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Fiesta Aircon disaster - everything replaced - what now?


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Welcome any expert advice.  Key history...

2010 Fiesta bought with good one-owner history.  Aircon doesn't work, garage finds leak/crack in compressor, replaced with new unit, re-gass, works for a week then stops, gas gone, pipe from compressor to in-car exhanger has split/leak, replaced with used part, pipe EXPLODES after 10 minutes of operation, pipe replaced with brand new part.  This pipe quickly gets VERY HOT and aircon shut down before another explosion.  Valve in car heat exhanger area replaced, no change.

So pretty much every part has been replaced, the unit is holding gas, but I cannot use it for fear that the overheating pipe will just explode.

All work carried out by a qualified mechanic in a reputable garage - but they have just run out of ideas.  Spent a fortune in parts and garage has invested a lot of their time and are as frustrated as me.

This quick summary glosses over the number of trips to drop the car off, wait for parts, false hope and disappointment!

Anyone experienced this before?  Or have suggestions?  In this heatwave we just can't go anywhere with the dog until it is fixed.  And I have spent so much on it it is hard to abandon aircon as a lost cause.

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My view is you should have taken it to a Ford dealer, independents no matter how reputable they are will always be limited in terms of what they can do since they do not have access to the proper information to carry out certain repairs, and in some cases any specialist equipment required.

Seems like the independent you used have been trying to fix the fault by trial and error, which has cost you time and money.

My recommendation is cut your losses and take it to a Ford dealer, and maybe think about recovering your money from the independent.



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We found that with one of our works Skodas. Used the garage around the corner to us.

Rear wiper stopped working.

They replaced the motor etc, still no joy, replaced part of a loom, replaced a plug block. Changing things bit by bit trial and error style, obviously costing a fortune. I believe there was a faulty relay?? Causing the issue.

The bosses asked for the original parts that were not at fault such as the motor to be put back as they were not prepared to pay for all the new parts and labour that were not faulty.

Sorry for going off track but unless the fault is definitely known then go careful with independents etc. We use the main dealer now for any work, servicing and mot. Lesson learned.

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Maybe too much oil in the system when the compressor was fitted, causing excess pressure between compressor and expansion valve.

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