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Facelift model DLR lights?


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Pretty new to all things cars, especially when it comes to Fiesta parts. I want to add some LED DLR lights. Love the "eyebrow LEDs" some Ford models have as their day lights and i want to implement that to mine. Something in the line of this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/NZiVbB5Gc-0/maxresdefault.jpg (some models have it above, some below the main light unit, best pic i could find). 

I see some Fiestas with those already implemented as a factory default, so im guessing these are sold as a spare part?

How do i get to changing my headlights into DLR and possibly (legally) changing headlight color to more blue too?

(I belive there's quite a few posts about this already, sorry for the inconvenience).



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Recently made my own headlights to mess around a bit (Bought spare ones and took them apart, sprayed black, added some extras).

For my Fiesta ST, the codes for the headlights with DRL are C1BB-13W030-DG and C1BB-13W029-DG

The only thing I don't know is if your car would be able to power them, I reckon they'd fit (At a guess? 2015 Fiesta? Probably?) But the electrical connection might not support DRL. 

I had to do some of the wiring myself, so I've made a very crude diagram below for you to consider. If you don't have those bottom 2 pins, I assume your car won't support it. 


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I dont feel too confortrable snooping and checking that all by myself. I'll probably just ask someone to help me witch checking the connetors but thanks for making it! 🙂

Is it too much to ask to get a picture of those headlights on? Can only find pictures of them out of the car and ready to be sold.

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This is the best image I have of them on, but only in the daytime.   The main difference between yours and these is the DRLs just sit in a little raised platform where they clip into. The connector can be fairly easy to remove as you just want to push a tiny clip into itself so you hear a tiny "click" and then you can just pull it back to see the connections. As for tint, you can buy bulbs that have a blue tint.

Hope the photo is what you meant.


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