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59 titanium built in satnav usb problems


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i have recently got a memory stick USB 16gb and put some music on to it mp3 format.

i formatted the memory stick before transferring the music onto it.

i put the stick into the USB situated under the arm rest pressed aux selected USB the screen then said USB not recognized 

has anyone any ideas what i need to do? thanks in advance

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I don't know much about using USB sticks in cars. In the past when I played around with computers there were different styles of format  eg. FAT16,FAT32,NTFS.  Do you know what type you formatted it to?  and does the stereo handbook say it only recognises a certain type.

If you put the usb stick in a different device/laptop/computer than the one you used to put the music on it from, does it work OK (see all of the music and be able to play it).

have you proved the USB socket works by successfully putting anything else in the socket?

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These Sandisk`s work in the arm rest usb socket.

I bought a Toshiba 16gig that was`nt  recognised.

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