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Focus iii radio and wiper problem


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Hi all,

Sorry if this subject has been covered here before, I didn't find it if it has!!

I just noticed a problem tonight on my very recent purchase a 2016 Focus 1.5 diesel from a main dealer,  when the engine is stopped the radio and display both switch off after a few minutes and the only way I can turn them back on is by starting the car, I also noticed the windscreen wipers don't work at the same time, again until the car is started. Stop the engine and the same will happen again after a few minutes. Google found a few owners referring to the same issues but I didn't find any solutions to the problem. Is this just something simple I have overlooked of is it a case of back to the main dealer / warranty issue?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice input!!

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In my 2018 ST-3, you can turn on stereo by pressing stereo power button in middle of console, even when engine off and dash is shut down. But it takes about 20 seconds to boot up and for the first 10 seconds you don't know anything is happening until the ST logo appears in Sync 3 display.

Try the same in yours? Our 2008 S-max also does the same thing, albet the stereo loads much quicker in that as its a straight up Sony factory installed stereo.

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The wipers only work with the ignition on.  But you don't have to switch the engine on, just press the start button without pressing the clutch (or brake if it's auto).

The stereo should work without the ignition on, but as above it does take a while to come on now that everything is integrated, more like switching on a phone or laptop than a radio!

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The MK3.5 has battery saving techniques. After about 30 minutes it will often power down most things in the car i.e lighter sockets, radio and lights to save power. The radio can be reactivated by pressing the power button in the middle. 

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Guys thanks for the replies,  I don't think you understood the fault from the way  I described it, the radio and wipers don't work at all with the  ignition either switched on or off after the display / radio just switch themselves off, the only way to get them to switch back on is by starting the car. I noticed the wipers also will not work with the ignition on until the car is started, everything then works as it should for a few minutes until the display / radio shuts down again. 

Anyway I may have solved it today but for how long I'm unsure, the main dealer I bought it from is going to investigate it on Monday as they are doing another unrelated warranty job on the car.

This might help others who run into the same problem!

I think but I cannot confirm that it is an issue with the BMS (battery Monitoring System) because just as an experiment I reset that today 

To reset the BMS simply follow these simple steps ( it works on some Fiestas also and maybe on other models).

1 Turn on the ignition,

2 Switch on dipped headlights,

3 Press the rear fog light switch 5 times,

4 Press the hazard light switch 3 times,

Then wait until the battery light in the instrument panel flashes 3 times, it took mine approx 20 or 30 seconds before it flashed. The radio still would not switch on until I started the car however the problem has not resurfaced since. 

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