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Engine Oil/Wrong oil


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Right I started an oil change on my car, all going well till I realised I had VW/BMW oil with me instead of Ford oil, absolute nightmare!

I have a Fiesta 1.6tdci MK7 and I do have 2 litres of Ford oil, would mixing Ford and VW oil together be ok or could I just use the VW/BMW oil anyway and all be ok?
I think the amount on this engine is 3.8 litres.

If not would driving on 2 litres of oil be ok for say 10 miles so I can get to Halfords tomorrow morning or topping it up to minimum with VW oil?

Also I'll be having a major service done on the car in about 6 weeks so the oil will do no more than about 2000 miles, mostly motorway.


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No don't drive it with only 2 litres of oil whatever you do. Order it online or cycle if you're desperate. The oil needs to meet a certain spec listed in the manual. I take it the viscosity is the same?

Why change the oil now if it's having a major service in 6 weeks anyway? Seems like a massive waste of money to me.

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