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Inner tie/track rod advise needed.


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Hi folks,

I'm planning to tackle the replacement of the gf's Mk6 offside inner tie rod;

The MOT advisory was, 'Play in steering rack inner joint(s) Offside Front'.

I've researched the part I need (Ford tie/track rod 4472940 I presume but waiting to be confirmed by a Ford dealer).

I'll also need a tool suitable for the removal/installation of the old/new said tie/track rod.

I've no interest in Ford's 'special' tool because it's 'side driven' and thus, surely cannot be used to apply the correct torque?

I'd really appreciate a quick answer to one question;

Can anybody give me the A/F (across flats) measurement from a genuine Fiesta Mk6 tie/track rod or the diameter of the female side of the ball joint?

Of course, I could get under the car and measure it, but I'd need to remove the boot that covers the ball joint.



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right, I know I am going to be slated for saying this. 

It is an advisory. Therefore it is considered to be safe (if it was unsafe it would fail). Of course I would check the play myself to check it is minor play. And if I felt it was minor I would not replace it. A load of effort for no gain.  Next year before the MOT I would check again, if no worse then leave it. if worse then replace it.  But why replace it before you need to if there is no downside to delaying it. (someone might argue that it will increase front tyre wear but I doubt there would be a noticable difference). 

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