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Mk6 1.4 petrol larger throttle bodies upgrade?

Uncle Tommy

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Hello,  I just asking and need your help.

I done research, I can't find the information about I could fit 60mm throttle bodies into 1.4 petrol engine. I been thinking about this lately, just want larger diameter for better air flow. Does it need to change something like larger injector, larger diameter air intake, change intake manifold, etc. Does it has be need to remapped to adjust mapping to correct fuel mixture and ignition timing?

My car are Fiesta Mk6 (04) 1.4 petrol.

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More air = more fuel required so yes you'd need a remap to make any difference. Im also guessing your MAF sensor will have a hissy fit too. However you'd struggle to get more air in without having forced induction.

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