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Turbo boost sensor A circuit high (no boost) FOCUS 1.6


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Hi and thanks in advance for responses as title says got eml light on so run a icarsoft i920 came up with p0238 turbo boost sensor A circuit high assumed this was a MAP  issue so changed the MAP  MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE but to no avail light still comes on clear code then it pops back up so off i trundle to ford to buy a boost control solenoid (which i struggled to locate on my car two seconds to find on the 1.0 125bhp ecoboost) the part ive been sold is actually located on turbo so ive got to wait for part and then get under the car to replace boost valve or as ive seen elsewhere pierburg negative pressure valve long story to get to a quick question is the map sensor actually boost sensor A or the boost control valve /negative pressure valve as if its the map sensor which i did disconnect and it did then show as a barometric fault on reader extra fault code there must be a wiring issue so i am kind of lost right now as part from ford is £180 ordered anyway and should arrive shortly Thanks daz

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may have found it there are two map sensors on the 1.6 ecoboost one on inlet manifold the other is attached to the inter cooler so fingers crossed im off to ford 

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