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Ive had minimal issues with my car for the last two years until now


and the ESP  light go on...


restarting the car clears this issue for a bit. but this can be a bit problematic on motorways.


Any clue as to what might be the problem. On another not but which could be connected or coincidental I do have a distinct juddering on braking in the range from 32-38 mph but above or below its not felt. I have put this down to a very slight knock/tap i had in the winter weather sliding into a kerb at 2mph afterwhich i realighed my tracking and thought nothing of it.... its only recently ive noticed the juddering a lot more... could it be more than warped discs?


I have Forscan but Im no master tech and not entirely sure what i am doing on it.


Any suggestions?


Ford Focus Titanium 09 1.6Ltrs

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If the engine malfunction light is on and you have reduced power then I feel certain there must be  fault code in the system that you can read with a fault code reader on the OBD socket. Don't know about the braking

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It sounds like you have an issue with the instrument cluster..

The solders on the circuit board crack behind the pins on the cluster connector blocking the CAN signals between the modules causing the car to go into LIMP.

if you know someone who is good at soldering then it is an easy fix, but take care to mark where the needles are before you strip.

if not there are people on eBay who will repair it for you.

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