the burden of proof etc. 

But basically they’ll have to repair it or replace it if it can’t be fixed after 30 days of ownership. If it can’t be fixed you can get a replacement or cash back.  

This is all done under the consumer rights act 2015. 

I recently bought an ecoboost from Evans Halshaw and had issues with them. My car had turbo problems within 24 hours. I took it back, they refused, I got legal advice and they gave me a full refund. 

If there are issues and it’s under 30 days I’d reject it. What else will go wrong if not? 

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Peter Vardy unfortunately, 2 months ago I have been fighting with them this afternoon being transferred every few seconds!! I will try again tomorrow, but it has been suggested that I just go legal and send them the bill as they are really f***** me around


hows this lovely sight I found in the inlet side of the turbo??


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and im not sure where the nut has gone, might be sitting ontop of the recirc valve?

Does anyone have experience in rebuilding these? can i just bang a new cartridge in?

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