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Clunk noise when releasing clutch Focus MK2.5


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Hi guys

i have a very annoying noise that’s started occurring on my 2010 Zetec s Focus (1.8 petrol manual).

each time I move off from first and release the clutch there is a loud “Clunk” or bang noise that happens, sometimes once’s something’s three bangs in a row. It occasionally happens shifting from 1-2nd and sometimes when the clutch is just depressed (coasting).

had a look over and no obvious explanations, mounts all appear fine.


video showing the sound, hopefully someone may be able to advise me about more :) 



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I'll cover some basics and you pick what you want

if it was a tractor, it would very likely have a dual mass flywheel.  These are basically two discs with a chunk of rubber in between.  On fords they are designed to fail junk.

However I would strongly advise don't do the nasty bodge job some idiots do and replace this expensive part with a solid flywheel.  It has TWO main features. ONE of which is critical for the longevity of the car.  Its main purpose is as a crankshaft vibration damper.  You can get harmonic waves that can cause the crank to snap in half.  The damper stops this happening, but also reduces NVH in general through the drive train.  Its secondary use it to help bad drivers look less incompetent by adding an additional stage of cushioning in the driveline for those that abuse clutches.

As its a petrol its less likely to have dual mass flywheel, but it might.  However on the cushioning side of things most car clutches have elements to help take up the drive smoothly and these can break leading to similar issues.  Aftermarket and commonly "heavy duty" clutches" are total crap.  Its common for the centre plate to fail.  They often breaks springs leading to lots of issues. 

Its best to use genuine components on long service life, hard to replace items.  There are a few good pattern clutches made to OEM spec but these days china makes FAKES of everything and anything so who knows what you get !!!

Other than those, the geabox might not be done up tight.  Engine mounts could be worn / broken.  Unlikely but drive shafts worn and or the big nut on the wheel end could be loose.




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-edit- just seen the vid as it hadnt worked on poor signal for me right away, but will leave that info there just in case it helps anyone..




Just a thought. If it's a clunk and you feel it in the pedals, usually at ~12mph don't worry too much..

Set off on a flat, keep 1st gear up to say 20, and see if it does it then as well, if so it's the ABS self-check. My last 06 plate didn't do it, but my later 58/09 does, and at first it worried the cap outta me as it sounded real bad if I'd set off and had the wheels turned as well.

Might be worth a mention to a local Ford shack to ask about it if it's a new sound, but just a thought. I'm sure mine has a fault otherwise however I am assured that some do make a hell of a clunk where others don't.

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