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I'm trying to be more reliant on myself for car maintenance and would like to add tracking to my list of jobs i can do myself. Is this any good please guys?


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I used one of these many years ago, yes they do the job, but what a faff, your better off paying someone to do it,how often do you need to get your tracking done, its over 8 years ago 3 cars and  nearly 450k miles since i had tracking done and that was only after rebuilding the front suspension after an icy slide into a curb.

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Not worth the hassle and not particularly accurate either, I did try it once, never again lol.  You can also do it like that with pieces of string for free!

If you just want cheap front only wheel alignment, go to National Tyres, they have an online voucher for half price tracking - I paid £14.50 at the local place and was done in 10 minutes.

If you want proper 4 wheel alignment on a car you're expecting to keep for a while and have just had a full set of tyres fitted to and have no suspension on the way out, find a Hunter machine.  It will be expensive (I pay £50 mates rates!) but it will be worth it in the tyre saving alone, plus a much better handling feel through the car. 

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