Help with a Focus Ecoboost 65 plate

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Hey all,

I'm trying to find front and side splitters for my 65 plate Focus Ecoboost Red Edition. I'm told that this is the facelift edition and everywhere I've looked/contacted so far has said it's not something they can supply (TRC, Maxton).

I'm also trying to find an RS Bumper, but as mine is the facelift model I'm also told I'll need an original RS bumper as anything 2015 and before won't fit (such as - is this correct? is eBay the best place if so?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this stuff? I'd love to make a few visual tweaks to my car but I'm struggling to find bits for my model.

If there are any suggestions on what I can do to the rear bumper too that would be great - do I have to shop for a bumper based on the exhaust exits I have or WILL want? I'd like an exit on either side eventually, similar to the RS.

I'd like it to sound a little louder/rumble a little as well, nothing ridiculous for now - would a midbox delete be enough or would I have to look at something more substantial to get a decent noise?

Completely new to this as it's the first car I've looked at modifying, take it easy on me! :thumbsup:

EDIT: Just noticed this might have been better posted here: - can someone move if so? 

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Can anyone help?


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