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FOCUS LW2 dilemma


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Hi all, I'm new here and pleased to be a member. Please go easy if I'm not asking the right questions and/or posting in the wrong area.

I'm from Australia and own a 2012 Focus LW2 TDCi 2.0. The car has done 55000 Kms (34000 miles). I've had the car since new. Lately, I've been hearing horror stories about the high/expensive maintenance of modern diesel engines so I'm worried about my car for obvious reason not least is with the powershift. 

Is there anything else that I should service other than a regular oil and oil filter change or gearbox oil for that matter? I don't do many kilometers, mainly a 23 Kms (14 miles) return trip to work M-F. I would like to keep the car for another 5 years, however is considering whether I should try to sell the car or not. My biggest worry is with the DPF and EGR. I don't know if there is anything else that is prone to go wrong with a turbo diesel engine. 

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Hi, the tdci 2.0 /PSA you have generally are pretty rock solid.If you have had it from new then you must be servicing it on schedule-and at 55,000km the next service will be the transmission oil(pricey) i find the 60,000km interval a bit long especially with hot Melbourne 40c summers, best to change it around 45,000km-50,000km.The Diesel Getrag DCT450 trans don't suffer the issues that the petrol ones do and tend to be better lasting but still can have random but rarer problems.(TCM Failure,shaft speed sensor just bad luck)

The delphi injectors on them seem to be ok and if you add a little (good quality) injector cleaner every now and then to the tank it'll keep the fuel system clean.

The DPF's can be a bit fussy but use good fuel(BP Ultimate) and take it for good blasts on freeways and the occasional "italian tune" to keep the soot load down and let it do full complete regens and it should last 150,000km(mine is at 118,000km and regens get the soot load down to about 15%-20%, but my right foot gets it back up to 70% quickly!!)

I blanked the egr off within 10,000 km and remapped the egr out from 20,000km so that helps to stop sooty gunky sh*$#t going through the engine($20 for blank plate on eBay, no DTC's) that would be the best bang for your buck to keeping the engine clean.

brake pads and disc's are brilliant still at 118,000km .i recall the cam belt/chain gets changed around 150,000km

> i 've had it remapped since 20,000km ,caned the crap out of it and still strong at 118,000km(5 years)--always serviced regularly -always warmed up before thrashing-completed regens and regular fuel additive

So scheduled oil/filter changes,good quality fuel,ocassional Fuel additive and spirited freeway driving the car should be fine for many years---but things do break and it's just bad luck.


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