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Wind deflectors FF2 Mk2.5


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Can anybody help me with some pictures/details on how to install the two wind deflectors under the bumper of my Ford Focus 2 Facelift (Mk2.5) ? I have the pieces, but I cannot figure out how this damn things must be placed, where to screw them  ... :)

I attached a picture fom microcat, the deflectors are colored in orange.  



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Wind deflectors are something completely different in the UK so a lot of people are probably scrolling straight past this thread.

I'm slightly confused as to which pieces those actually are, I think they go in front of the radiators so you'd probably need to remove the bumper to fit them.

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I have actually replaced my standard mk2.5 grill with the one from a Zetec S and saw these rubbery parts didn't quite line up correctly,  which after some digging seems like mine has had a bump in its past life.

I managed to get them to where I think they should be, but they do sit loose and only seem partly secure when fitted correctly - if I can I'll try and get some photos but I'm not with my car for a few days... if I remember only the top screws in and the bottom is left to sit against the radiator and the lower part of the bumper.


It's an odd kind of fitting if mine hasn't had things removed at least.

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