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Faulty 2018 Fiesta


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I have bought a brand new 2018 fiesta titanium. However from day one I have had problems and they are all intermittent but the long list is growing. My DAB radio is constantly cutting out/doesn’t work. When I reverse my rear wiper ocassionally comes on even when it’s bone dry outside, randomly. My fan system switches itself off sometimes when I switch the air con off then restarts at 22 degrees. My auto start stop sometimes doesn’t work. My apple play constantly freezes and didn’t connect the other day. My sat bag ocassionally works, and I get error messages. My lane tracking assistant isn’t working at all even though it is switched on.

My car has been in for an ‘update’ four times and I’m still having problems. 

Can anyone help as to whether they believe this is all linked to a software problem or is there something else wrong? 

Any help would be great!!! 

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1 hour ago, alexp999 said:

Take it back.

Maybe find a different dealer to undertake the work if the one you're using isn't helping.

I agree...take it back...you shouldn't be having these kind of problems. If no joy with dealer complain directly to Ford.

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Thank you both of you.

Yes I think I am going to take it back as it’s been about 3 months now and problems are not solved and I am involved with ford care.

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If the dealership isn't being helpful, give Ford customer services a chance to get involved and help. They are next to useless though.

Is the car financed at all with Ford credit? If so, get them involved, they operate under Ford customer relations or something very similar. They were the ones that got things moving for us.

The DAB may cut out due to poor signal, it does happen. Does the rear wiper not give a wipe when reverse gear is selected regardless and the wipers are on. My mk7.5 does this but not sure about our mk8. The aircon switches on and off automatically to control the temperature? Auto stop start doesn't always work, it depends upon the battery charge level, many short runs drop the charge below the level that auto works at. Apple play freezing, do you have the latest IOS installed on your phone? Sat nav, well lets not go there after our issues as there are on going satnav issues on some sync3 Ford models. Can't give any suggestion with lane tracking as I don't drive the mk8, the mrs does and I haven't played with that yet.

Hope this gives you some suggestions?

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