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Weird sound below my car


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Hi everybody

I have a  Focus Sw 1500  year2015.

This evening, while driving in the city center, I heard a really weird noise.

I U-turned and went back home: noise was quite loud

Trying to understand the origin, I opened the bonnet. But the noise seems to arrive from somewhere under the car, in corrispondence of the rear seats.

While moving the noise seems independent from speedin up or slow.

Noise start when I turn on engine, and stops suddenly a second after I switch off.

I recorded this weird noise.

I turned by mistake ignition key without pressing the clutch: it is the first sound you can hear.

Then I turned on engine, and after some time I switched off.

I think for now is better dont turn on the engine again, I want understand before risking damages...


Thank you very much, and sorry for writing mistakes, I am not english.


PS to hear the recording, just download it and delete ".txt" : it is a mp3 audio file.




accensione e spegnimento.mp3.txt

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