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Once again bluetooth audio A2DP


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Hi guys!

I've looked over many topics about bluetooth A2DP I even went to Ford Center but my question still persists.

I've got 2012 Ford Mondeo with Ford 6000CD radio, factory installed bluetooth but only voice! I cannot play any music over bluetooth, only make and receive calls. I checked my bluetooth module and it is CS7T-14D212-BC. So as I understand it only supports BT voice. 

So my question is - can I just swap this bluetooth module with some other like 8M5T-19C112-AR that supports A2DP? Convers+ version is 1411 if it is important...

Many thanks!

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The 6000CD does not support the Sound & Connect (USB, A2DP and Ipod support) functionality. It only supports bluetooth phone functionality.

If you want Sound & Connect functionality you have to change the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module and the radio. Sound & Connect is only supported by the Premium Sony radio's and the travelpilot FX, NX and MCA satnav systems.

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